What the Teacher Has Given to His Students

        Some people caught hold of my hand and would not let it go when they saw me. Seeing them shaking hands with me, some others also shook hands with me. I knew what was in their minds. Some felt very happy to shake hands with the teacher. Some wanted to get some message and would not let go their hold. We tell you that real cultivation is your own business. We are here not to eliminate your diseases or to build up your health or to give you some message to heal your diseases. We do not do these things. Your diseases will be eliminated directly by me. Those who practise in the practising spot will be cured by my Law bodies. Those who learn Falun Dafa through self-study by reading the book will also be cured by my Law bodies. Do you think that you can increase your cultivation energy just by touching my hands? Isn't that ridiculous?

        Cultivation energy depends on the cultivation of one's own Xinxing. If you do not get down to genuine cultivation, your cultivation energy will not grow, because there is a criterion of Xinxing to measure it. When your cultivation energy has grown, a person of a high attainment, can see that your attachment, that matter, has been eliminated and a yardstick has grown on the top of your head. Such a yardstick exists like the energy column. The higher the yardstick, the higher the energy column. It represents the energy that you have cultivated yourself. It also represents the height of your Xinxing. Other people can never add any energy to it. Even if they have put a wee bit on it, it will drop down. I can make you reach the state of "three flowers gathering on the top ()" instantly, but that energy will fall down the moment you go out. That energy is not yours. It does not come from your cultivation. So it cannot stay there. As your criterion of Xinxing is not there, nobody is able to put the energy there. This entirely depends on the cultivation of yourself, the cultivation of that heart of yours. Only when you improve yourself constantly and assimilate yourself to the cosmic qualities with a steady increase of your cultivation energy, can you ascend. When some people ask me to sign my autograph for them, I am reluctant to do so. They will tell others that the teacher has signed his autograph for them. They want to show off. They want to receive the protection of the teacher's message. Isn't this an attachment again? One's cultivation depends on oneself. Why talk about the message? Could you look for this in your high dimensional cultivation? What can that be? That is no more than what is taught to cure diseases and keep fit.

        In the microscopic state, every particle of the energy you have refined is exactly the image of you. When you go beyond Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law), you will have entered into the cultivation of a Buddha body. Every particle of the cultivation energy is the image of a Buddha body, which is very beautiful and sits on the lotus flower. But the animal's energy is composed of small foxes or small snakes. Even the particles in the microscopic state are the images of those things. There is also something like a message. You would like to drink tea water after it is given a few stirs as it is supposed to be an energy. An ordinary person just wants to be relieved from pain for the time being or postpone and check his illness. Anyway, an ordinary person is an ordinary person. No matter how he does damage to his body, we do not care. But you are practitioners, so I tell you these things. Do not do such things again from now on. Do not look for those things, such as the message and the like. Some qigong masters say, "I will give the message to you. You can receive it in all parts of the country." Receive what? I tell you that such things will not be able to have a great effect on you. Even if it may do you some good, it can do nothing but help you get rid of your diseases or improve your health. But as practitioners, we must depend on ourselves to cultivate the energy. The energy of a message released from others cannot be used to raise one's attainment level. It can only be used to heal the illness of an ordinary person. You must put your heart right. Nobody can cultivate for you. Only when you really cultivate yourself can you raise your attainment level.

        Well, what have I given you? You know that many of us have never practised any qigong and suffer from diseases. There are also quite a lot of people who have practised qigong for many years but still linger in the state of qi and possess no cultivation energy. Of course, there are some people who treat others' diseases. You do not know how you treated diseases. When I talked about the issue of spirit possession, I took down their possessing spirits, all such bad things, no matter what they are, from the inside to the outside of the bodies of those who can really cultivate the Great Law. When a person who can really cultivate himself through self-study reads this Great Law, his body will also be cleaned up. So will the environment of his home. Throw away the spirit tablet of the fox or yellow weasel you enshrined in the past. It has been cleaned up and it is no longer there. Since you want to cultivate, we can open the most convenient door for you and do such things for you, but it is confined to true cultivators. Of course, there are some people who have no intention of cultivating themselves. Even until now they have not realized what I talk about. We have no way to take care of them. We only take care of true cultivators.

        There is also a case of a person who was told in the past that he was possessed by an evil spirit. He himself also felt so. But he still worries about it although the possessing spirit has been removed. He always feels the existence of that state, believing that he is still possessed by it. This is a kind of attachment, which is called a suspicious mind. If he goes on like this, he may bring it to himself again in the long run. He himself has to let go of the obsession as there is no possessing spirit at all in his body now. Some people were cleared of those things in my previous sessions. I have done these things and taken all the possessing spirits away.

        In the Tao School the elementary stage of cultivation requires the laying down of some foundation, to form the Heavenly Circuit, the field of the Dan Tian (Elixir Field), and things of some other aspects. Now here we are going to plant Falun, Qiji ( energy mechanism) for you and a great many other mechanisms for cultivation. There are more than ten thousand of them, which will all be planted in your body like seeds. Only after I have removed your diseases, done all that should be done and provided you with all that I shall give you, can you really succeed in the cultivation in our faith. Otherwise if I do not give you anything, you can no more than remove your diseases and build up health. To be frank, if some people do not value Xinxing, it would be better for them to do physical exercise.

        We are responsible to true cultivators. Those who cultivate through self-study can also get those things. But they must be true cultivators. We give all those things to true cultivators. I have told you that I need to take you as my disciples and guide you in earnest. Besides, you must have a thorough grasp of the Law of the high order and come to know how to cultivate yourself. The five sets of practice exercises will be given to you at once and all will be taught to you at once. In the future you will reach a considerably high level, which is so high that it is beyond your expectation. There will be no problem for you to complete the true achievement. I am preaching the Law combining it with different dimensions. As long as you cultivate, you will find that it will always be able to give you guidance in your cultivation of different dimensions.

        As a cultivator, your life course will be changed from now on. My Law body will rearrange it for you. How will it be arranged? How many years will there be before some people end their life course? They do not know themselves. Some may contract a serious illness in a year or half a year which may last for several years. Some may suffer from cerebral thrombosis or other diseases and can never move at all. How can you cultivate during the rest of your life? We are going to clear your body of those things to prevent such things from happening. However, we must make it clear beforehand that we can only do such a thing for true cultivators. I am as good as doing a bad deed if I do this freely for ordinary people. It will not be allowed for such a thing to be done for ordinary people at will, because there is the causational relationship for such things as an ordinary person's birth, old age, disease and death, which should not be disrupted at will.

        We regard cultivators as most precious. Therefore, we can only do this for a cultivator. How to do this? If the master possesses high and mighty virtues, that is, if he has very great energy potency, he can dissolve your karma. The master can remove a great amount of your karma if he has high cultivation energy. If he has low cultivation energy, he can only remove a bit of your karma. To illustrate this with an example, we shall collect all kinds of your karma existing in your future course of life and dissolve part of it; say, half of it. The half left is still higher than a mountain and you are unable to get over it. What shall be done? When you attain the Tao in the future, a lot of people may benefit from your attainment. Thus, they will bear a share for you, which, of course, does not matter to them. You yourself have many living entities you have evolved and you have a lot of you besides your Zhu Yuanshen ( Chief Spirit) and Fu Yuanshen ( Assistant Spirit), all of whom will have to bear a share for you. So, there will be little left for you to go through an ordeal with. Though we say "little left", it is still considerably big. You are still unable to get through it. What shall be done, then? It will be divided into a great number of shares, which will be placed on different stages of your cultivation, and used to improve your Xinxing, to transform your karma and to increase your cultivation energy.

        Besides, it is not at all an easy job for one to cultivate himself. I have said that cultivation is a very serious matter; it is beyond ordinary people and is more difficult to do than anything of ordinary people. Isn't that supernormal? Therefore, it makes a higher demand on you than anything concerning ordinary people. We human beings have Yuanshen (the True Spirit), and the True Spirit is immortal. Since the True Spirit is immortal, let's think about it. Isn't it likely that your True Spirit did some bad deeds in your social activities before your birth? Most likely. You may have killed, owed something to someone, bullied someone, or done harm to someone. You may have done those things. If this is true, he can see you very clearly there when you cultivate here. If you try to get rid of your disease and improve your health, he does not care. He knows that you are postponing your paying back. If you do not pay back now, you will have to pay back in the future, and then you will have to pay more heavily. Therefore, he does not care if you do not pay back for the time being.

        When you decide to cultivate, he will not allow you to do so: "You want to cultivate. You want to go. When you have increased your cultivation energy, I will not be able to reach you. And I will not be able to touch you. " So he will not allow it to happen. He will try every possible means to stop you from cultivation. He will use various ways to disturb you, or even come to kill you. Of course, it is impossible that your head would be chopped off when you are practising cross-legged sitting here, because it should fit the state of ordinary human society. You may be knocked down by a car when you go out, or fall down from upstairs, or meet with other dangers. Things which are quite dangerous may occur. True cultivation is not as easy as you imagine. Do you think you can go up through cultivation once you are determined to cultivate? If you really want to cultivate, your life will be endangered soon. You will meet this problem immediately. There are a great number of qigong masters who dare not guide people up to the high dimensional cultivation by teaching them their cultivation systems. Why? Because they are unable to do such a thing. They are unable to protect you.

        In the past there were many Taoist teachers who could only teach one disciple. They had no more than enough ability to protect one disciple. But to protect so many disciples on such a large scale, ordinary qigong masters would find themselves incapable of doing it. Yet, we tell you here that I can do this, because I have countless Law bodies who possess very great divine powers and my Law potency and who can display great supernatural powers and great Law potency. Besides, what we do today is not so simple as it seems to be and I did not come out to do it on impulse. I can tell you that many great enlightened beings are paying close attention to this event. This is the last time for us to teach the Orthodox Law in the Period of Decline. When doing such a thing, we are not allowed to go astray. If you can really cultivate in the right way, nobody dares to touch you rashly. What's more, you are under the protection of my Law bodies, so you will never be in any danger.

        A debt must be paid. So some perilous things may happen to you in the course of your cultivation. However, when such things happen, you will not be scared and you will not be exposed to real dangers. I can give you some examples. When I held a session in Beijing, one of my students crossed a road by bike. When reaching a sharp turn on the road, this student, a woman of over 50 years old, was knocked down by a high-quality car. She was hit very hard by the car. With a bang she bumped her head against the awning of the car. At that moment she still straddled her bike. Though she was hit on the head, she felt no pain. She not only felt no pain, but did not bleed, even had no swelling. The driver was terribly frightened. He got out of the car and asked her hastily if she was injured and suggested they should go to the hospital. She said that she was all right. Of course, this student had a very high Xinxing and she would not put the driver to any trouble. She said she was all right, but a big dent was made in the car.

        Such an event is to take one's life. But he will not be endangered. When we held the session in Jilin University last time, one of our students was walking his bike out of the front gate of the University. When he had just reached the middle of the street, he got sandwiched in between two cars all of a sudden. The cars nearly hit him, but he did not feel the slightest fear. We usually feel no fear when such a thing happens to us. The cars stopped at that moment and no danger occurred.

        The following event also took place in Beijing. The dark came quite early in winter and people went to bed also quite early. There was nobody in the street. It was very quiet. There was a student of ours who was hurrying home by bike. In front of him there was only a jeep running. All of a sudden, the jeep stopped. Without noticing it, the student was still riding ahead with his head hanging down. But the jeep suddenly backed up very quickly. It backed so fast that with the two forces joining together it also was meant to take his life. At the moment when they were about to have a bump, there suddenly came a power which pulled his bike back more than half a metre, and the jeep came to a sudden halt with its bumper touching the wheel of the bike - the driver might have found him behind the jeep. At that moment, the student felt no fear. When encountering such a case, nobody will feel fear, but after this he may become scared. What first came to his mind was: My goodness! Who has pulled me back? I must thank him. He turned his head and was about to say thanks, but he found there was nobody to be seen on the road. All was quiet. It dawned on him instantly: It was the teacher who protected me.

        Another event took place in Changchun. A building was being constructed near a student's house. These days people tend to construct tall buildings and the scaffold is built up from iron poles which are two inches in diameter and four meters long. When the student came out not far from his house, an iron pole happened to fall down vertically from that tall building and went straight to the top of his head. The people in the street were stupefied. He said, "Who patted me?" He thought someone had patted him on the head. The moment he turned his head, he saw a big Falun turning over his head, and the iron pole slid down from his head and was stuck into the ground without falling. If it had been stuck into the human body, let's think about it, such a heavy pole would have penetrated through the whole body as if putting a bamboo stick through the sugar-coated haws. This was really dangerous!

        There have been innumerable such happenings, but nobody has ever been endangered. Not all the practitioners will encounter such things. Only very few of us will. Whether you encounter them or not, I assure you that you will be in no danger. I can assure you of this. There are some students who do not act on Xinxing requirements. They only practise the movements without cultivating their Xinxing. They cannot be counted as practitioners.

        Speaking of what the teacher gives, I have given you these things. My Law body will protect you until you are able to protect yourself. At that time you will have gone beyond the cultivation of Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law) and already attained the Tao. But you must act as a true cultivator. Otherwise, you cannot achieve this. There was someone who shouted at the top of his voice as he was walking in the street with my book in his hand: "I have Master Li for my protection, and I am not afraid of being hit by a car." He was damaging the Great Law. People of this sort will not be protected. A true cultivator will never do such a thing.

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