Energy Field

        When we are practising, there will be a field around us. What kind of field is this? Some say it is a qi field, or a magnetic field, or an electric field. In fact, whatever field you call it is improper, because this kind of field contains extremely abundant substances. The substances which compose all the spaces of our universe can be found in this cultivation energy. Therefore, it is relatively proper to call it an energy field. This is why we usually call it energy field.

        Well, what effect will this field produce? As you know, our cultivators of the Orthodox Law have such a feeling: A person who has gone through the cultivation of the Orthodox Law is compassionate with his presence and is assimilated into the cosmic qualities Zhen Shan Ren ( Truth Compassion Forbearance). Therefore, all of our students who are sitting in this field will feel it and have no bad thoughts in their minds. When sitting here many of our students even cannot think of smoking. They feel a serene atmosphere which is very comfortable. This is the effect produced by the energy carried by the cultivators of the Orthodox Law within this field. After the session, the vast majority of you will possess the energy. You will really have developed your energy, because what I teach to you is something for the cultivation of the Orthodox Law, and you yourself also try to act upon the Xinxing requirements in cultivation. With your incessant practice and cultivation according to our Xinxing requirements, your energy will gradually become more and more powerful.

        We teach the salvation for both self and others and for all sentient beings. So Falun can save oneself by turning inwards and save others by turning outwards. When turning outwards, it releases energy to benefit others. Thus, those who are within the cover of your energy field will benefit from it and may feel very comfortable. No matter whether you walk in the street or work in your work unit or stay at home, you may have such an effect on others. You may accidentally adjust the body of a person who is within the area of your field, as this kind of field can put right all abnormal states. A human body should be free from diseases. When it suffers from diseases, it is in an abnormal state, and your field can put right such an abnormal state. An evil-minded person who is thinking about something wrong may change his mind or will not think about the bad things when he is strongly affected by your field. Those who feel like swearing at others may suddenly change their minds and do not want to do so. Only the energy field of Orthodox Law cultivation can produce such an effect. Therefore, in the past there was such a saying in Buddhism, "The Buddhas' lights illuminate all things and bring propriety and righteousness to brightness and perfection." This saying exactly expresses this.

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