How the Students of Falun Dafa Should Spread the Cultivation System

          After the session, many students feel the cultivation system is very good and want to teach it to their relatives and good friends. You can do that. You can spread it and teach it to anyone. However, there is one point I want to emphasize. We have given you so many things which cannot be measured in value. Why do I give you these things? They are meant for your cultivation. Only when you cultivate, can you be given these things. That is to say, when you spread the cultivation system in the future, you should not make use of them to seek after fame and gain. Therefore, you are not allowed to hold sessions and collect fees as I do. As we need to print books and materials and go around spreading the cultivation system, we need money. Our charge is the lowest in the whole country, but we have given the most for it. You have realized that we are to guide people up to the high dimensions. As a student of Falun Dafa, you are required to keep two points in mind when you go out to spread the cultivation system in the future.

          First, you are required not to charge a fee. We have given you so many things not for you to make a fortune or seek fame but to save you and help you cultivate. If you charge a fee, my Law body will take back all that has been given to you. Then, you are no longer a cultivator of Falun Dafa and what you teach is not our Falun Dafa. When spreading the cultivation system, you do voluntary service for others without seeking fame or gain. Practitioners all over the country all spread it this way and the instructors from all parts of the country also set a good example with their own conduct. If you want to learn our cultivation system, just come to learn it. We shall be responsible to you, and take no charge.

          Second, you are required not to add any personal things to the Great Law. That is to say, no matter whether you have opened your Celestial Eye or what you have seen or what supernormal capabilities you have developed, you should not explain our Falun Dafa according to what you have seen when spreading the cultivation system. What you have seen on your level of attainment is nothing, too far away from the true meaning of the Law we have preached. Therefore, when you spread the cultivation system in the future, you must be very careful about this. Thus, the original things of our Falun Dafa can remain unchanged.

          You are also not allowed to spread the cultivation system in the way I do. You must not preach the Law in the form of large-scale lectures as I have adopted. You are unable to preach the Law. What I speak about is of a very profound significance, because there are things belonging to the high dimensions in my lectures. Now you cultivate at different levels of attainment. When you have improved yourselves in the future, and you go back and listen to the recording of my lectures, you will improve yourselves continuously. If you listen to them constantly, you will always have a new understanding and gain. You can achieve a much better result by reading this book. I am giving lectures which contain things very high and profound. So you are unable to preach the Law. You are not allowed to take my original words as your own. If you do, you are a Law robber. You can only say my original words and tell the listener that they are said by the teacher or are written in the book. You can only talk this way. Why? Because such talking will carry the power of the Great Law. You must not spread what you know as Falun Dafa. Otherwise, what you spread is not Falun Dafa. You are equally disrupting our Falun Dafa. If you talk according to your ideas or your thoughts, what you say is not the Law. It is unable to save or have any effect on others. Therefore, nobody else is able to preach this Law.

          To spread the cultivation system, you can play the recording or play the video tapes in the place of practising the Gong or in the place of teaching the Gong. Then let the instructor teach them how to practise the exercise. You can adopt the form of a forum where you can learn from each other through discussions and interpretations and by exchanging experiences and views. You are required to spread Falun Dafa in this way. Besides, you must not address the student (disciple) who spreads Falun Dafa as teacher or master. There is only one master of the Great Law. All are disciples no matter when they are initiated into the school.

          When spreading the cultivation system, some may have such a thought: The teacher can plant Falun and adjust one's body, but we are unable to do these things. It does not matter. I have already told you that every student is followed by more than one of my Law bodies. My Law bodies will do these things. When you teach someone, he may get Falun on the spot if he has the predestined luck. If he is not so lucky, he will gradually get it after cultivation and through adjustment of the body. My Law body will help him adjust his body. What's more, I tell you that if you can really regard yourself as a practitioner, you will just the same get all that you ought to have by reading my books, watching my video tapes or listening to my recording to learn the Law and the practice exercise.

          We do not allow the students to treat diseases in others. Students of Falun Dafa are strictly forbidden to treat diseases in others. We teach you how to ascend through cultivation and do not let you develop any attachment or ruin your health. Our place of practising the Gong is better than that of any other cultivation systems. If you go to our place to practise, you will achieve a much better result than your treatment of diseases. My Law bodies sit in a circle. Above the place of practice is a cover on which there is a large Falun. A gigantic Law body guards the place on the cover. The place is not a common one. It is not a common place for the practice of qigong. It is a place of cultivation. Many of us who possess the supernormal capability have found that the site of our Falun Dafa is covered with a vast sheet of red light.

          My Law body can plant Falun directly, but we do not encourage one's attachment. When you teach someone to perform the movements, he says, "Oh, I have got Falun." You think it is you who have planted it, but you are wrong. I tell you this so that you will not develop this attachment. It is all done by my Law bodies. The students of our Falun Dafa should spread the cultivation system this way.

          He who alters the practice exercise of Falun Dafa is disrupting the Great Law and is doing harm to our school. Someone changed the instructions for the practice exercise into rhymes. We can never allow such a thing to happen. A true cultivation way has been handed down from the prehistoric period which dates back to the remote past, and has brought up countless enlightened beings. Nobody has ever dared to alter it. Such a thing can only happen in this Period of Decline. It has never occurred in history. You must be very careful about this.

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