Filling Energy into the Top of the Head

        In the world of cultivation, there exists a formality, which is called "filling energy into the top of the head". It is a religious formality of the cultivation way of Tantrism which belongs to the Buddha School. Its purpose is to forbid the person who has performed this ritual to enter other schools. In this way he is accepted formally as a disciple of this school. Today, the curious thing about it is that such a religious ritual can be found in the practice of qigong, such as in cultivation systems of the Tao School, which also practise filling energy into the top of the head. As I have told you, all cultivation ways under the cover of Tantrism which are taught in public are false. Why do I say so? Because Tang-Tantrism disappeared in China over one thousand years ago and it no longer exists at all, an integrated system of Tibetan Tantrism has never spread into the Han region of China due to the language limitation. What is more, practitioners of Tantrism are required to cultivate secretly in temples, and receive teachings from their masters in secret, and their masters guide them in cultivation, for it is an esoteric religion. It will never be passed on if the proper condition cannot be met.

        Many people have gone to Tibet to seek a master in order to learn Tibetan Tantrism qigong for the purpose of becoming a qigong master someday and becoming famous and rich. Let us think about this matter. The living Buddha or lama who has received true teachings possesses powerful supernormal capabilities which enable him to read a student's mind. With one look at the student, he is able to tell what he has come for and what he is up to. He wants to become a qigong master and make money and seek fame, and to ruin our way of Buddha cultivation. How could this serious Buddha cultivation way be casually damaged by his desire to become a qigong master for fame and gain? What on earth is his motivation? In this case, he would never receive any teachings at all, not to mention any true teachings. However, it is possible that he has learned something superficial because there are many temples there. When one is not right minded, and only wants to become a qigong master to do bad, he is likely to incur spirit possession. The possessing animal also has energy, but not Tibetan Tantrism. Those who have gone to Tibet really in search of the Law might possibly settle down there and would not make their appearance once they have got there. These are genuine cultivators.

        It is strange that "filling energy into the top of the head" is also practised by many Taoist cultivation systems. The Tao School features the exercise of energy channels. Why is "filling energy into the top of the head" involved? When I taught the Gong in the south, as far as I could see, such things happen very often in Guangdong Province, where there were more than 10 heterodox cultivation systems which taught "filling energy into the top of the head". What does that mean? It means you have become their disciple after the master has filled energy into the top of your head; and you are not allowed to learn from any other qigong systems. Otherwise, you will be punished. That is what they do. Is this not an evil practice? What they teach is something to cure diseases and keep fit. What people want is only to have a healthy body upon learning their qigong. Why should they do such a thing? Someone says that whoever practises their qigong cannot practise other qigong systems. Could they save people towards consummation? They are leading people astray. But a good many people are doing so.

        "Filling energy into the top of the head" is not taught in the Tao School, but it appears in it. I found the energy column of the qigong master who ran wild practising "filling energy into the top of the head" is only as tall as a two-or-three-storey building. He is quite a famous qigong master. I think it a pity that he lost so much cultivation energy. Hundreds of people queued up waiting to be filled with energy by the master. But the cultivation energy that he had was limited -- only that high -- it went down quickly and was consumed at last. Then what could he use to fill other people with energy? Wasn't he cheating them? Viewed from another space, filling energy into the top of one's head can make one's bones look like white jade from head to foot, which is the result of purifying the body all through with energy and the high energy matter.

        Could that master make it? No, he could not. Then why was he doing that? Practising religion was not necessarily his purpose. As far as he was concerned, people who have learned his qigong should belong to him, and they should attend his classes to study his way. Making money is his real purpose. He can hardly make money if nobody learns his qigong.

        Like disciples of other cultivation ways of the Buddha School, disciples of Falun Dafa will go through "filling energy into the top of the head" many times by their superior space masters while they themselves are not aware of it. Those who possess supernormal capabilities or who are sensitive may know or feel it in sleep or some other time when they suddenly feel a hot current penetrating all through their bodies coming down from the head. The purpose of filling energy this way is not to add high cultivation energy to you, because cultivation energy can only be acquired through personal cultivation. Filling energy into the top of the head is a reinforcing method to purify and to further clean up your bodies. There are many times where filling energy into the top of the head will occur on every level to clean up your bodies. We do not practise the formality of filling energy into the top of the head because cultivation is one's own business, while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by one's master.

        Some people still practise something like formally acknowledging somebody as their master. Speaking of it, I would like to mention, by the way, that many people want to take me as their master. This historical time of ours is different from the feudal society of China. Would knee down and kowtowing stand for worshipping your master? We do not practise such a formality. Many of our practitioners think: if I kowtow, burn incense, and worship the Buddha with a sincere heart, my cultivation energy will grow. I would say that is ridiculous. Genuine cultivation depends upon oneself. It does not help at all to seek anything else. You do not have to worship the Buddha, nor burn incense. As long as you cultivate genuinely according to the standard of a practitioner, the Buddha will be very pleased when he sees you. If you always do wrong deeds away from home, he will feel disgusted to look at you although you worship and kowtow to him. Is this not the truth? Genuine cultivation depends upon the person himself. What is the use of your kowtowing to and worshipping the master today, if you do whatever you want to do upon stepping out of the door? We do not practise such a formality at all, or else you could possibly damage my reputation.

        We have given everyone so many things. I shall treat as my disciples all those who cultivate themselves indeed and strictly follow the Great Law. As long as you practise Falun Dafa, we shall treat you and give you guidance as disciples. If you do not want to cultivate, we will not be able to do anything for you. What will you carry that name for if you do not want to cultivate? It does not matter whether you are from the first session or the second session. How can you become our practitioners by just practising the exercise? Only by genuinely following our Xinxing standard to cultivate can you keep a healthy body and genuinely make progress towards the high dimensions. Therefore, we do not practise these formalities. As long as you cultivate yourself, you will become practitioners of our school. My Law body knows everything. He knows everything on your mind, and can do anything. He will not take care of you if you do not cultivate yourself, and he will help you all the way through if you do.

        Practitioners of some cultivation systems who have never seen their master have said that if they pay a few hundred yuan and kowtow to a certain direction they will become his students. Isn't this cheating oneself? In addition, such a student has become very devoted ever since, and begun to defend or protect the system and the master, also telling others not to learn other systems. In my opinion, it is quite ridiculous. Still, there are people who practise Top-touching. We do not know what effect it has after his touching.

        Not only those who wave the flag of Tantrism to teach qigong are a sham, but also all those who carry the banner of Buddhism to teach qigong are a sham. Please think about it. For several thousand years, the cultivation methods of Buddhism have remained unchanged. Would it be Buddhism if someone changed it? Cultivation methods aim at seriously cultivating Buddhas. In addition, they are extremely mystical, and a tiny change would lead to a muddle. Because the evolution process of cultivation energy is very complex and the human senses are nothing, one cannot cultivate himself depending on his senses. The religious formality for monks is a cultivation method, which will not belong to that school once changed. There is a great enlightened being in charge of each cultivation school, which has turned out many great enlightened beings through cultivation. Nobody dares to change the method of that school at will through cultivation. And yet, what mighty virtues does a little qigong master have to cheat the master and change the school of cultivating Buddhas? Will it still belong to that school if it is really changed? The fake qigong methods can be distinguished.

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