Xuanguan-Shewei ( Placement of the Mysterious Pass)

        Placement of the Mysterious Pass is also called Xuanguan-Yiqiao (the One Aperture of the Mysterious Pass). Such terms can be found in the books of Danjing, Daozang, and Xingming Guizhi (A Genuine Guide to Cultivation of Nature and Life). Then, what is it all about? Many qigong masters cannot explain it. This is because on the level of an ordinary qigong master, he cannot see it at all and he is not allowed to see it. If a practitioner wants to see it, he has to reach beyond the plane of the Wisdom Eye Sight to see it. An ordinary qigong master cannot reach this plane, and thus he cannot see it. Historically, the world of cultivation has been exploring what the Mysterious Pass () is, where the One Aperture is and how to place it (). From the books of Danjing, Daozang and Xingming Guizhi, you can find that they all talk about the theories this way and that way, but do not tell you the essence of it. They have talked you into confusion, and you are at a loss, for an ordinary person is not allowed to know the heart of the matter.

        In addition, let me tell everyone that because you are my disciples of Falun Dafa, I would say these words to you: Do not read those heterodox qigong books. I do not refer to the above mentioned several ancient books, but to those fake qigong books written by contemporary people. Do not even open them at all. If the idea flashes in your mind: Well, this sentence seems to be reasonable, as soon as this has occurred to your mind, the evil spirit in the book will get into you. Many books were written under the control of an evil spirit which manipulated human desires for fame and gain. There are so many and considerably a lot of fake qigong books. Many people have no sense of responsibility, and some of the spirit possessed even write about things evil. Do not even read the several ancient books mentioned above as well as other related ancient books as it involves the issue of specializing only in one cultivation way.

        A head of the China Qigong Society once told me something that made me laugh a lot. He said that there was a person in Beijing, who often went to qigong lectures. After listening to many talks, after quite a long time he felt that qigong was nothing more than what was said there. Because they were on the same level, they all talked about the same things. Like those sham qigong masters, he thought that the connotation of qigong was nothing more than that. Then, he wanted to write a qigong book. Please think about it. A non-qigong-practitioner planned to write a qigong book. Nowadays, the qigong books are copied from one to another. As his writing progressed, he got stuck on the issue of the Mysterious Pass. Who could understand what the Mysterious Pass is? Few genuine qigong masters understand it. He went to ask a sham qigong master. But actually he did not know this qigong master was a sham because he himself knew nothing about qigong. This sham qigong master thought if he could not answer this question, people would know he was a sham. Therefore, he dared to make up a story, saying that the One Aperture of the Mysterious Pass was at the tip of one's penis. It sounds very funny. Do not laugh. This book has already been published in society. This is to say that qigong books today have reached such a ridiculous point. Just say what is the use of reading those books; there is no use; they can only harm people.

        What is the Placement of the Mysterious Pass? While cultivating in Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law), when a person has reached beyond the middle stage, namely, on the high-level cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law, he starts to grow Yuanying (the Immortal Infant). It is different from what we have mentioned about Yinghai (Subtle Babies). Subtle Babies are tiny and playful, who run around. The Immortal Infant cannot move. Yuanshen (the True Spirit) does not take control of it. It does not move, but sits cross-legged on the lotus with both hands conjoined. The Immortal Infant is born in the Dan Tian (the area of the lower abdomen), and can be seen when it is even smaller than the tip of a needle in the microcosmic state.

        In addition, another issue should be clarified. There is only one real Dan Tian at the lower abdomen area. It is located above the Huiyin acupuncture point below the belly inside a human body. A lot of cultivation energy, many supernormal capabilities, many magic techniques, the Law bodies (), the Immortal Infant, Subtle Babies and a good many living entities are born here.

        Some individual practitioners in the past talked about the upper Dan Tian, the middle Dan Tian and the lower Dan Tian. I would say that they were wrong. Some people also said that their masters had taught this for generations, and it was in the books. Let me tell you that there was dross even in the ancient times. Although it has been inherited and passed on for years, it is not necessarily right. Some worldly small cultivation ways have always been passed around among ordinary people. Yet, they cannot cultivate, and they are nothing. Such a person calls it the upper Dan Tian, the middle Dan Tian, and the lower Dan Tian because he means to say that the place where Dan (the elixir) can be born is Dan Tian. Is this not a joke? When a human intention concentrates on one point, in the long run, it will be able to develop an energy mass and the elixir will be born there. If you do not believe it, always concentrate your intention on your arm, and keep it that way, in the long run, the elixir will be born there. Therefore, some people saw this happening, and declared that Dan Tian exists everywhere. In fact, it is Dan (the elixir), but not Tian (the field). It is all right if you say Dan is everywhere, or there are the upper Dan, the middle Dan and the lower Dan. However, there is only one genuine Tian (the field) which can give birth to numerous Laws, and which is located in the field of the lower abdomen. Therefore, the way of saying the upper Dan Tian, the middle Dan Tian and the lower Dan Tian is wrong. Dan will be born wherever you concentrate your intention for a long period of time.

        The Yuanying (Immortal Infant) grows up slowly to become larger and larger from this Dan Tian of the lower abdomen area. When it grows to be as big as a ping-pong ball, the whole shape of the body can be seen clearly with nose and eyes formed. At the same time when the Immortal Infant is as big as a ping-pong ball, a round bubble will be born next to it. Upon birth, the bubble will grow along with the Immortal Infant. When the latter reaches 4 inches tall, a petal of a lotus flower will appear. When it grows to be 5 or 6 inches, the petals of the lotus flower are basically formed. A layer of lotus flower has appeared. A shining golden Immortal Infant sits in the golden plate of the lotus flower, looking very beautiful. This is the immortal body of a Vajra, which is called the Buddha body in the Buddha School, or the Immortal Infant in the Tao School.

        Our cultivation school cultivates and requires both kinds of such bodies, and Benti (the True Being) also will be transformed. As you know, a Buddha body is not allowed to be seen among ordinary people. With some good effort, it could reveal its shape which an ordinary person's eyes can observe in the form of light. However, this body upon transformation appears to be the same as an ordinary person's body. An ordinary person can not find the changes but this body can pass through spaces. When Yuanying (the Immortal Infant) has reached 4 to 5 inches, the air bubble has also grown to that height, which is transparent just like the skin of an air balloon. The Immortal Infant sits there without moving. When it is this big, the air bubble will leave Dan Tian, as it has become mature. Therefore, it will ascend. The process of ascension is a very slow one. But its motion can be observed daily. It gradually moves up, rising higher and higher up. We can sense its existence by meticulous observation.

        When the air bubble rises to the acupuncture point of Shanzhong, it will stay there for a while because there is a lot of essence of a human body there (including the heart), a system of which will be formed in the air bubble. This essence will be supplied into the air bubble. After some time, it will again ascend. When it passes through the throat, one will feel suffocated as if the blood vessels were all blocked and swollen quite uncomfortably. This will last only for a couple of days. Then the air bubble will rise to the top of the head, which we call upper Niwan. It is said that it has reached Niwan. In fact, it is as large as your entire brain. Your head will feel swollen. Because Niwan is a very important place of a human life, the essence of it will also need to be formed in the air bubble. Then, the air bubble will try to squeeze its way out of the channel of the Celestial Eye, which makes you feel quite uncomfortable. The Celestial Eye will be squeezed to feel great pain, and the temples will also feel swollen with the eyes feeling as if they are digging inward until it squeezes out and hangs in front of the forehead all at once. It hangs up there. This is what we mean by the Placement of the Mysterious Pass.

        By this time, the person whose Celestial Eye is open may not be able to see anything. The door is shut because cultivation in both the Buddha School and the Tao School is intended to speed up the formation of things inside the Mysterious Pass as soon as possible. There are two doors in the front as well as in the rear, both of which are closed. Like the gate way of Tian An Men (Gate of Heavenly Peace in Beijing), there are two big doors on both sides. In order to make it substantial and form as soon as possible, the doors will not open unless there are special circumstances. What one could see with his Celestial Eye will not be able to be seen or allowed to be seen at this point. What is the purpose of its hanging there? Because the hundreds of energy channels in our bodies meet there, they will go through the Mysterious Pass in a circle and go out. Their all going through the Mysterious Pass is aimed at laying some foundation and forming a system of certain things inside it. Because a human body is a small universe, it will produce a small world with all of the human essence built into it. However, it only produces a set of equipment which cannot operate thoroughly yet.

        For the Cultivation Way of the Rare School, the Mysterious Pass is open. When it ejects out, it is a long tube which will become round gradually. So the doors in the front and in the rear are open. Because the cultivation system of the Rare School cultivates neither Buddhas nor the Tao, and they will have to protect themselves. In the Buddha School and the Tao School, there are a great many masters, who can protect you, and you will not have to see to it, nor run into any problems. But the cultivation system of the Rare School cannot go this way. Their practitioners must protect themselves so they should be able to see with their Celestial Eyes all the time. But at that time, seeing with one's Celestial Eye is like seeing through a telescope. After a system of material has been formed in a month or so, it will begin to return inside. After it goes back inside, this will be called Xuanguan Huanwei ( Shift of the Mysterious Pass).

        When it returns inside, one will feel swollen and uncomfortable. Then, it will squeeze out of the acupuncture point of Yuzhen. This squeezing-out also makes one feel uncomfortable as if one's head had been split open. When it comes out all at once, and then one will feel relaxed immediately. Upon coming out, it will hang in very deep space, and exist in the body formation of very deep space. Therefore, one would not feel it during sleep. However, one thing that one could feel is that there seems to be something in front of his eyes during the first Xuanguan Shewei ( the Placement of the Mysterious Pass). Though it is in another space, one will usually feel his eyes are blurred as if something had covered them, and he does not feel comfortable. Because the acupuncture point Yuzhen is a key point, a system of material will also be formed in the rear, and then it will start to go back again. This Xuanguan Yiqiao (the one aperture of the Mysterious Pass) in fact is not only one aperture as it will change positions many times. When it returns to Niwan, it will begin to descend in the body until it arrives at the acupuncture point of Mingmen. It will then be projected out of the Mingmen.

        The Mingmen point of the human body is a major key qiao (aperture), which is called qiao in the Tao School, and guan ( pass) by us. It is a major principal pass which is like an iron door of many layers. We all know that the human body is one layer upon another layer. Our flesh cells comprise one layer, the molecules inside it another. Every plane has a layer of gates, the atom, the proton, the electron, the infinitely small, till the extremely small particle. Therefore, there are numerous supernormal capabilities and many magic powers locked inside the gate of each layer. Other cultivation ways cultivate Dan (the elixir). When the elixir is going to explode, the Mingmen point must be blasted open. If it is not opened, the supernormal capabilities will not be able to be released. After the Mysterious Pass forms a system at the Mingmen point, it will return inside the body. Then, it will return to the lower abdomen area. This is called Xuanguan Guiwei ( Return of the Mysterious Pass).

        After its return, the Mysterious Pass does not go back to the original place. By then, the Immortal Infant has grown to be quite large. The air bubble will cover and wrap it up. As the Immortal Infant grows, it also grows. Often in the Tao School, when the Immortal Infant grows to be as big as a 6 to 7 year-old child, it will be allowed to leave the human body, which is called Yuanying Chushi (The Immortal Infant is born into the world). It will be controlled by the human Yuanshen (the True Spirit). In this way it can move around outside the body. One's body does not move, and his True Spirit will come out. Generally, an Immortal Infant of the Buddha School will be out of danger when it has been cultivated to be as big as the practitioner himself. At this time, it will usually be allowed to leave one's body and come out. By then, the Immortal Infant has grown to be as large as the practitioner himself, and the cover is also large. The cover which is Xuanguan (the Mysterious Pass) has already expanded to the outside of one's body. Because the Immortal Infant has grown to be so large, it will certainly expand to the outside of one's body.

        Perhaps, you have seen the Buddha image in the temple in which the former is always inside a circle. In particular, the portrait of a Buddha image always has a circle in which the Buddha sits. The same is true of a great many Buddha images; especially those portraits of the Buddha images in an ancient temple are always like that. Nobody could explain clearly why the Buddha sits inside the circle. Let me tell you that this is Xuanguan (the Mysterious Pass). However, it is not called Xuanguan by now. It is called a world, though not yet an actual world. It only has this set of equipment. Just like a factory, there is only a set of equipment but it has no capability of production. There must be some power and raw materials before it can start production. A few years ago many practitioners said that: my cultivation energy is higher than a Bodhisattva, or my cultivation energy is higher than a Buddha. Others would think it is too abstruse. In fact, what such a person said is not at all abstruse as cultivation energy indeed must be cultivated to be very high in this world.

        Why, then, does there exist a situation where one has cultivated to the point of being higher than a Buddha? It can not be understood superficially. Such a person's cultivation energy is indeed very high. Because when he has cultivated to reach a very high level, and reached the time to open his cultivation energy and become enlightened, his cultivation energy is indeed very high. Just at the moment prior to his enlightenment, 80% of his cultivation energy will be taken down together with his Xinxing standard as this energy is used to substantiate this world of his, his own world. We all know that a practitioner's cultivation energy especially plus his Xinxing standard has been cultivated out through a great deal of lifelong sufferings, hardships and tribulations in harsh environments. Therefore, it is extremely valuable. Eighty percent of such a valuable material is used to substantiate his world. As a result, when he succeeds in his cultivation in the future, he will get what he wants when he holds his hands out, and will have anything he wants. He will do anything he wants as everything exists in his world. These are his mighty virtues which are attained through his cultivation after suffering.

        This energy of his can be transformed into anything. Therefore, if a Buddha wants something, eats something, plays with something, he will have it. This is from his own cultivation, which is Fowei (the Buddha status). Without this he will not succeed in cultivation. By this time it could be called his own world, and he will reach consummation and attain the Tao only with the 20% of his cultivation energy left. Though only 20% of the cultivation energy is left, his body is not locked. He either will have his body or not have it. But his body has already been transformed by the high energy matter. At this time he will have supernatural powers and become extremely powerful. While cultivating among ordinary people, such a person is often locked, and does not have such capabilities. No matter how high his cultivation energy is, it will be restricted. Now, it is different.

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