Integrated Cultivation of Both Human Life and Nature

        The issue of the integrated cultivation of both human nature and life has already been expounded to you all. The integrated cultivation of both human nature and life means the cultivation of life apart from that of Xinxing, that is to say, the transformation of Benti ( the True Being). In the process of this transformation human cells will be gradually replaced by the high energy matter, and aging will be slowed down. The body will start returning towards the young, gradually returning and being transformed until it has been completely replaced by the high energy matter in the end. By then, this human body has already been transformed into the body of another kind of matter. Such a body, just as I said, has passed out of the Five Elements. Since it is no longer confined to the Five Elements, the body will really become immortal.

        Cultivation in the temple only deals with the cultivation of nature, and therefore it does not teach the practice of exercise nor the cultivation of life. It teaches Nirvana. The method that Sakyamuni taught just requires Nirvana. But the fact is that Sakyamuni himself had his own profound and great Law, and his Benti (True Being) could absolutely have been transformed into the high energy matter and taken away with him. In order to leave such a cultivation method behind, he entered into Nirvana. Why did he teach this way? He just aimed to get people maximally to give up all attachments and everything, including the bodies in the end, and to let go of all their desires. To get people maximally to do this, he took the way of Nirvana. Therefore monks through the ages all have taken the way of Nirvana. Nirvana means the death of the monk, abandoning his physical body while his Yuanshen ( Spirit) ascends with his cultivation energy.

        The Tao School emphasizes the cultivation of life. Because it does not teach the salvation of all sentient beings, but it selects disciples, facing extremely good people. So it teaches things of magic skills, and teaches how to cultivate life. But as regards the particular cultivation system of the Buddha School, especially the cultivation system of Buddhism, this is out of the question. Not all these systems teach no cultivation of life, many of the high dimensional and profound great Laws of the Buddha School also teach this, including our school. The school of our Falun Dafa wants to have Benti (the True Being), and Yuanying (the Immortal Infant) as well. These two are different from each other. The Immortal Infant is also a body composed of the high-energy matter. But it cannot reveal itself freely in this space of ours. However, if we want to maintain the same images as ordinary people's, we must have our Benti (True Being). Therefore, after the transformation of this Benti, the order of its molecular arrangement remains unchanged though its cells have been replaced by the high energy matter. So the body looks similar to that of an ordinary person. Yet there is still a difference, that is to say, this body can enter other spaces.

        One who practises the integrated cultivation of both human life and nature looks very young in appearance. Such a person looks a great deal younger than his actual age. One day somebody asked me: Teacher, how old do you think I am? As a matter of fact, she is approaching 70 years old, but she looked just over 40 years old, her face smooth without wrinkles, a fair complexion glowing with health. She did not at all look like a person approaching 70 years old. This is likely to happen to our people who cultivate our Falun Dafa. To tell a joke, young girls are always keen on going to a beauty parlour, hoping to change their complexion for the better, the fairer. Let me tell you that if you genuinely do the cultivation way of the integrated cultivation of both human life and nature, you will naturally reach this goal. I assure you that you will not have to go to a beauty parlour. We are not going to give more examples in this aspect. Because there were relatively more senior comrades from all trades and professions, they regarded me as a young man. Now things are getting better, there are relatively more young people here from all walks of life. In fact, I am not young either. I am already 43 years old and getting on towards 50.

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