Law Body

        Why is there a field over the image of Buddha? Many people cannot explain it. Also some people say that there is a field over the image of Buddha because the monks have chanted scriptures to it, that is to say, the monks cultivate themselves in front of it, a field was produced as a result. Whether a monk or anybody else is cultivating himself, however, such energy is scattering and not directional. In that case, there should be even and equal fields over the floor, the ceilings and the walls of the whole temple's hall. Why, then, should the field over the image of Buddha be so strong? There is often a field existing especially over an engraved image of Buddha in deep mountains or in a certain mountain cave or on certain rocks. Why should this field have come about? Some people interpret it this way or that way, but they can never make themselves understood. The fact is that that field is over the image of Buddha because there is the Law body of an enlightened being over it. Because that enlightened being's Law body is there, it has energy.

        Just think about it: Wasn't either Sakyamuni or Bodhisattva Guanyin a practitioner when he or she was cultivating if they really existed in history? When a person has reached in cultivation a certain dimension considerably higher than Chu Shi Jian Fa ( the Beyond-Triple-World-Law), the Law body will be born. The Law body is born in the Dan Tian of the human body, and it is made up of the Law and the cultivation energy, which presents itself in other spaces. The Law body has great power of its own, but its consciousness and its thinking are under the control of the person. However, the Law body itself is a complete, independent and realistic individual life. Therefore it can do anything independently on its own. What the Law body does is the same as what the person's Main Consciousness wants to do, exactly the same. The way the person himself does something is the same as the way the Law body does it. This is what we refer to as the Law body. What I want to do, for example, putting right the bodies of my disciples who genuinely cultivate themselves will all be done by my Law bodies. Because the Law body does not carry an ordinary person's body, it performs in other spaces. This intelligent life does not remain unchanged all the time, but can become large or small. Sometimes it grows so huge that it is impossible to see the whole head of the Law body. Sometimes it becomes very tiny, more tiny than a cell.

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