Demonic Interference during Practice

        What is demonic interference in practice? It refers to some interference that we often easily run into while practising qigong. How can qigong practice possibly invite demonic interference? Since it is indeed very difficult for a person to cultivate, he will not be able to succeed in true cultivation without the protection of my Law body. As soon as you step out of the door, you could possibly involve yourself in a matter of life and death. Human True Spirit is immortal. Then from your social activities in the previous lives, you may have owed somebody, done harm to somebody or committed some wrongdoing. The creditors will come to collect their debts. It is said in Buddhism: humans live just according to the causational principles of rewards and retributions. If you owe someone something, he will come for his payment. If he gets more than he should, he will return that to you next time. If a son disrespects his parents, it will be the other way round in the next life. This is the way it turns round. Yet, we have indeed observed demonic interference which prevents you from practising qigong. All this has a causational relationship, and it does not occur without a reason. It will not be allowed to exist without a reason.

        The most common form of demonic interference is that your surrounding environment is relatively peaceful when you are not practising qigong. Because you have learned the Gong, you will always enjoy practising it. However, as soon as you sit in practice, you would suddenly find it noisy outside. There are sounds of a car horn, walking in the hallway, talking, slamming of doors or a radio being played the outside instantly. It will not be quiet any more. The environment will be calm when you do not practise qigong. As soon as you begin to practise, it becomes noisy. Many of us have never thought further about why this happens, except for feeling odd about it and being dejected about being unable to practise qigong. You just feel it is "strange". This is demonic interference. It manipulates people to disturb you. This is the most simple form of interference which is aimed at stopping you from cultivation. If you practise qigong, and attain the Tao, won't you pay for so many things you have owed? The demons will not agree, and will not let you practise. However, this is also a phenomenon reflected at a certain level of cultivation, which will no longer be allowed to exist after a period of time. Namely, after the debt has been removed, it will no longer be allowed to come to interfere with you again. This is because cultivating our Falun Dafa enables you to make rapid progress, and it is also comparatively faster to break through your level of cultivation.

        There is another form of demonic interference. It is known that we can have our Celestial Eyes opened by practising qigong. After the Celestial Eyes open, some people will see some scary scenes or frightening faces when practising at home. Some of these people have messy long hair, some want to fight you or even make various movements, which are quite frightening. Sometimes when practising, one will see them all clinging to the windows from the outside, which is quite frightful. Why does such a situation exist? All of these are forms of demonic interference. However, it is very rare in our school of Falun Dafa, about one per cent. The majority will not encounter such a situation. Because it does not benefit our cultivation, it is, therefore, not allowed to interfere with you in this way. This kind of interference is the most common phenomenon in other conventional cultivation ways, and it will also last quite a long time. Some people can not practise qigong, and become frightened simply because of this. One normally chooses to practise qigong in a quiet environment at night. Seeing a person standing in front of him who looks half demon and half human, one would be too scared to continue the practice. Generally, there is not such a phenomenon in our Falun Dafa. However, there are still a few exceptions. Some people have extremely special situations.

        There is another kind of people who practise a cultivation way which cultivates both the interior and the exterior. They practise both Wushu (Martial Arts) and cultivate the interior. Such cultivation ways are commonly seen in the Tao School. Once a person learns such a cultivation way, he will often run into such a demon, which other cultivation ways would not normally encounter except for the cultivation ways that include interior and exterior cultivation, as well as Martial Arts. The practitioner will be challenged to a fight since there are many Taoist practitioners in the world, many of whom practise Martial Arts and the interior and exterior cultivation ways. A person practising Martial Arts could also increase his cultivation energy. Why? After getting rid of the desires for fame and gain and other attachments, he will also increase his cultivation energy. However, his desire to contend and compete with others will take time to be abandoned, and will be discarded relatively late. Therefore, he is likely to do something like this, which will also occur at a certain level. While sitting in a trance, he knows who is practising. Then his Yuanshen (True Spirit) will leave his physical body to challenge that person to a fight to determine whose Gongfu is better, and a fight will then break out. Such a case will also occur in other spaces where someone may look for him for a fight. If he refuses, that person will indeed kill him. Therefore, a fight will take place between the two. As soon as this practitioner falls asleep, someone will come to challenge him to a fight, and therefore he cannot go to sleep for the whole night. In fact, this is the time for him to let go of his desire to contend with others. If he cannot abandon this attachment of his, he will always be this way. If it lasts for long, he will still remain at the same level of cultivation for several years. This person will become unable to continue the practice. His physical body can not bear it as well and he could be disabled with so much energy consumed. Thus, such a situation will be seen frequently in the cultivation ways that include both the interior and the exterior cultivation, and it is quite common. Our interior cultivation way does not have such an experience as it is not allowed to take place. These several forms I have just talked about commonly exist.

        There is another form of demonic interference which every practitioner, including each member of our cultivation way, will encounter. It is the demon of sex, which is very serious. Because of sex between husband and wife in the society of ordinary people, human society can multiply. That is how mankind develops. There is the affection in human society. So it is in line with the principle of heaven and earth for ordinary people to do this. Since human beings have emotions, ordinary people live for them. Being angry is an emotion, and so are happiness, love or hatred, enjoying doing one thing or disliking doing another, judging who is good or bad, having hobbies or dislikes. They are all emotions. Then, as a practitioner and a supernormal person, you should not use such a principle to judge yourself, but should break through this. Therefore, there are many attachments which come from human emotions. We should care less about them and give them up in the end. Desires and lust are such things that belong to human attachments which should be all abandoned.

        In our cultivation way, the period of time when we cultivate among ordinary people should not be used to live as monks or nuns. The young practitioners should still establish families. How should we treat this issue, then? I have said that our cultivation way aims directly at one's heart and does not make you really lose any material interests. On the contrary, it tempers your Xinxing in the face of the material interests of ordinary people, and what will be really upgraded is your Xinxing. If you can give up your attachments, you will be able to abandon everything. When required to give up material interests, you can certainly do so. If you cannot give up your attachments, you will not be able to let go of anything. Therefore, the real purpose of cultivation is to cultivate your heart. The cultivation in the temple forces you to lose these interests. In order to enable you to get rid of these attachments, they force you to put an end to them and not to think about them. They use this method. But we do not require you to go that way, instead, we require you to care less about the material interests right in front of you. Therefore, the cultivation of our school is the most solid one. We do not want you all to be monks or nuns. We cultivate among ordinary people, and our cultivation way is becoming more and more popular in the future. Suppose everyone became a monk who is not a monk; if every practitioner of our Falun Dafa wanted to act this way, it would not be allowed to happen. While you are practising qigong, we require you not to divorce because you practise qigong. You practise it, but your spouse may not. This means we should care less about sex, and should not treat it as so important as ordinary people. Especially nowadays in contemporary society, such things as the so-called sex liberation and these pornographic materials are interfering with people. Some people regard them as being very important. As practitioners, we must care little about them.

        Judging from the high dimensions, it is said that ordinary people in society are simply playing with mud on the ground without realizing that it is dirty. We have said that you should not cause any family problems because of this matter. Therefore, it would be all right that you care less about it and keep a normal harmonic married life at the present stage. When you reach a certain level in the future, there will be another situation at that level. At present you should do this way, and it is all right for you to do so at our request. Of course, you can not follow what is going on in contemporary society. How could that be allowed!

        There is still another issue concerning this matter. As we know, we practitioners carry energy in our bodies. Now about 80% to 90% of the people here from this class will not only recover from their illnesses but also grow some cultivation energy. Thus, your body is carrying very powerful energy. The energy you carry in your body and your current Xinxing are not proportional. Your cultivation energy is temporarily high because it has been promoted instantly. Your Xinxing is being upgraded at the moment. Gradually, you will catch up with your cultivation energy. You are certain to catch up within this period of time. As a result, we have promoted your cultivation energy in advance. In other words, you have got a certain amount of energy now. Because energy cultivated from the Orthodox Law is upright and compassionate, everyone sitting here all feels an atmosphere of serenity and compassion. I have cultivated myself this way, and carry such a thing with me. Everyone sitting here can feel the harmony and has no evil thoughts in mind, and would even forget to smoke a cigarette. In the future, you also should follow the requirement of our Great Law, and the cultivation energy you have cultivated will also be this way. With the increase of your energy potency, the scattered energy of your cultivation energy which your body carries will be also quite powerful. Even though it is not that powerful, an ordinary person within your energy field, or staying at your home, could also be restrained by your presense. Your family members at home may be all restrained by you as well. Why? You do not have to think about it because this field is upright, serene and compassionate, a field of right mindfulness. So, people around do not want to have wrong thoughts or do bad things. This field plays such a role.

        The other day I mentioned that the Buddhas' lights illuminate all things and bring propriety and righteousness to brightness and perfection (, ). It means that the energy radiated from our bodies can rectify all the surrounding abnormal conditions. Under the impact of this field when you are not thinking about such things, your spouse will feel restrained without realizing it. If you do not think about it, you do not feel like thinking about such a thing, your spouse could not possibly think of it. But it is not absolute. In the current environment, if a TV is turned on, everything is there which could easily stimulate one's desires. However, under normal circumstances, you could play such a restraining role. When you reach the cultivation of the high level in the future, you will know yourself what to do without my telling you how. There will be another state which ensures you keep a harmonic life. So you do not have to pay too much attention to this issue, and it would also be an attachment to worry too much. Between a couple there is no such problem as sex, but there is the problem of lust. It would be all right if you can care little about it and feel mentally balanced.

        What kind of sex demon, then, will one encounter? If you are not good enough to resist temptations, it will occur in your dreams, while you are sleeping or sitting in practice. Suddenly such a scene will appear: If you are a male, a beauty will appear; if you are a female, a man of your mind's eye will show up. Yet, they will be naked. If the idea of sex flashes through your mind, you may ejaculate, and this has become a fact. Please think about it. In our cultivation, the essence of a flesh body is used to cultivate our lives. You should not ejaculate all the time. In the meantime, you have not passed the test of sexual desire. How could that be allowed? Therefore, I tell you all about this matter as everybody will certainly encounter such an experience. While expounding the Law, I am delivering the message to your minds with very powerful energy. You may not remember what I said specifically right after stepping out of the door, but you will remember what I said when you really come across a problem. As long as you regard yourself as a practitioner, you will instantly remember what I said and refrain yourself, and thus you will be able to pass this ordeal. If you fail the first time, it will be very difficult for you to refrain yourself the next time. However, there was such a person who regretted deeply his failure to pass the test the first time after he woke up. Such a mentality and state of mind will probably reinforce your mental impression. When running into the problem again, you will be able to control yourself, and therefore pass the test. If a person who has not passed the test does not care about it, it is certain to be more difficult to pass the test afterwards. I am sure.

        This form of interference comes from the demons or from the master who transforms an object into another to test you. Both forms exist because everyone should pass this ordeal. We begin cultivation as ordinary people, and such an ordeal is the first step. Every practitioner will experience it. Let me give you an instance. When I was giving a lecturing session in Wuhan, there was a student who was a young man of 30 years old. Right after attending my lecture, he went home, sat down cross-legged and quickly entered the state of tranquillity in Ding. After a while, he suddenly saw Buddha Amitabha appear from one side and Lao Zi from another side. This is what the practitioner said in his progress report. After showing up, neither said a word. Then they disappeared. Later, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara showed up with a vase in hand, from which white smoke came out. The practitioner sat there and felt very pleased as he could watch everything vividly. Suddenly the scene changed into a few beauties, who were flying Apsaras and astonishingly beautiful. They danced for him with graceful movements. He thought: Because I am practising here, the Bodhisattva is rewarding me by transforming a few beauties to dance for me. As he was delighted with this thought, these beauties suddenly became naked, making various gestures, and came to hug and caress him. As his Xinxing had improved very fast, at this time, this young man became alert. The first thought that came to his mind was: I am not an ordinary person. I am a practitioner. You should not treat me this way. I am cultivating Falun Dafa. As soon as this thought flashed in his mind, they all suddenly disappeared as they were all transformed illusions anyway. Then, Buddha Amitabha and Lao Zi appeared again. Pointing at the young man, Lao Zi smiled at Buddha Amitabha and said: This kid is teachable. That means this young man is good for cultivation and can be taught.

        Judging from the high dimensional spaces or in history, the issue of sex and desires is regarded as extremely important when a person is judged to see if he is able to cultivate or not. Therefore, we must really care little about these things. However, as we are cultivating ourselves among ordinary people, we do not require you to put an end to them completely, at least at the present stage, but you are required to care less about them, and should not treat them as before. As a practitioner, you should be this way. Whenever there is an interference of one kind or another, you must look for the cause yourself and find out what attachment has not been discarded.

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