Demonic Interference from one's Own Mind

        What is demonic interference from one's own mind? There is a field of matter around the human body in every dimensional space. Within a special field, everything in the universe could be reflected, like shadows, into your field of space. Though they are shadows, they are of material existence. Everything within your field of space is dictated by the consciousness of your brain. Namely, if you look with your Celestial Eye peacefully without any mental activities, what you see will be true. If you start to think slightly, what you see will all be unreal. This is called the demonic interference from one's own mind or mind transformation. It is because some practitioners do not treat themselves as practitioners and can not control themselves. Such a person seeks after supernormal capabilities and is obsessed by minor skills and abilities or even by hearing something from other spaces. He is obsessed with pursuing such abilities. This kind of person easily develops demonic interference from themselves, and drops down. No matter how high up such a person has cultivated, he will drop all the way down to the bottom, and fail completely once this problem arises. It is matter of extremely serious consequences. Unlike things in the other aspects, if one fails to pass an examination of Xinxing this time, he can still continue to cultivate himself after he stands up after a fall. But the demonic interference from his own mind will not allow him to go on to cultivate any more, and thus it will ruin his whole life. In particular, this problem easily occurs to those who have opened their Celestial Eyes on a certain plane. Still, there are some people whose consciousness is always disturbed by foreign messages. They believe whatever foreign messages tell them. This problem easily arises this way. Therefore, some of our practitioners whose Celestial Eyes are open could run into a variety of message interference from many sources.

        Let me give an example. It would be very difficult for one to keep one's mind undisturbed at a low level of cultivation. You may not see clearly what your master looks like. One day you may suddenly see a giant immortal. He gives you a few compliments and teaches you something that you accept, as well. Your cultivation energy will be messed up. Once you become delighted and accept him as your master, you will follow him. However, he has not completed the right achievement either. In another space, his body could grow big or small. With this in front of you, you will become really excited at seeing such a giant immortal. Would you not follow him once your attachment of complacency arises? It will be difficult for a cultivator to be saved, and he will easily ruin himself if he cannot control himself. Heavenly people are all deities, but they have not completed the right achievement and therefore have to follow the Sixfold Path of Transmigration. Where will he take you if you casually adopt such a being as your master and follow him? He has not completed the right achievement yet. Wouldn't your cultivation be in vain? Your own cultivation energy will end up in a mess. It is extremely hard for humans to stay undisturbed in their minds. I am telling everyone that this is a very serious issue. Many of us could encounter such a problem in the future. I have expounded the Law to you. It is up to you whether you can control yourself. What I have talked about is one of the situations. Do not allow yourself to be disturbed by an enlightened being from another school when you have seen him, and stay with only one cultivation way. Whatever Buddha, whatever Tao, whatever deity or whatever demon will not be able to bother my mind. In this way, you are bound to succeed in your cultivation.

        Demonic interference from one's own mind also has other forms: interference from dead relatives who cry to beg you to do this or that. All kinds of things could happen. Will your mind stay unaffected? You are very fond of this child of yours, and love your parents. Your parents, who have passed away, told you to do something... All those are the things that you should not do, otherwise they will ruin your cultivation. It is just so hard to be a practitioner. It is said that Buddhism has been in chaos. It has absorbed the Confucian doctrines, such as showing filial obedience to parents, love for children, etc., which are not Buddhist principles. What does it mean? Since Yuanshen (the True Spirit) is a human being's real life, the mother who gave birth to your True Spirit is your real mother. In the course of the Sixfold Path of Transmigration, the number of your mothers who are human or non-human beings is countless. The number of your sons and daughters is also numerous throughout your lifetimes. Who is your mother? Who are your children? You will not know one another after you pass away. You still have to pay the karmic debts you owe. Human beings live in darkness and cannot abandon these things. Some people cannot let go of their child's death, and keep saying how good the child was; or how good his mother was who has also passed away. They are so sorrowful that they simply wish to follow the dead for the rest of their lives. Why do you think that they have come to bother you? They use such a form to make you unable to lead a normal life.

        Ordinary people perhaps can not understand that you can not cultivate at all if you are attached to such a thing. Therefore, Buddhism does not include such implications. If you want to cultivate, human affections should be discarded. Of course, during the cultivation in the society of ordinary people, we should respect parents, guide our children, try to be good and kind towards others under all circumstances, let alone our relatives. We should treat everyone the same, be nice to both parents and children, and be considerate towards others in everything we do. Such a heart will be unselfish, kind and benevolent. Affections belong to ordinary people who live for them.

        Many people can not discipline themselves, which causes difficulties in cultivation. Some people say that a Buddha has told them something. Except those who tell you to avoid fatal dangers, all those who tell you to get benefits in the society of ordinary people are demons. You are told how to avoid some problem that will occur today or you are told the lottery number and asked to try. If you get benefits among ordinary people and avoid the ordeal, you will not ascend in cultivation. How can you cultivate if you lead a comfortable life among ordinary people? How can your karma be transformed? Where can you find an environment for you to improve your Xinxing and transform your karma? Please be sure to remember this point. The demon may also praise you and say how great you are, what a senior Buddha or what a great Taoist you are, and may consider you great, which is all false. As a genuine practitioner cultivating towards high dimensions, you must give up all attachments. Whenever you encounter such things, please be sure to be alert!

        Our Celestial Eyes will be open during practice. There is difficulty for one whose Celestial Eye is open. There is also difficulty for one whose Celestial Eye is not open. Neither case is easy for cultivation. With the Celestial Eye open, it will be difficult for you to discipline yourself when a variety of messages interfere with you. Everything in other spaces is a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits which are very impressive and very good. Anything may touch your heart. You may be interfered with once you are affected in your mind. And your cultivation energy will be messed up. This often occurs. Thus, a person with demonic interference from his own mind could also run into such a situation when he is unable to control himself. For instance, it would be very dangerous for this person to have immoral thoughts. One day, his Celestial Eye is open and he can see quite clearly. He thinks: my Celestial Eye is best opened at this practice site, perhaps I am not an ordinary person. And I am able to learn master Li's Falun Dafa and I can learn it so well, and so I am better than others, maybe I am not an ordinary person. Such a thought is already wrong. He thinks: probably I am also a Buddha. Ah, let me look at myself. When he looks at himself, he will really indeed find that he is a Buddha. Why? Because all the substances within the range of the space field around his body evolve with his intentions, which is also called evolution with mind.

        What is reflected from the universe evolves with his intentions. Because everything within his space field is under his control including shadows, which are also a substance. He thinks: maybe I am a Buddha and probably wearing a Buddha's clothes. Then he will see what he is wearing indeed are Buddha's clothes. Ah, I am indeed a Buddha. He becomes very excited. I am probably not a small Buddha. He will look at himself again, and find himself indeed a giant Buddha. Perhaps I am greater than Li Hongzhi! Let me have a look. Wow, I am indeed higher in status than Li Hongzhi. Someone will hear this sort of thing. The demon will interfere with him, saying: You are indeed higher in status than Li Hongzhi, and this or that much higher than Li Hongzhi. He will believe it as well. Why don't you think about how you will cultivate in the future? Have you ever cultivated? Who has taught you cultivation? Even a genuine Buddha will have to cultivate from the beginning when he comes down on a mission. His original cultivation energy will not be given to him. He merely will cultivate faster this time. Therefore, once this person has got such a problem, it will be difficult for him to get out of this mental state, and he will instantly develop such an attachment. After this attachment arises, he dares to say anything: I am really a Buddha and you don't need to learn from others; I am a Buddha, and I'll tell you what to do. He will become this way.

        Don't we have a person like that in Changchun? He was pretty good at the beginning and became that way later on. He thought that he was a Buddha, and that he had become higher than anybody else in the end. It is because he could not control himself and had an attachment. Why is there such a phenomenon? It is said in Buddhism: you should ignore whatever you see as they are all demonic illusions, and that you should just ascend in cultivation through meditation. Why doesn't it allow you to look, nor to be attached? It worries about the occurrence of such problems. In the Buddhist cultivation there is neither intensive cultivation methods, nor is there any guidance for you to get free from such an attachment in the sutras. Sakyamuni did not preach the law at that time. In order to avoid demonic interference from one's own mind and evolution with the mind, he called all visible scenes during cultivation demonic illusions. Therefore, once an attachment arises, it will give rise to such a demonic illusion, which will be difficult for one to get rid of. If not properly dealt with, this person may be ruined, and therefore he may go with the demons. Because he calls himself a Buddha, he has already gone into the world of demons. In the end, he could also incur spirit possession or any other things, and will be ruined completely. He might also become immoral and drop all the way down to the bottom. There are many such people. Even in this class, there are people who think quite highly of themselves at the moment, and talk with a different attitude. Even Buddhism teaches abstaining from doing this. What I just said is another situation which is called interference from one's own mind or evolution with the mind. There are such students from Beijing and some other regions, who have caused severe interference to the practitioners.

        Someone asked me: Teacher, how come you do not eliminate this problem? Please think it over. How could you possibly cultivate if we clear away all the obstacles on your way towards cultivation? It is just under the circumstance of the demonic interference that you will be tested to see if you can continue your cultivation or not, if you can truly awake to Tao or not, if you can be interfered with or not, and if you can become grounded firmly in this cultivation way or not. Cultivation is like huge waves refining the sand. This is exactly the way cultivation is. What is left in the end will be genuine gold. Without such forms of interference, I would say it is too easy for you to cultivate. Even I should think that your cultivation is easy. Those great enlightened beings of high dimensions will become more than likely to consider it unfair: What are you doing this for? Is this what you mean by saving people? Is this cultivation if there are not any obstacles on the way and you can make your cultivation all the way to the end? How could it possibly be allowed for you to cultivate without any interference and become more and more comfortable in your cultivation? That is the issue. I am also thinking about it. At the beginning, I eliminated many such demons. I also felt it was not right to keep doing that all the time. They also told me: You are making their cultivation too easy. People just have that little hardship of their own, and that little trouble found among themselves. They still have many attachments which they can not give up. It still remains a question whether you can understand the Great Law itself amidst the confusion and delusion. It involves such an issue. Therefore, there will be interference and trials. What was just mentioned is a form of demonic interference. It is very difficult to save a person but extremely easy to ruin a person. Your cultivation will fail all at once when your mind is not upright.

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