The Main Consciousness Should Play a Governing Role

        Because one has committed, throughout his previous lives, a lot of wrong doing, these have brought disasters to people and become obstacles of karma for the practitioner. Therefore, there are birth, old age, disease, and death. These are ordinary karma. Still, there is another powerful karma called karma of thought () which has a great impact on practitioners. People should think while they are alive. While lost amidst ordinary people, one will often develop a kind of intention for fame, gain, sex, anger, etc.. This intention will gradually become the powerful karma of thought in the long run. Since everything in other spaces has its own life, the same is also true of karma. When one begins to pursue the cultivation of the Orthodox Law, he will need to eliminate his karma. Eliminating karma means to have karma eradicated and transformed. Of course, karma resists, and one will have tribulations and obstacles. However, the karma of thought will directly interfere in one's mind. Therefore, there are thoughts of condemning the teacher and the Great Law, or some indecent thoughts and swear words. When this occurs, some practitioners will be at a loss, and even believe that they themselves think this way. Some people also think that it is caused by spirit possession. However, it is not caused by spirit possession, but by the reflection of karma of thought in the brain. Some people's Main Consciousness cannot control themselves and follows the karma of thought to commit wrongdoing. Such a person will end up in failure and drop down. However, most practitioners can resist and eliminate karma of thought with very strong subjective thinking (the powerful Main Consciousness). In this way, this shows that this person can be saved, and can distinguish good from bad. That means he has a good enlightenment quality. My Law body will help him eliminate most of such karma of the thought. This is a common occurrence. Once it appears, one will be tested to see if he can overcome such evil thoughts himself. If the practitioner is determined, such karma can be removed.

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