Mind Must Be Upright

        What does not having the right mind mean? It refers to one who always cannot treat himself as a practitioner. A practitioner will run into tribulations during cultivation. When tribulation comes, it may manifest in the conflict between one and another. There will be intriguing against each other, etc., which will directly affect your Xinxing. There will be more in this aspect. What else will you experience? Our physical bodies will suddenly feel uncomfortable. Because of paying the debts of karma, it will be manifested in every aspect. In a certain period of time, you may be made to feel that you can not tell what is true or what is false, whether or not your cultivation energy exists, whether or not you can cultivate and go up in cultivation, whether or not there are Buddhas, and that they are both true and false. Such situations will surface again in the future to give you a false impression, make you feel as if they did not exist and they were all false, and in this way you will be tested to see if you are determined. You say that you must be determined. With such a determination, you will be able to be firmly grounded by then, and automatically do well because your Xinxing has already been upgraded. However, you are not yet that steady at the moment, and you will not be able to awake and pursue cultivation if you are provided with such tribulations right away. Tribulations may appear in a variety of forms.

        One must cultivate himself this way towards high dimensions in the course of cultivation. As a result, some of our practitioners will think that they are ill once they do not feel well physically. Such a person can not always regard himself as a practitioner, and will think that he is ill if he encounters such a thing. Why will there be so many troubles? Let me tell you that a lot of your troubles have already been removed, and your troubles have already been made very trivial. If they had not been removed for you, you might have died already and perhaps you could never have got out of your bed when you encountered such a trouble. When you meet with such little troubles, you will, thus, feel uncomfortable. How could it possibly be that comfortable? For instance, during my lecturing session in Changchun, there was a person with very good inborn qualities, and he was quite promising, too. I also became interested in him, and increased his tribulation so that he could speed up paying back his karma debts, and become enlightened. This was what I intended to do. However, one day he suddenly seemed to suffer from a cerebral thrombosis, and fell down to the ground. He felt that he could not move as if his four limbs were out of order. He was sent to a hospital for emergency recovery. Then, he could walk again. Please think about it. How could one walk around and move his arms and legs again so quickly with a cerebral thrombosis? Instead, he blamed Falun Dafa for making him go wrong. He did not think it over. How could he have recovered so quickly from a cerebral thrombosis? If he had not learned Falun Dafa today, he would have really died there when he fell down. Perhaps, he would have become handicapped for the rest of his life, and would have indeed got a cerebral thrombosis.

        It is just that difficult to save a person. So much has been done for him. He would still not awake to it, and said something like this. Some veteran students said: Teacher, why do I feel uncomfortable all over? When I went to the hospital, it never helped to have injections and medicine. He even shamelessly said that to me! Of course, it will not help. How could these possibly help as it was not a disease? Go ahead and have a physical exam. There are not any problems, and you just feel uncomfortable. We had a student who had broken a few syringe needles at the hospital. In the end, the liquid medicine was ejected out, and the syringe needle also could not inject. He came to understand: Oh, I am a practitioner, and I should not take an injection. He just realized that he should not have had injections. Therefore, whenever we run into tribulations, be sure to pay attention to this issue. Some people think that I just do not allow them to go to the hospital, and they think: I will go to see a qigong master if you do not allow me to go to hospital. He still considers it to be a disease, and goes to see a qigong master. Where can he find a genuine qigong master? If he sees a fake one, he will be ruined at once.

        We have said: how can you distinguish between genuine and fake qigong masters? Many qigong masters are self-labelled. I have been verified, and have the documentation of examinations in hand from the related scientific research organizations. Many qigong masters are sham as well as self-labelled, and there are many of them who cheat. Such a fake qigong master can also treat illnesses. How can he do it? He is possessed by an evil spirit, without which he cannot deceive people! That evil spirit can also give off energy to cure a disease as it also exists as a form of energy that can very easily restrain ordinary people. Yet, I have said: What can the evil spirit give you when it treats your disease? Under micro examination, they will all be the images of that evil spirit. What will you do if they are given to you? It is easier to invite a god than to send him away. We do not want to say anything about ordinary people because they just want to live like ordinary people and to find temporary comfort. However, you are a practitioner. Don't you want to constantly purify your body? When will you be able to get rid of it if it has gone into your body? In addition, it also has a certain amount of energy. Some people might think: How come the Falun allows it to come? Don't we have teacher's Law bodies to protect us? There is a principle in this universe of ours: Nobody will intervene if you want to seek after something yourself. As long as it is what you want, nobody will intervene. My Law body will stop you, and give you some hint. But, if it realizes that you are like this all the time, it will not get involved any more. How can one possibly be forced to cultivate? You cannot be made and forced to pursue cultivation. It is up to you to truly progress upward. No one can do anything about it if you do not want to progress upward yourself. You have now been informed of the truth and Law. Whom will you blame if you still do not want to make progress yourself? It is certain that Falun and my Law bodies will not intervene in whatever you want to pursue. Of course, some people felt very uncomfortable at home after attending other qigong masters' lectures. Why did not my Law body protect you? What did you go there for? Were you asking for something when you went to their classes? If you did not listen with your ears, how could it possibly come to your body? Some people have deformed the Falun. Let me tell you that this Falun is worthy of much more than your life. It is an intelligent life that should not be casually ruined. There are many fake qigong masters nowadays, and some of them are quite well-known. In my meeting with the leaders of the China Research Society of Qigong Science, I said that the Chinese royal court was once upon a time brought into disastrous disorder by Da Ji. That fox went rampant, but not as bad as the fake qigong masters today who have simply brought disasters to the whole country, and so many people have been made to suffer! You see that they appear to be quite nice. How many people are carrying that stuff in their bodies? They are so rampant that if they give it off to you, you will have it in your body. Therefore, it is difficult to tell from the appearance of an ordinary person.

        Some people may think: I have attended the qigong lecture today. After I heard what Mr. Li Hongzhi said, I realized how great and profound qigong is! Whenever there are other qigong lectures next time, I should still attend them. I advise that you should definitely not go there because if you listened, the bad things will enter your ears. It is very difficult to save a person, to change his mind, and to purify his body. There are just too many fake qigong masters. As for even a genuine orthodox qigong master, is he really clean? Some animals are very fierce and he can not drive them away though they may not be able to come onto his body. He has no ability to offend such things on a large scale. While the qigong master gives off cultivation energy, there is a lot of bad stuff mixed up there especially among his students. Though the qigong master may be quite decent himself, his students are not so, as they are possessed of all kinds of evil spirits, etc..

        If you genuinely want to cultivate Falun Dafa, do not go to other qigong lectures. Of course, if you do not want to cultivate Falun Dafa but want to try everything, just go ahead. I will not stop you, and you will not be a Falun Dafa disciple. Do not blame the practice of Falun Dafa if something goes wrong with you. Only if you cultivate according to the Great Law and behave according to the Xinxing standard can you become a genuine cultivator of Falun Dafa. Some people have asked: Can we meet with other qigong practitioners? Let me tell you that they are only practising qigong while you are cultivating the Great Law. After attending this lecture, there will be a huge gap between you and these people. This Falun has been formed through the cultivation of so many generations, and it has mighty powers. Of course, if you want to be in touch, but you can protect yourself from accepting and taking what belongs to them and can only become ordinary friends, it will not matter much. However, if that person indeed possesses something evil, it could be very bad, and you had better not have any contacts with him. I do not think that it matters much if a couple practise different kinds of qigong. But there is one point to be made. Because you practise the orthodox cultivation way, though you are the only person practising it, others will benefit from it. If he practises something evil, he may have evil matter in his body. He will be purified in order to ensure your safety. Everything will be purified for you in the other spaces including your home environment. How can you possibly practise the Gong if your environment is not purified with all sorts of interference bothering you?

        However, there is one situation in which my Law body cannot do the purification. I have one student who one day saw my Law body come for a visit. He was very happy and excited: The teacher's Law body is here. Teacher, please come in. My Law body said: This room is too messy, and there are too many things. Then, my Law body walked away. Generally speaking, there are too many intelligent entities in other spaces, and my Law body will clean them out. However, his room was full of various evil qigong books. He came to understand it, and cleaned up his room by either burning up the books or selling them. Then, my Law body returned. This is what a student told me.

        Some people are interested in seeing a fortune teller. Someone asked me: Teacher, I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa now. I am also interested in Zhouyi (the Book of Changes)or such fortune-telling stuff. Can I still use them? Let me put it this way. If you carry a considerable amount of energy, whatever you say will have an effect. If something is not that way, and you have made it by saying it is that way, you will probably have committed a wrong deed. An ordinary person is very weak. The messages he has is unstable, and he is likely to have some changes. If you opened your mouth and said something, that tribulation could exist. If he has a lot of karmic debts that he has to pay, and you keep telling him that he has good fortune, would it be all right if he is not able to pay back the debts? Aren't you doing harm to this person? Some people just can not give up this attachment as if they have some talents. Isn't this an attachment? Even if you really know the truth, as a practitioner you should not reveal a secret of Heaven to an ordinary person. This is a principle. No matter how you use Zhouyi to predict, some of it is no longer true. It has been used to predict back and forth with both truth and falsehood. Such a thing as fortune telling is allowed to exist in the society of ordinary people. As a true practitioner with genuine cultivation energy, I think you should behave according to a high standard. However, some practitioners try to find someone else to do fortune-telling for him, saying: Would you tell my fortune to see how things are going for me, how is my qigong getting on? Is there a tribulation for me? Such a person will find people to predict such things for him. How can you possibly make progress if that tribulation of yours has been revealed to you? The whole life of a practitioner has been rearranged. His palm reading, face reading, birth data, as well as all the messages in his body have been changed. If you go to a fortune teller, you will believe him. Otherwise, why did you do it? What he can tell is some superficial stuff about your past. Yet, the substance has already changed. Please think about it. Aren't you listening to him and do you believe him if you go to a fortune teller? Do you, then, invite some mental burden? Isn't it an attachment with such a burden on your mind? How can such an attachment be abandoned? Haven't you added a man-made tribulation to yourself? Don't you have to suffer more to give up this rising attachment? Each pass and each tribulation are related to the issue of either ascending in cultivation or dropping down. Cultivation is already difficult. How can you overcome it when you have increased this tribulation by yourself? You probably will run into tribulations and troubles as a result. Your changed path of life is not allowed to be seen by others. How can you continue your cultivation after it has been seen by others who can tell at which stage you will go through a tribulation? Therefore, it is not allowed to be seen at all. Nobody in other cultivation ways will be allowed to see it, including the fellow practitioners from the same cultivation way. No one will be able to tell it correctly because your life has been rearranged to you for the cultivation.

        Some people asked me if they could read books of other religions and other qigong books. We have said that religious books, books on Buddhism in particular, all aim at teaching people how to cultivate their Xinxing. We also belong to the Buddha School, and there should not be any problems. However, there is one point to make. Some parts in many sutras have already gone wrong in the course of translation. To make things still worse, many sutras have been interpreted from different realms, and the definitions have been made casually. This in fact has disrupted the Law. Those people who have casually interpreted the sutras were too far away from the Buddha's realm of awareness, and did not understand the real meaning of the sutras. Therefore, they will also have a different understanding of the issues. It is not easy for you to understand the sutras thoroughly, and you will not be able to awake to their meaning on your own. But you say: we are just interested in the sutras. If you always work on the sutras, that means you are cultivating yourself in that school since the sutras also have integrated the cultivation system and the Law of that school together. Once you study them, you will be learning things belonging to their school. There is this kind of issue. If you dig into them and behave according to them, you may be following that cultivation school instead of ours. Through the ages, cultivation has presented the one and only way. If you really want to cultivate this cultivation school, just read the book of this school.

        As far as qigong books are concerned, you should not read them if you want to cultivate. Particularly, do not read the recently published qigong books. As for books such as The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, A Genuine Guide to Cultivation of Nature and Life, or Tao Zang, they may not carry any bad messages; but they contain messages of different dimensions. They are just cultivation methods themselves. Reading them will add things and bring interference to your cultivation. If you find one sentence is good, well, it will be invited and added to your cultivation energy. Though it is not something bad, how can you possibly cultivate yourself when something else is suddenly added to your cultivation energy? Wouldn't problems arise as well? In terms of the electronic parts inside a TV set, what would happen to a TV set if it is installed with an additional part? It would be out of order instantly. That is the bottom line. In addition, some qigong books nowadays are fake, and carry a variety of messages. As one of our practitioners was turning the pages of a qigong book, a giant snake jumped out of it. Of course, I am not willing to go into details. What I just said was that the practitioners may bring on themselves some troubles because they can not properly conduct themselves; that is to say, the troubles are incurred by their evil intentions. We point these out to benefit everybody and make everybody know what to do and how to be able to distinguish them in order to avoid problems arising in the future. Though I did not overemphasize what I just said, everyone must pay great attention to it because problems oftentimes arise right here and around these issues. Cultivation is extremely hard and extraordinarily serious. If you become slightly careless, you could drop down and be ruined just like this. Therefore, your mind must be right.

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