Wushu Qigong (Martial Arts)

        In addition to interior cultivation ways, there is Wushu qigong. While talking about Wushu qigong, I should also emphasize the issue that nowadays there are many ways of talking about qigong in the world of cultivation.

        There have appeared the so-called Fine Arts qigong, Music qigong, Calligraghy qigong, Dancing qigong. There are all sorts of them. Are they all qigong? I have found it very odd. I would say that this is disrupting qigong. It is not only disrupting qigong, but also simply ruining qigong. What are their theoretical bases? Would it be qigong to practise painting, singing, dancing and writing by entering the state of a trance, the so-called qigong status? It should not be understood this way. I would say, isn't it abusing qigong? Qigong has both extensive and profound knowledge of the cultivation of the human body. Oh, how could possibly a trance be qigong? What would it be called then for us to go to the bathroom in a trance? Isn't it abusing qigong? I would say that it is abusing qigong. At the Oriental Health Expo two years ago, there was something like calligraphy qigong. What was the calligraphy qigong? I went over there to take a look and found a person over there was writing with a brush. After writing, he gave off his qi to each word with his hands, and the qi released was all black. His mind was fully occupied with money and fame. How could he have energy? His qi could not be good, either. His writings were hanging up there and sold for high prices. But they were all sold to foreigners. I would say that whoever bought them will be in trouble. How could the black qi be good? That person's face even looked black. He had become obsessed with money, only thinking about money. How could he have any energy? Still, this person's name card carried a pile of titles, such as the International Calligraphy Qigong, etc.. I would ask how could that be qigong?

        Please think about it. Eighty percent to ninety percent of the people from this class will not only be free from any disease, but also bring forth cultivation energy, the genuine cultivation energy. What your bodies are carrying will be quite supernormal. It will be impossible for you to develop this through your life long cultivation on your own. If young people should begin their cultivation right now, they would not be able to develop all these things I have given them in their lifetime, and at the same time they would still need the guidance of a genuine good master. It has taken us so many generations to develop this Falun and these mechanisms which we have planted into your bodies all at once. Therefore, I am telling you that you mustn't lose them easily because you have got them easily. They are extremely valuable and cannot be valued at any price. After this class, what you will carry with you is the genuine cultivation energy, the high energy matter. When you go home and write a few words, they will carry energy whether the handwriting is good or not. As a result, should everyone from this class be entitled the word "master", and all become calligraphy qigong masters? I do not think that it should be understood this way. Because you do not have to deliver energy intentionally, whatever you have touched will retain your energy, which is shining bright, as you are really possessed of cultivation energy.

        I once found a magazine which carried a piece of news saying that a calligraphy qigong class was going to be held. I read a few pages to see how it would be taught. Inside was written: one should first of all tune up his breath, as well as inhale and exhale. Then he should sit in meditation for 15 to 30 minutes while thinking of the Dantian qi. Imagine lifting the Dantian qi to his arm. Ink his brush-pen with the ink, and then direct the qi to the brush-pen point. When his intention is focused on the brush-pen, he will start to write. Wasn't that cheating? Ah, is it qigong to lift the qi to a certain place? In that case, as we eat, we will sit for a while, then pick up the chopsticks, move qi to the tips of the chopsticks and eat. It could be called the dining qigong, couldn't it? What we eat will also be all energy. We just talk about such a matter. I would say this is really ruining qigong as he has taken qigong so superficially. So qigong can not be understood this way.

        However, Wushu qigong can be considered an independent qigong. Why? Because it has gone through a process of several thousand years with a complete system of cultivation theories as well as that of cultivation methods, it can be regarded as an integrated system. Nevertheless, Wushu qigong also remains something belonging to the lowest level of interior cultivation ways. The Hard Qigong is a form of energy mass of matter which is aimed solely at striking. Let me give you an example. A practitioner in Beijing could not press anything with his hands after attending our Falun Dafa lectures. When he was shopping for a bassinet, he was surprised to find that the bassinet collapsed at the sound "pa" when he checked its sturdiness with hands. When he went home and sat in a chair, he could not press it with hands. If he did that, the chair would break into pieces. He asked me what was going on. I did not tell him why because I did not want him to develop an attachment. I just said that it is a natural phenomenon, let it go naturally, and don't bother with it as it is all good. If that supernormal capability is used well, a stone could be smashed to powder with hands. Isn't this the Hard Qigong? However, he has never practised the Hard Qigong. Usually, such supernormal capabilities can all be brought forth in interior cultivation ways. Because human Xinxing is difficult to handle well, you will not be usually allowed to use such supernormal capabilities when they have been developed. Especially at the low level of the cultivation when one's Xinxing has not yet been upgraded, the supernormal capabilities developed at the low level will not be allowed to be seen at all. As time goes by, and your level goes up, such matter will be no more use and will not be brought out.

        How is Wushu qigong practised specifically? Practising Wushu qigong requires the exercise of qi. However, it is not easy to do that at the beginning. Though you want to exercise qi, you can not do it as you wish. What will you do then? You will have to exercise your hands, your two sides of the body, feet, legs, arms, and head. How should you exercise qi? Some people strike a tree with their hands or palms. Some people strike a rock with their hands. How painful it is for the bones as they bleed with just a little effort. Still, the qi can not be directed. What should be done then? One will start to swing his arms until his hands and arms become swollen by making the blood circulate in the opposite direction. In fact, they have become swollen. After that, his bones will be padded when he hits a rock. Since his bones cannot directly contact the rock, they will not feel pain. As he continues to practise, his master will teach him. As time passes by, he will learn how to direct qi. However, the ability to direct qi alone is not good enough as the opponent will not wait for you in real combat. Of course, when one is able to direct qi, he will be able to resist blows, and probably not feel pain when hit with a thick stick. After he has directed qi to a certain part of the body, it swells up. Yet, this is the most primitive matter at the beginning, and can be transformed into the high energy matter as he continues his practice. When this transformation is completed, this qi will gradually form a huge energy mass of high density, and such energy masses carry intelligence. Therefore, it is also a supernormal capability mass, which means a supernormal capability. Nevertheless, such a supernormal capability is specialized for striking and the protection from striking. It will not work if used to treat disease. Because this high energy matter exists in another space and does not travel in our space, it moves faster there than here in our space. When you hit another person, you do not need to direct qi, nor to think of it because your energy has reached there already. When you try to ward off someone's blow, the energy also has reached there already. No matter how quickly you throw a blow, the energy will move faster than you as the concepts of time are different on both sides. Through practising Wushu qigong, one may develop something like Iron-sand Palm, Cinnabar Palm, Vajra Leg, Arhat Foot, which are the skills of ordinary people. An ordinary person will be able to attain such skills through exercises.

        The major difference between Wushu qigong and the interior cultivation way is that: Wushu qigong requires practice in motion. Therefore, qi travels under the skin. Because it requires practice in motion, one can not reach the state of tranquillity, nor can his qi enter Dantian (the elixir field). His qi moves under the skin and through the muscles. Therefore, he can not cultivate his life, nor can he cultivate the high attainment of Gongfu. Our interior cultivation way requires the practice to be in the state of tranquillity. Conventional cultivation ways require qi to enter Dantian and the abdomen area. They require practice in the state of tranquillity as well as the transformation of Benti ( the True Being), which enables one to cultivate life and to reach high level cultivation.

        You have probably heard of such Gongfu in the novels which describe something like Gold Bell Shield, Iron Cloth Shirt, shooting through a willow ring from one hundred paces away. Light Gongfu enables one to travel high up from place to place. Some even can enter another space. Is there such Gongfu? Yes, that is for sure. However, it does not exist among ordinary people. Those who have indeed cultivated such high attainment Gongfu will not be able to show it off in public. Because such a person does not practise martial arts alone and he has completely gone beyond the ordinary people's attainment level, he must cultivate himself according to the interior cultivation way. He is required to preserve and upgrade his Xinxing, and care little about such things as material interests. Though he can cultivate such Gongfu, he will not be able to casually use it any more among ordinary people from now on. It would be all right for him to utilize it when no one is around to see it. When reading those novels, you will find that the characters fight and kill with superb Gongfu, appearing and disappearing like gods. The book says such a person does this for something like a sword map, or treasure, or a woman. Please think about it. Haven't those people who genuinely have such Gongfu attained it through the interior cultivation? They have cultivated it only through improving Xinxing, and have long before cared little about fame and gain as well as various desires. How could they go to kill others? How could they care that much about money and wealth? It is out of the question. They are only artistic exaggerations. People just seek after psychological stimulation and will do anything for that thirst. The authors have cashed in on such a weakness, and will write whatever satisfies your desire and pleases you. The more absurd the books become, the more you like to read. But they are only artistic exaggerations. Those who indeed have such Gongfu will not use it this way. In particular, they will not show it off in public.

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