Desire to Show Off

        Because of cultivating themselves among ordinary people, many of our practitioners can not dispose of many attachments. Many of these attachments have already become natural, and they can not realize their existence. Such a psychology to show off can be seen in every situation, even in doing a good deed. In order to gain fame and gain and a little benefit, some people often advertise and show themselves off: I have the capability and I am a winner. We also have such cases. Some practitioners who have practised a little better than others, have Celestial Eye visions or better exercise movements also like to show off.

        Some people say: I have heard something from Master Li, and people surround them to listen. Such a person passes the hearsay with his own interpretations and embroiders it. What is the purpose? It is to show off. Still, some people pass hearsay from one to another with a great deal of pleasure as if they know more than others, and as if so many of our practitioners do not understand or know as much as they do. It has become natural for a person like this to do so, and perhaps he is not aware of it. He has the mentality to show off subconsciously. Otherwise, what is the purpose of passing the hearsay around? Some people gossip about when I shall return to the mountains. I am not from the mountains. Why should I return to the mountains? Others gossip that I have told someone something and treated him specially. What good does it do to pass such news around? It does not do any good. However, we have seen his attachment, a psychology to show off.

        There are also some people who would ask for my signature. What is the purpose? It is the ordinary people's custom to keep someone's signature as a souvenir. If you do not cultivate, my signature will not help you at all. Every word of my books is my image and Falun, and every sentence is spoken by me. What do you want a signature for? Some people presume: With a signature, the teacher's message will be able to protect me. They still believe in messages. We do not give messages, either. This book can not be measured by any value. What else do you still seek after? All these are reflections of those attachments. Still, after seeing the manner and the conduct of the students who travel with me, some people try to learn from them without knowing whether they are good or bad. In fact, it does not matter what the person is like, there is only one Law. Only by behaving according to this Great Law can you follow the genuine guideline. Like everyone else, the people who work with me have not received any special treatment. They are just staff members of the Research Society. Do not develop this attachment. Oftentimes, once you have such an attachment, you will play the role of disrupting the Great Law unintentionally. The sensational hearsay that you have invented may even give rise to conflicts, and arouse the students' attachment by trying to get closer to the teacher with the expectation of hearing some more things, etc.. Do they all belong to this issue?

        What else could such a psychology to show off lead to? I have been teaching the Gong for two years. A number of the veteran students of Falun Dafa may soon open their cultivation energy. Some students will enter the status of gradual enlightenment. Why didn't they bring forth these supernormal abilities at that time? Because I pushed you so high all at once, it is not allowed for you to still stick to the attachments of ordinary people. Of course, your Xinxing has already been improved remarkably, but you still have many attachments which have not been abandoned. Therefore, you can not be allowed to bring forth these supernormal capabilities. After this stage is over and you have become steady, you will be at once delivered into the state of the gradual enlightenment, in which your Celestial Eye will be opened to a very high plane and you still have many supernormal capabilities. In fact, let me tell you that as soon as you really begin cultivation, you will develop many supernormal capabilities because you have already reached such a high level. So, there are a lot of supernormal capabilities. Lately, many of our practitioners will probably find themselves in such a state. Still, some other people cannot reach high in cultivation. What this person physically carries himself combined with his endurance ability is fixed. As a result, some people will open their cultivation energy and become enlightened, thoroughly enlightened, at a very low level. There will be such people.

        I have pointed out this issue to tell you that once such a person appears, do not regard him as a great enlightened being. This is a very serious matter for the cultivation. It can be the right way only by acting according to this Great Law. Do not follow and listen to him because he has supernormal capabilities, or supernatural powers, or he has seen something. You will do harm to him as he would develop the attachment of complacency, and end up losing everything and having everything shut up. In the end, he will drop all the way to the bottom. With supernormal capabilities opened, a person could also drop down. If he cannot conduct himself properly after he is enlightened, he could also drop down. Even a Buddha could drop down if he cannot conduct himself properly, not to mention a practitioner like you among ordinary people! Therefore, you must conduct yourself well no matter how many supernormal capabilities you have or how mighty your supernormal capabilities or supernatural powers are. Recently, there was someone sitting here, who disappeared for a moment and reappeared the next. It is just like this. There will come into being even greater supernatural powers. How will you conduct yourself in the future? As students and practitioners of ours, you should not worship or seek after these whether such things happen to you or to others in the future. Once your mind has changed, you will be finished at once and will drop down. It is likely that you are even higher than him but you have not yet brought forth supernatural powers. At least, you have dropped down on this particular issue. Accordingly, be sure to pay particular attention to this matter. We have put this issue in a very important place because such a matter will soon arise. Once it arises, it will not do if you cannot conduct yourself well.

        A cultivator who has developed his cultivation energy, and opened it or become truly enlightened, should also not treat himself as someone special. What he has seen is limited to his own level. His cultivation has reached this stage, which simply means that his enlightenment quality, his Xinxing criterion, and his wisdom can only reach this stage. Therefore, he probably will not believe what is in the high dimensions. It is just because he cannot believe it that he is made to think what he has seen is absolute and believes it is all of it. There is actually still a long way to go because his level stays just there.

        Some people are going to open their cultivation energy at this level since they can not go any further up in cultivation. As a result, they can open their cultivation energy and become enlightened only at this level. Among those who will complete their cultivation in the future, some will become enlightened on the small worldly paths, some will become enlightened in different dimensions, some will become enlightened when they have completed the right achievement. Only those who have become enlightened when they have completed the right achievement will be the highest, and can see and make an appearance in different dimensions. Even those who have opened their cultivation energy and become enlightened on the lowest level of the small worldly paths can also see some spaces and enlightened beings, and communicate with them. By that time, you should not become complacent. You can not complete the right achievement by the opening of cultivation energy on the small worldly paths at the low levels. This is for sure. What can be done about it, then? They can only stay on this level. It would be a matter of sometime later if they wish to continue their cultivation towards higher dimensions. What will be done if they did not open their cultivation energy as they can only cultivate this far? If they keep cultivating themselves like this, they cannot make any further progress. So, they have opened their cultivation energy because they have cultivated to the end. There will be many such people. No matter what happens, you must maintain good Xinxing. Only acting according to the Great Law is truly the right way. It is through the cultivation in the Great Law that you have attained supernormal capabilities and opened your cultivation energy. If you put the Great Law in second place and put your supernatural powers in an important place, if you have become enlightened and believe your own this understanding or that one is correct or if you even regard yourself as being great and better than the Great Law, I would say that you have already started to drop downward and you are in danger, getting worse and worse. By then, you will really run into troubles, and your cultivation will end up in vain. You will drop down if you cannot do well, and your cultivation will be in vain.

        I also tell you: The content of this book comes from the combination of the Law I have expounded in several lecturing sessions. I did all this, including every sentence, which was taken out of the tape recordings and was copied down word by word. The book was all copied down from the tape recordings with the assistance of my disciples and students, and then, I have proof-read them again and again. They are all my Law. What I have expounded is simply this Law.

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