He Attains Cultivation Energy Who Does the Cultivation

        The question of "He attains cultivation energy who does the cultivation" is an extremely important one. When other people ask me what the advantages of Falun Dafa are, I say that the Great Law can attain the purpose of cultivation energy cultivating the practitioner and reducing the time for practice, which can solve the problem of having no time to practise while the practitioner is cultivated all the time. At the same time, ours is a genuine cultivation of both human life and nature, and our physical bodies will go through tremendous changes. Falun Dafa also has a most important advantage which I have not mentioned before, only today are we going to expound it. Because it involves a very important issue of historical origins, and has a great impact on the world of cultivation. No one ever dared to reveal this in history, nor has anyone been allowed to do so. However, I have no alternative but to tell you about it.

        Some students have said: every sentence that Master Li Hongzhi said is a secret of Heaven and the disclosure of it. However, we are genuinely guiding people up towards high dimensions, which is to save people. We should be responsible to everyone, and we are able to take such a responsibility. Thus, it is not a betrayal of the secrets of Heaven while an irresponsible casual gossip is a betrayal of the secrets of Heaven. Today, we shall make public the issue: he attains cultivation energy who does the cultivation. In my opinion, all the cultivation systems, including the Buddha School, the Tao School, and the Rare Cultivation Way, have all been cultivating one's Assistant Spirit ( Paraconsciousness)in history, and it is the Assistant Spirit that attains cultivation energy. The Zhu Yuanshen ( the Chief Spirit) that we are talking about here refers to our own thinking. We should understand what we are thinking about and what we are doing. This is just the genuine you yourself. However, you do not know at all what your Assistant Spirit does. Though he was born with you simultaneously with the same name, he has the same appearance as you and controls the same body with you, he is still not you in a strict sense.

        There is a principle in the universe that he gains who loses, and he attains cultivation energy who does the cultivation. The cultivation systems through the ages have been teaching the practitioners to enter the state of a trance during the practice without thinking about anything and then enter the state of deep meditation until they are not aware of anything in the end. Some people have sat there in meditation for three hours as if just for a brief moment. Others may admire such a person's power of meditation. Did he, in fact, practise? He does not know it himself. In particular, the Tao School teaches: Shishen (the Conscious Spirit) dies while Yuanshen (Primal Spirit) is born. The Shishen (Conscious Spirit) they refer to we call Zhu Yuanshen (the Chief Spirit); and the Yuanshen (Primal Spirit) they refer to we call Fu Yuanshen (Assistant Spirit). If your Shishen (Conscious Spirit) really dies, you will be indeed dead, and your Chief spirit will really die. Someone from another cultivation system told me: "Teacher, when I practise, I cannot recognize anyone in my home." Another person told me: "I do not have to practise like others who do it early in the morning and late at night. After I go home and lay down on a couch, myself goes out to practise. I watch him practise while lying there". I feel very sorry for this, but not so sorry, as well.

        Why would they save the Assistant Spirit? Lu Dongbin once made a statement: "I would rather save an animal than a human being". It is indeed very difficult for humans to be enlightened, because ordinary people are deranged in ordinary human society, and cannot give up their desires in front of the immediate interests. If you do not believe it, when some people walk out of this auditorium after the lectures, they will become ordinary people again. If anyone irritates them or bumps into them, they will not put up with it. After a period of time, they will not regard themselves as practitioners at all. Many accomplished cultivators in history have realized this point. It is very difficult to save a person because his Chief Spirit is very much deranged. Some people have good enlightenment quality, and will awake to the truth instantly with a hint. Some people will not believe you no matter what you say, and they will think that you are talking big. We have asked them to cultivate their Xinxing, but they will still stick to their old way of doing things soon after they go back among ordinary people. They will think that this little bit of interest that is realistic, tangible and attainable is indeed materially beneficial, and they will prefer to go after this. The Law that the teacher has expounded sounds also reasonable, but it cannot be followed. The human Chief Spirit is the most difficult to be saved while the Assistant Spirit can see the scenes in another space. Therefore, they are considering: "Why should I save your Chief Spirit? Your Assistant Spirit is also you. Wouldn't it be the same if I save him? Both of them are you, and it does not matter who gains. It is you who gain either way".

        I am going to tell you about their specific cultivation methods. If anyone has the capability of Remote Sight, he can see this kind of scenario: when you sit in practice, as soon as you enter the state of meditation, you can see you, having the same appearance as yourself, get out of your body suddenly. But, where is your own self if you try to distinguish it? You are sitting right here. After you watch him leave your body, the master will take him to cultivate in a space transformed by the master, which can be in the form of a bygone society, or of contemporary society, or of a society in another space. The master will teach him how to practise, and he will suffer a lot for one or two hours a day. When he returns from his practice, you will also come out of the state of meditation. This is what can be observed.

        It will be more miserable if one can not see. He knows nothing about what has happened, and will come out of a two-hour mediation not knowing what happened. Some people may sleep for two or three hours as a way of practice, and completely give themselves up to others. Such cultivation is completed intermittently with a certain amount of time for a daily sitting practice. Another form of cultivation is completed at one time. Everyone probably has heard of Dharmer who sat in front of a wall for nine years. In the past there were many monks who would sit for decades. The longest period of time recorded in history lasted over ninety years. There were still people who spent even longer time doing this with thick dust deposited on their eyelids and grass growing up on their bodies, and they are still sitting there. Some cultivation systems of the Tao School also teach this, especially some Rare Cultivation ways teach their practitioners to practise sleeping, and sleep for decades without coming out of the state of meditation or waking up. But, who has practised? His Assistant Spirit has gone out to practise. If he could see this, he would see the master teaching his Assistant Spirit to practise. The Assistant Spirit might also owe a lot of karma, and the master would be unable to eradicate all of his karma. Therefore, the master told him: "You should practise hard here. I will be away and be back after a while. You wait for me."

        The master knew exactly what would happen, but he also had to do so. As a result, the demon came to scare him, and turned into a beauty to seduce him. There would be various happenings. Once the demon realized that he was indeed not moved at all because the Assistant Spirit had a relatively easier time cultivating, and could understand the truth. The demon became irritated, and made an attempt on his life for revenge. So, he was indeed killed, and his debt had all been paid. After his death, the Assistant Spirit came out like a thread of smoke drifting about. He went into another incarnation, and was born into a very poor family. He suffered from an early age. By the time he became sensible, his master came. Obviously, he could not recognize him. The master unlocked the child's stored memory containing the supernormal capability. The child suddenly recalled everything. "Isn't this my master?" The master told him: "Now, it is time to start your practice." After many years had passed, the master passed on to him his teachings.

        After completing his teachings, the master told him again: "You still have many attachments to be abandoned. You should go out to wander about". Wandering around would go through a lot of hardships. As he went into society, he begged for food, and ran into different kinds of people who scorned him, insulted him, and bullied him. He encountered all kinds of things. He treated himself as a practitioner, and balanced his relations with others well while maintaining and upgrading his Xinxing constantly. He was not moved by the temptation of various interests of ordinary people. After many years he returned after his many years wandering around. The master said: "You have already attained the Tao, and have reached consummation. If you do not have anything to do, you may go back and pack up and get ready to leave. You go ahead and put an end to ordinary human affairs". Many years had passed before the Assistant Spirit returned. Upon his return, his Chief Spirit also came out of the state of meditation, and his Chief Spirit woke up from his sleep.

        However, he has indeed not done the cultivation yet, but his Assistant Spirit has practised, and thus it has attained cultivation energy. Nevertheless, the Chief Spirit has also suffered. After all, he has devoted all his youth to sitting there, and his lifetime as an ordinary person is over. What should be done then? Upon coming out of the state of meditation, this person feels that he has developed cultivation energy through practice, and possesses supernormal capabilities. If he wants to treat diseases, his Assistant Spirit will satisfy him and will be capable of doing what he wants to do, because he is the Chief Spirit after all. The Chief Spirit controls the body and makes decisions. In addition, he has spent so many years sitting here, and his lifetime elapsed. By the time this person is dead, the Assistant Spirit will be gone, and each one will go his own way. According to Buddhism, this person will still have to enter the Sixfold Paths of Transmigration. Since a great enlightened being has been successfully cultivated in his body, this person has also accumulated a huge amount of De. What will happen then? He probably will become a high-ranking official or make a big fortune in his next lifetime. This could only be this way. Does his cultivation end up in vain?

        It took us a lot of trouble to have the permission to tell you about this issue. I have disclosed a mystery of thousands of years, which was the secret of the secrets that could never be revealed absolutely. I have unveiled the root of all kinds of cultivation methods through the ages. Haven't I mentioned that this is closely connected with historical origins? These are the reasons. Just think about it. Which cultivation way or school does not take this way in cultivation? You keep cultivating and practising hard, but you still will not attain cultivation energy. Aren't you sad? Who should be blamed for this, then? Mankind is so deranged, and they would not take the hint no matter how you enlighten them. If you tell them something higher, they consider it incredible. If you say something lower, they do not understand what you mean. Now that I am talking this way, some people still want me to treat their diseases. I really do not know what to say to such people. What we mean is cultivation, and we only take care of those who do the cultivation towards the high dimensions.

        In our school, it is Zhu Yishi ( Main Consciousness) that attains cultivation energy. Then, will the Main Consciousness attain cultivation energy if you say so? Who will give permission? It does not work this way as there must be a prerequisite. It is known that our cultivation way does not stay away from cultivation in ordinary human society, nor does it avoid or evade contradictions. In this complicated environment of ordinary people, you will be clear-minded, and lose knowingly on the issue of interests. When others take away your interests, you will not go to compete and contest like others, and you suffer losses with all kinds of Xinxing interference. In such a difficult environment, you can sharpen your will and upgrade your Xinxing. Under the influence of various ill thoughts from ordinary people, you will be able to reach above and beyond.

        Please think about it. Is it you who suffer knowingly, and is it your Chief Spirit that give so much? Do you knowingly lose what you lose among ordinary people? Then, this cultivation energy should belong to you as he who loses gains. Therefore, this is why our cultivation way does not stay away from cultivating in the complicated environment of ordinary people. Why do we cultivate among the conflicts of ordinary people? It is because we want to attain cultivation energy ourselves. Future professional practitioners who cultivate in the temple will have to wander around among ordinary people.

        Some people have said: "Don't other cultivation ways nowadays also practise among ordinary people?" However, they are all aimed at promoting the healing of diseases and physical fitness. Genuine cultivation towards the high dimensions has never been made public except for these schools which teach only one disciple for each generation. Those who genuinely teach their disciples have already taken them away to give them private teachings. Over the years, who has talked about such things in public? Nobody has done it. Our cultivation way has hereby stated this because ours is just such a cultivation way, and we attain cultivation energy this way. In the meantime, over ten thousand things from our cultivation school will all be planted onto your Chief Spirit to enable you to indeed attain cultivation energy. I have mentioned that I have done something nobody has ever done before, and have opened the largest door. Some people have understood these words of mine, and what I have said is really not something incredible. I have a personal habit: When talking, I would like to give you one foot if I have ten feet, and you may still say that I am boasting. In fact, I have just told you only a tiny bit. Because of the huge dimensional differences, I can not tell you a bit more of the Great Law even higher and more profound.

        Our cultivation school cultivates in such a way that you do indeed attain cultivation energy yourselves, which is the first time since the creation of heaven and the earth, and you can look into the history about it. It is good because you will attain cultivation energy yourself, but it is also very challenging. It will be most challenging if you can ascend from the complicated environment of ordinary people as well as from the Xinxing friction between one and another. The difficulty is just that you know perfectly well that you suffer losses among the interests of ordinary people, and whether you will be moved or not in front of your personal vested interests in the intrigue against each other and when you see your relatives and friends suffering. How will you measure them? As a practitioner, it is just so difficult. Someone told me: "Teacher, it will be good enough just to be a good person among ordinary people. Who can ascend in the cultivation?" Listening to him, I felt really disappointed! I did not say a word to him. There are all kinds of Xinxing. He might try to understand as much as he could. He gains who awakes to the truth.

        Lao Zi said: "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao." Tao would not be so precious if we could pick it up everywhere on the ground and succeed in cultivation this way. Our cultivation way requires you to attain cultivation energy through contradictions. Therefore, we should maximally conform to ordinary people, and you do not have to really lose any material interests. However, you need to upgrade your Xinxing in this material environment. It is convenient right here. Our cultivation way is the most convenient one, and we can cultivate ourselves amidst ordinary people instead of becoming monks or nuns. Then this is also the most difficult thing to do here as we cultivate in this most complicated environment of ordinary people. Yet, it is the best because of this since it enables you yourself to attain cultivation energy. This is the most crucial of our cultivation way, which I have disclosed to you today. Of course, the Chief Spirit attains cultivation energy, so does the Assistant Spirit. Why? When all the messages, intelligent entities, and cells in your body increase cultivation energy, of course he certainly also increases cultivation energy. However, he will never grow higher than you at any time. You will be the master while he will be the guardian of the Law.

        Speaking of it here, I shall add another sentence. There are many such people in the world of cultivation, who have always been attempting to cultivate towards high dimensions. They have travelled everywhere and spent a lot of money. They have not found the well-known masters after visiting different places in the country. Being well-known does not necessarily mean that these masters really understand anything. In the end, they travelled back and forth, and spent a lot of money for nothing. Today, we have made public to you such a good cultivation way, and I have delivered it to you at your doorstep. It is up to you whether or not you can do the cultivation, and make it. If you can do it, you may keep up your cultivation. If you cannot do it or make the cultivation, do not think about doing the cultivation at all from now on. Except for the demons that will cheat you, nobody else would teach you, and you will not be able to do the cultivation in the future. If I cannot save you, nobody else can do it. As a matter of fact, it is harder than climbing to heaven to find a genuine master of an orthodox school to teach you. There is not anyone who takes care of this at all. In the Period of Decline, even the very high dimensions are also in the midst of the Last Havoc. They cannot mind the business of ordinary people. This is the most convenient cultivation way, cultivating directly according to the cosmic qualities. It is the quickest short cut which is aimed directly at the human heart.

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