Heavenly Circuit

        The Tao School teaches the great and small Heavenly Circuits, and we are going to explain what a Heavenly Circuit is. The Heavenly Circuit that we generally refer to is connecting the two energy channels of Renmai and Dumai. Such a Heavenly Circuit is a superficial Heavenly Circuit which does not account for anything but healing disease and keeping fit. This is called the Small Heavenly Circuit. Another Heavenly Circuit which is neither called the Small Heavenly Circuit nor the Great Heavenly Circuit is a form of Heavenly Circuit practised while sitting in meditation. It travels down in a circle inside one's body from the Niwan Point to Dantian (the Elixir Field), and moves up in a circle there as an interior circuit, which is the genuine Heavenly Circuit in the cultivation while sitting in meditation. After the formation of such a Heavenly Circuit, it will become a very powerful energy current, bringing all the channels to motion with one energy channel and opening up all other energy channels. The Tao School teaches the Heavenly Circuit while Buddhism does not. What does Buddhism teach then? When Sakyamuni taught his system of Dharma, he did not teach the practice of the exercise; he did not do that. However, his cultivation system also has its own form of cultivation evolution. How does the energy channels in Buddhism move? It starts to break through from the Baihui Point, and then it develops from the top of one's head down to the body in a spiral. In the end, it will bring all the channels to motion in this way.

        The central channels in Tantrism is also aimed at this goal. Some people have said that there is not a central channel. How then can Tantrism manage to cultivate the central channel? In fact, when all the channels of a human body are put together, they amount to no less than ten thousand in number just like blood vessels crisscrossing, but more than blood vessels in number. The space between the interior organs does not have blood vessels, but there are channels. They are connected from the top of one's head to every part of the body crisscrossing. They may not be straight initially, and will be opened up upon connecting with each other. Then, they will gradually be expanded, and slowly form a straight channel. This channel will be used as an axis that does self rotations to bring to motion several wheels of one's intention in level rotations, which also is aimed at opening up all the energy channels of the body.

        The cultivation of our Falun Dafa avoids using this method of one channel bringing all the channels to motion. We require that all the channels should be opened up in motion simultaneously from the very beginning. All at once, we cultivate on the very high level, avoiding the low-level stuff. If you wish to open up all the channels with one channel, your whole lifetime may not be enough to make it. Some people will have to cultivate for decades, and it is very difficult. A lot of cultivation systems believe that one lifetime will not be enough to make the cultivation. There are many people who cultivate the profound Great Laws and can extend their life span. Don't they believe in cultivating life as well? They can extend their life span to do the cultivation, and it will take quite a long period of time for them to do so.

        The Small Heavenly Circuit is basically aimed at healing disease and keeping fit while the Great Heavenly Circuit is the practice of the exercises, which means the real cultivation. The Great Heavenly Circuit the Tao School refers to does not come as violently as ours which opens up all the energy channels at once. The operation of the Great Heavenly Circuit in the Tao School is that of several channels which travel from the three Yin and three Yang of one's hands down to the feet, and to both legs, and all the way to the hair. They go all over the body once. This is considered to be the Great Heavenly Circuit in circulation. When the Great Heavenly Circuit is in motion, genuine cultivation will be brought into play. Therefore, some qigong masters do not teach the Great Heavenly Circuit, and what they teach is healing disease and keeping fit. Some people have also talked about the Great Heavenly Circuit, but they have not planted anything into your bodies. You can not open them up on your own. Not having been planted anything into your body, you will not be able to open them up with your intention. That is not as easy as talk! How could you open them up just like doing gymnastic exercises? Cultivation is one's own business, while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by one's master. Only when it is all planted into your body, can the interior "mechanism" play such a role.

        The Tao School has regarded the human body as a small universe through the ages. It believes that the exterior of the universe is as big as the interior of it, and its exterior is the same as its interior. This view does not seem credible or easily understood. This universe is so big. How could it be compared with a human body? We will expound on this principle. Our physics today studies the elements of matter from molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, quarks all the way to neutrinos. What size will they be further down? What will the extremely tiny particle be further down the road when the microscope cannot see it at that point? It is not known. In fact, such a point our physics has now come to understand, is too far away from the tiniest particle of the universe. When a person does not have his flesh body, his eyes will be able to see with magnified vision, and can see the microcosmic. The higher dimension one is in, the larger what he will be able to see in the microcosm is.

        In such a status of Sakyamuni, he taught the theory of Great Chiliocosm. Namely, there are also people in this Milky Way galaxy like our mankind with such sensory bodies. He also expounded the theory that a grain of sand contains three thousand worlds, which agrees with the understanding of our contemporary physics. What is the difference between the rotation form of electrons around the nuclei and that of the earth around the sun? Therefore, Sakyamuni said that in the microcosm, a grain of sand contains three thousand worlds which will be just like a universe with life and matter in it. If it is true, please think about it. Is there sand in the world of that grain of sand? And are there three thousand worlds in the sand of that grain of sand? And then, is there sand in the three thousand worlds in the sand of the sand? It will be endless if the search goes on and on. Therefore, in the status of a Tathagata, Sakyamuni made such a statement: "It is immense without the exterior, and it is tiny without the interior". It is so immense that he could not see the perimeter of the universe, and it is so tiny that he could not see what is the most tiny particle of original matter.

        Some qigong masters said: "There is a city in a sweat pore where the trains and cars are running." It sounds quite incredible, but we have found that this statement is not incredible when we really understand and study it from the angle of science. When I was talking about opening the Celestial Eye the other day, many people could see such a scene when their Celestial Eye was being opened: They would find they were running out along a tunnel in their foreheads as if they could never reach the end. Everyday during the practice they would be running out along this main road with mountains and rivers on both sides. While running, they would pass through cities, and see quite a lot of people. They would feel that this was an illusion. What is the matter? What he saw was quite clear, and not an illusion. I have said that if one's body is really that huge in the microcosm, it is not an illusion. Because the Tao School has regarded the human body as a universe through the ages, and if it is indeed a universe, the distance from the forehead to the pineal body would be more than one hundred and eighty thousand li. You may rush toward the outside, and it will be quite a remote distance.

        If the Great Heavenly Circuit is all opened up in the course of cultivation, it will bring the practitioner supernormal capability. What supernormal capability is it? It is known that the Great Heavenly Circuit is also called the Meridian Heavenly Circuit, or the Cosmic Rotation, or the Heche Rotation. At a very low level, the rotation of the Great Heavenly Circuit will form an energy current which will gradually increase its density to transform towards higher levels, and which will become a large energy belt of high density. Such an energy belt is in rotation, in the process of which we can see it with the Celestial Eye on this very shallow plane and discover that it can make qi change positions inside one's body: the qi from the heart moves to the intestines; the qi from the liver moves to the stomach... In the microcosm, we can see that what it carries is something very large. If this energy belt is delivered outside of one's body, it will become the power of psychokinesis (mind over matter). A person who has very powerful cultivation energy can move a very big object, which is called the great psychokinesis: A person who has very weak cultivation energy can move a very small object, which is called small psychokinesis. These are the types of the power of psychokinesis as well as its formation.

        The cultivation begins immediately with the Great Heavenly Circuit. Thus, it will bring about different situations as well as forms of cultivation energy, and it will also bring us a very special state. What state is it? You may have read such a phrase called: "flying up in broad daylight" in the ancient books such as Biographies of the Immortals, Alchemical Text, Tao Tsang, or A Genuine Guide to Cultivation of Nature and Life. It means that a person can fly up in broad daylight. In fact, let me tell you that a person will be able to take off in the air once the Great Heavenly Circuit is opened up, and this is so simple. Some people think that there are quite a few people whose Great Heavenly Circuits have been opened up after so many years of practice. I would say that it is not incredible for many thousands of people to be able to reach this level because the Great Heavenly Circuit is, after all, the beginning step of cultivation.

        Then, why can't we see these people flying up in the sky? Why can't we see them take off? The state of ordinary human society cannot be disturbed, nor can the social formation of ordinary human society be casually disrupted or changed. How could people all be allowed to fly in the sky? Would that be an ordinary human society? This is one principal aspect. The other one is that the people from ordinary people do not live in order just to be people, but to return to the origin and go back to the truth. Therefore, there is also an issue of awakening quality. If someone sees that many people indeed can fly, he will also want to cultivate but there will not have been the issue of awakening quality. Therefore, if you are capable of doing it because of your cultivation, you should not casually show it to others or demonstrate to others as they also need to go through cultivation. As a result, once your Great Heavenly Circuit is opened up, you will not be able to fly up if your finger tip, toe tip, or a certain part of your body is locked.

        When the Great Heavenly Circuit is about to be opened up, a phenomenon will occur that some people will lean forward during the sitting practice. Because the circuit in their backs is opened up well, their backs will feel very light while the front of their bodies will feel heavy. Some people will lean backward, and feel their backs are heavy while the front of their bodies are light. If your body is all opened up well, you will feel like you are being lifted up and down, and feel like rising up from the ground. Once you can really take off, you will not be allowed to leave the ground. But it is not absolute. Those who develop supernormal capabilities are usually at both ends. Children do not have attachments, nor do senior citizens, especially senior women. They may easily develop and preserve supernormal capabilities. For males, especially younger ones, once they have a capability, their show-off mentality cannot be avoided. At the same time, they would probably use it as a means of competition among ordinary people. Thus, it can not be allowed to exist, and will be locked up as soon as it is developed through cultivation. If one part of the body is locked, this person will not be able to fly up. It is not that you will not be allowed to have such a state at all. You may probably be allowed to have a try, and some people may be able to keep it up.

        Such situations also occur in different parts of the country where a lecturing session is going on. When I gave lectures in Shandong, there were practitioners from Beijing and Jinan. Some people said: "Teacher, what has happened to me as I feel like taking off from the ground while walking. I also feel like flying up while sleeping at home. Even the quilt is always flying up like a balloon." When I gave lectures in Guiyang, there was a senior practitioner from Guizhou who was an old lady. She had two beds in a room with one bed next to one side of the wall, and the other to the other side of the wall. When she was doing the sitting practice in bed, she felt herself flying up in the air, and found she had flown onto the other bed when she opened her eyes. She thought: I should return to my bed, and then she flew back again.

        There was a practitioner in Qingdao who did the sitting practice in his office bed when no one was around during the noon break. As soon as he sat there, he flew into the air, and was strongly lifted up and down as high as a meter. He would drop down upon rising up, and repeated the movement noisily. The quilt was even thrown onto the floor. He was a little bit excited and a little bit scared. He spent the whole noon repeating the up and down movements. Finally, the bell rang for work. He thought to himself: I should not let others see what I am doing. What on earth am I doing here? Stop it quickly. He stopped the practice. This is why the senior people can put a handle on themselves. If this had happened to a young person, he might have thought: "The office bell has rung; you all come to see me flying into the air." The show-off mentality which is difficult for one to control would present itself here: "See how well I have practised, and I can fly into the air." Once he shows it off, the capability will be gone as it is not allowed to exist this way. There are many such cases among practitioners in all parts of the country.

        We require all the channels to be opened up from the very beginning. Up till today eighty to ninety per cent of you have reached the state that your bodies have become very light and free of diseases. At the same time, we have mentioned that you are not only pushed to such a state and that your bodies are fully purified, but that many things will also be planted into your bodies to allow you to develop cultivation energy here during my lectures. I am as good as lifting you up and pushing you further ahead. I have been talking about the Law to everyone during the lectures, and your Xinxing has also been changing. Many of you, after walking out of this auditorium, will feel as if you have become different people. It is certain your world outlook will have changed. You will know how to conduct yourselves in the future, and will no longer be deranged like that. I am sure you will be this way. As a result, our Xinxing has already caught up with this.

        Speaking of the Great Heavenly Circuit, though you are not allowed to take off, you will feel your body is light as if walking in the air. In the past, you would feel tired if you did a little walking. Now, you feel quite relaxed no matter how far you have walked. You feel as if being pushed when riding a bike, and do not feel tired when going upstairs no matter how high you have to climb. It is guaranteed to be this way. Those who read this book and do the cultivation on their own can also reach the state they should be in. I am a person who will not say what I do not want to say. But what I said must be true. Especially under such circumstances, if I do not tell the truth during my lectures, and if I speak with exaggerations here and make casual statements without a definite objective in view, I will be preaching an evil way. It is also not easy for me to do this thing. The whole universe is watching, and it can not be allowed for you to go wrong.

        A person usually considers it all right for him to know there is such a Heavenly Circuit. In fact, this is not enough. For the body to be replaced and transformed completely by high energy matter as soon as possible, there must be another circulation in the form of the Heavenly Circuit, bringing along the circulation of all the channels in your body. That is called the Maoyou (Borderline) Heavenly Circuit which is probably known by only few people. The books sometimes mention such a term. But nobody has explained it and nobody will tell you about it. It is only discussed in theories as the most secret of the secrets. We are going to disclose all this to you here: the Maoyou (Borderline) Heavenly Circuit begins from the Baihui point (or also from the Huiyin point). It comes out to move along the border between the sides of Yin and Yang, moves from the ears down to the shoulder, moves along each finger to the side of your body, goes from the bottom of your foot up to the inner side of your thigh, from there moves to the other thigh, then goes through the bottom of your other foot, comes up from the other side of your body, goes along each finger, and finally reaches the top of your head after a full circle. This is called the Borderline Heavenly Circuit. Others could write a book about it, and I disclosed it in just a few words. I do not think that this should be considered a secret of Heaven. However, others feel that such things are very precious and can not be told to others at all, and the Borderline Heavenly Circuit should be expounded only when they really teach this to their disciples. Although I have disclosed it, you can not use the intention to guide it or control yourself to practise it. If you do that, you are not practising our Falun Dafa. Genuine cultivation towards high dimensions is active non-doing without mental activities. All that is planted into your body is ready-made. They are formed automatically, and such internal mechanisms are evolving and cultivating you, and they can make self rotations when the time is ripe. One day your head will swing from side to side during practice. If your head swings to this side, it is rotating this way. If your head swings to the other side, it is rotating that way. Rotations will be made both ways.

        When the Great and Small Heavenly Circuits have been opened up, you will nod your head during the sitting practice, which is the manifestation of energy passing through it. The same is also true of the Falun Heavenly Circuit that we practise. We practise it this way. In fact, it makes self rotations when you are not practising it. It will rotate forever. When you practise, you are reinforcing the mechanisms. Don't we believe in the Law cultivating the practitioner? Normally you can find that your Heavenly Circuit is always circulating. Though you are not practising it, this layer of energy mechanisms planted outside your body, which is a layer of main external energy channels, is bringing your body into practice. It is all automatic. It will also make reverse rotations. Its rotations are both ways, and they are constantly opening up your energy channels.

        What is, then, the purpose of opening up the Heavenly Circuit? Opening up the Heavenly Circuit itself is not the purpose of the practice. Even if your Heavenly Circuit is opened up, I would say that it is still nothing. If you continue your cultivation, you aim to open up a hundred channels with one channel, and open up all the channels in your body through such a form of the Heavenly Circuit. We have already started to do it. With further practice, one will find in the circulation of the Great Heavenly Circuit that the channels will become very wide like a finger, and quite wide inside. Because the energy has also become very powerful, the energy current will get very broad and bright after its formation. This is still nothing. Then how far will the cultivation go? All the channels will gradually become broader, with the energy getting stronger and brighter. In the end, ten thousand channels will be connected all together in order to reach the state in which the body has no channels or points. The whole body will be connected to become one piece, and this is the ultimate goal of opening up the channels. It is aimed at transforming the human body completely through high energy matter.

        At this stage of the practice, one's body has been basically transformed by high energy matter. That is to say, his cultivation has reached the highest level of the In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. The human physical body has already been cultivated to the ultimate point. By then, he will be brought into another state. What state is it? The cultivation energy he has developed is very rich. All the human supernormal capabilities (potential capabilities), and everything will have been brought forth in the cultivation of the body of an ordinary person, that is to say, in the course of the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law. However, most of them are locked up when we cultivate among ordinary people. In addition, one's energy pillar will have already grown to be quite tall. All forms of energy will have been reinforced to be quite powerful by the mighty cultivation energy. Yet, they can only function in this space of ours, and cannot restrain anything in other spaces because they are supernormal capabilities cultivated from our ordinary people's physical bodies. However, they are already very substantial. Considerable changes have taken place in each space and in various existing forms of the body in different spaces. What this body carries in each dimensional space is quite substantial, and looks very frightening. Some people have eyes all over their bodies, and their sweat pores have all become eyes. There will be eyes within the scope of his whole space field. Because it is the cultivation system of the Buddha School, some people carry images of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas all over their bodies. The formations of various cultivation energy have already reached the extremely substantial extent, and there will also be many living entities to present themselves.

        By this time, there will appear another state called "three flowers gathering on the top of the head". That is a very obvious state which is also eye-catching. One who has a low plane Celestial Eye will be able to see it. There will be three flowers on the top of one's head, and one is a lotus flower; but it is not the lotus from our physical space. The other two flowers are also from the other spaces, which are extraordinarily beautiful. These three flowers revolve in turns on the top of one's head. They make clockwise and counter-clockwise revolutions, and each flower can also make self rotations. Each flower has a huge pillar as thick as the diameter of the flower. These three huge pillars reach all the way to the zenith. But they are not energy pillars. They are just such forms and are quite mystical. You would be scared as well if you see them. At this stage of cultivation, one's body will be white and clean, and the skin will be delicate. At this point, one has reached the highest form of Shi Jian Fa ( the In-Triple-World-Law) cultivation. Yet, this is not the end. One will need to continue the cultivation, and go further ahead.

        The next step forward will be entering the transitional phase between Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law) and Chu Shi Jian Fa ( the Beyond-Triple-World-Law), which is called the state of the Pure-White-Body (or Crystal-White-Body). Because when the cultivation of the physical body has reached the highest form of the In-Triple-World-Law, it is only the human physical body that has been transformed into the highest form. When it genuinely goes into that form, the whole body will be completely made up of high energy matter. Why is it called the Pure-White-Body? It is because his body has already reached the absolute purity of the highest degree. When it is seen with the Celestial Eye, the whole body is transparent just like the transparent glass, and there is nothing in it. It will appear in such a state. In plain words, this body has already become a Buddha body. This is because the body of high energy matter is already different from our own bodies. At this stage, all the supernormal capabilities and the magic skills which have come into being in the body will be abandoned all at once. They will be delivered into a very deep space as they are useless, and will be no longer of any use from this time on. One day when you succeed in the cultivation in the future, you may look back on the journey you have made in cultivation by taking them out for a look. At this time, there are only two things in existence: the energy pillar still remains, and the Yuanying (Immortal Infant) that you have cultivated has already grown to be quite large. However, both things exist in the same very deep space, which cannot be seen by a person with an ordinary plane of the Celestial Eye. All he can see is that this person's body is a transparent one.

        Because the state of the Pure-White-Body is only a transitional phase, with further cultivation, he will truly go into the cultivation of Chu Shi Jian Fa (the Beyond-Triple-World-Law), which is also called the cultivation of the Buddha body. The whole body will consist of cultivation energy. By now one's Xinxing has already become stable. He will begin the cultivation anew, and start again to develop supernormal capabilities which are not called supernormal capabilities any more, but called "the Divine Powers of Buddha Law", which can restrain all spaces with mighty powers. As you continue to do the cultivation in the future, you will know yourself how to cultivate what is in the high dimensions, and the existing forms of the cultivation as well.

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