Attachment of Complacency

        I am going to talk about such an issue which is also the attachment of complacency. Many people have practised qigong for quite a long time. There are also people who have never practised it, but have been pursuing and pondering the truth and the true meaning of the human life. Once such a person studies our Falun Dafa, he will suddenly understand many questions which he wished to understand but could not find answers to. Probably with the distillation of his mind, he will become very excited. This is for sure. I know that a genuine cultivator knows its weight, and knows how to value it. However, a problem oftentimes arises that one will unnecessarily develop the attachment of complacency because of his joy. This may make him behave abnormally in form, in their social contacts in ordinary human society, in the social environment of ordinary human society. I would say that this should not be allowed.

        Most of our cultivation way is cultivated in ordinary human society. You should not separate yourself from ordinary human society, and should cultivate knowingly. There is still a normal relationship between one and another. Of course, your Xinxing is very high with the right mentality. You upgrade your own Xinxing and raise your own level, and do good deeds instead of wrong ones. This should be only this way. Some people conduct themselves as if they were mentally abnormal, as if they are disillusioned with the mortal world. They can not make themselves understood by others. Other people say: "How could a person who studies Falun Dafa become this way? He seems to have gone wrong with his mind." In fact, he has not. He has become just too excited without sensibility and common sense. Please think about it. Such conduct of his is also wrong, and he has gone to the other extreme, which is again another attachment. He should give it up, and cultivate and live a normal life like everyone else among ordinary people. While living among ordinary people, if they think that you are crazy, they will stay at a distance from you and do not want to reason with you. Nobody will provide you with an opportunity to improve your Xinxing, and treat you as a normal person. I would say that it is not right! Therefore, please be sure to pay special attention to this issue, and conduct yourselves properly.

        Our cultivation system is unlike those general systems which make one absent-minded, enter the state of a trance, or become crazy. Our cultivation system requires you to cultivate yourselves consciously. Some people are always saying: "Teacher, I always wobble as soon as my eyes are closed". I would say that it should not be this way. You have already fallen into the habit of abandoning your own Zhu Yi Shi (Main Consciousness), and give up your own Main Consciousness and allow it to disappear when you close your eyes. You have already formed this habit. How can you not wobble while sitting here? If you keep the state in which your eyes are open, will you wobble with your eyes slightly closed? Not at all. You believe that qigong should be practised this way, and you have formed such a concept. As soon as you have closed your eyes, you will disappear, and you do not know where you are. We hold that your Main Consciousness must be clear because this cultivation system cultivates you yourself. You should make progress knowingly. We also have a tranquil practice. How should our tranquil practice be done? We require you all to be aware that you are practising here no matter how deep you are concentrated, and not at all to enter the state of a trance where you know nothing. Then, what specific state should there be? You will have a very comfortable sensation when you are sitting there, feeling so wonderful as if you were sitting inside an egg shell, where you are aware that you are practising qigong yourself but you cannot move your body. This is all that should take place in practising our system. There is another state in which one is sitting there when he feels as if his legs had disappeared and he cannot tell where they are. He feels as if his body had disappeared, and so had his arms, and his hands. And only his head is there. With further practice, he will find that even his head has disappeared, except for his thinking, a little intention that is aware that he is practising qigong here himself. It will be enough for us to reach such a state. Why? When you practise in such a state, your body has been brought into a fully evolutionary state, which is the best one. Thus, we require you to attain tranquillity in such a state. However, you should not fall asleep or become muddle-headed, in which case, the good things will probably be practised by someone else.

        All of our practitioners should always remember never to behave abnormally among ordinary people. If you do not play a good role among ordinary people, they will ask how come the people who study Falun Dafa all behave this way. That would be as good as damaging the reputation of Falun Dafa. Be sure to pay special attention to this issue. Besides, be sure not to give way to the attachment of complacency in other aspects as well as in the course of the cultivation. Such an attachment may be easily utilized by demons.

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