Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan

Hongzhi Li
Jinan, China

Student: What’s happening when curse words show up while practicing?

Master: This is due to your having a master soul that’s not good or your thought karma at work. Some people may also be possessed by spirits. This will happen if other practices are mixed in. Those of us who don’t mix in other practices and only practice Falun Dafa won’t have possessing spirits. In most cases it is due to thought karma.

Student: Is cultivating diligently an attachment itself?

Master: Cultivation isn’t an attachment; cultivation is returning to the original, true self, so that one’s true nature emerges. That’s your true nature, so it’s not an attachment. But if you are always saying, “All I want to do is become a Buddha through cultivation,” “I’ve improved by such-and-such amount today,” and “I’ll become a Buddha at such-and-such time,” then that’s an attachment. Just cultivate with the intention to practice but with no intention of obtaining gong, and it will be fine if you just have that wish.

Student: For those who haven’t attended the lecture series but are learning to practice Falun Dafa, will Teacher’s Law Bodies also purify their bodies into the Milk-White State and implant qi mechanisms for them?

Master: If they didn’t attend the lecture series and aren’t our students, why would I take care of them? If I were to take care of everyday people so casually and implant this thing for everyone in China, would that do? If someone learns the practice on his own, learns it from the book or tapes, will he get it? Let me tell you, in the future the form of learning the practice will be just like that. Since you have my Law Bodies to take care of you, my books have Law Bodies, and my videotapes and audiotapes all have them—those who truly follow a practitioner’s standards will also be given this. But they have to truly cultivate according to a practitioner’s standards, and only then will they be given this. If you say that you just want to do it for physical exercise and don’t want to cultivate towards higher levels, then you won’t be given this.

Student: I’m a new student and have practiced for about a month. I find it hard to touch the upper palate with my tongue when I have no saliva. Will Teacher kindly give me some pointers?

Master: It’s not that once you have started doing the practice, everything will change immediately for you. What about your xinxing? You want to reach a practitioner’s state, so you have to change yourself, starting from your xinxing. There are people who ask, “I’ve started practicing Falun Dafa. How come my illness hasn’t been cured?” You are still an everyday person among everyday people, and you do the exercises and then expect your illnesses to just go away—how could it be like that? If the goal isn’t right, the result will be different [than expected].

Student: If mental techniques are added when we practice, will this cause the Falun to become deformed?

Master: If mental techniques from other practices are added, the Falun will be deformed. The many wild thoughts that you experience are from your attachments, and won’t cause the Falun to be deformed. As soon as energies from other practices are added—and not just by adding to the physical movements, but also by adding mental things like intentional thoughts, breathing techniques, or concepts from other practices—it will cause the Falun to become deformed. Cultivation is a serious thing, and so it’s essential that you focus exclusively on one way of practice.

Student: The body of an old monk who passed away a thousand years ago hasn’t decomposed. Is that because it was transformed by high-energy matter?

Master: In fact, it was transformed by high-energy matter. Since Buddhism practices Nirvana and doesn’t teach bringing along the body, he doesn’t need that body anymore. If he wants it, that body can be transformed by high-energy substance. For instance, there are three monks in the Jiuhua Mountains. Their bodies are flesh bodies that haven’t decomposed after hundreds of years or a thousand years, and that’s because they have been completely replaced with high-energy matter. Those bodies are no longer everyday people’s bodies, so they won’t decompose.

Student: Are those practices that can develop Cultivated Infants all upright ones?

Master: Not necessarily. Some of them are not wicked practices in the beginning and are pretty good in the beginning, relatively speaking. They become wicked later if they don’t cultivate xinxing. Perhaps later, their Cultivated Infants may melt away; or even if they don’t melt away, they will become very wicked and vicious. Things can’t be judged by the form of their manifest abilities, and what manifests can’t be judged based on that. Whatever practice you do, you have to cultivate xinxing.

Student: Can the Falun in the lower abdomen be carried over to the next life?

Master: We don’t worry about “the next life” or anything of that sort. We require that one achieve the goal of Unlocking Gong and enlightenment in everyday people’s society. Let me tell you, one can still cultivate at very high levels, but usually when an everyday person reaches a certain level through cultivation, he will stop—he won’t progress even if he keeps practicing, as he can only go that high. However, under extremely special circumstances, gong can grow through practice in that dimension. The Falun you will develop for yourself in the future will always be functional and with you forever.

Student: Teacher often mentions the two words “genuine cultivation,” and also “disciples who genuinely cultivate” in his lectures. Will Teacher please explain?

Master: “Genuine cultivation” means you genuinely cultivate. That’s what it means.

Student: What does it mean when there are only two flowers above the head in the state of Three Flowers Gathering on Top?

Master: It’s not Three Flowers Gathering on Top, then. Gong—there are just so, so many forms of manifestations. Over the path I have traveled, in the beginning or at very shallow levels, the gong’s variations numbered in the tens of thousands. They were too many to remember and I didn’t try to memorize them. The body’s changes in form at each level are also different.

Student: The image produced in the lower abdomen is the Cultivated Infant. Whose image is produced in the chest?

Master: You’ve practiced something else. When a practitioner truly cultivates and lets go of everything, my Law Bodies will help him take care of it. Of course, sometimes when you produce gong, some Buddha images will appear on the surface of your skin. There will be many of them, and they can move too, as they exist materially. They can talk and move. Of course, these are all normal.

Student: If someone wants to steal valuables carried by the students or hurt them, can Falun Dafa prevent it from happening?

Master: I’m telling you that everything has its causal relationships. If you lose money, the Falun won’t intervene—there was probably a reason for it. Isn’t it your intention to use the Falun to punish the one who steals your valuables? How could it be like that? It may be that in some cases it was owed to others. You feel upset and want to use Falun to strike at others. How could it be like that? Wouldn’t I be teaching a wicked practice? Don’t rack your brains over these things. Cultivators have my Law Bodies to protect them and they will protect you whenever they should.

Student: How should we view Buddhist scriptures?

Master: I do acknowledge the real Buddhist teachings, the teachings by Shakyamuni. But Buddha Shakyamuni said that the things that are truly his account for less than ten percent of all the scriptures.

Student: I went underground to see a tomb in a scenic spot from ancient times. I’d like to ask if visiting a tomb would affect Falun Dafa?

Master: It won’t affect anything. But go to those places as little as possible. There’s too much yin in those places. Besides—how should I put it—we don’t want to go to unclean places, as those messed up things are very bad. They’re graves, after all!

Student: In a dream, a snake crawled into my clothing and I strangled it. Was this an arrangement by Teacher to test my xinxing?

Master: When those things crawl in, killing them is the right thing to do. Those bad things just want to possess a human body, and they are demons. Human society has developed to where it is today, where their disturbance is just too rampant. Because these things have been wreaking havoc, the qigong community is on the verge of collapse. The same goes for the temples, where things like these are wreaking havoc.

Student: Did the Falun Paradise exist originally or is it newly created?

Master: It existed originally. You are stretching your imagination too far.

Student: I don’t treat patients with qigong, but with massage and acupuncture. Is that okay? Besides books on qigong, can I still read books like “Scriptures of Mountains and Seas” and “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine?”

Master: You still can’t let go of these attachments. What’s your goal in reading them? Those books aren’t about Dafa cultivation—what are you reading them for? Do you want to get something out of them? If not, what are you reading them for? If you truly think a particular statement is good, then you have accepted it and your gong will be messed up. Why did Buddhism and Taoism not allow contact with any books outside of scriptures in the past? It’s because they feared their things would be messed up. To ensure your genuine cultivation, it’s important to treat this issue seriously and solve this fundamental issue of yours. How could you not be serious and not let go of this attachment? I’m just making this point. If you don’t want to cultivate and just want to study these things, go right ahead. It’s not that I won’t allow everyday people to read them. As for whether you can use massage and acupuncture, if you are a doctor of Chinese medicine, you can go ahead and there’s no problem. If you are not a doctor and practice Dafa, and you just want to treat patients, I would say that you need to let go of this attachment.

Student: Do Falun Dafa students have high level masters other than Teacher?

Master: Among Falun Dafa students, no one can claim to be a teacher; all are students and disciples. Everyone is learning and cultivating. After achieving Unlocking Gong and Enlightenment, only the titles at different levels in the Buddha school can be used. There are no other high level masters in Falun Dafa.

Student: Who is our real mother? Is she our common mother?

Master: Your imagination is running wild. How can you and I be discussed on the same level like that?! There are two ways for life to be created. One is to be produced through the motion of various substances at various levels in the cosmos. These lives are thus relatively primitive, but this form has continued to the present day. The motion of the cosmos can still produce lives and is still producing lives—that is why some people’s lives are not that long and some people’s histories are very short. Another form is to be born from those high level beings that appeared very early at various levels. I think these beings are quite fortunate, as they have mothers. Those beings born of nature are envious of those who have mothers, as they don’t have mothers.

Student: In seeking the righteous way and great law, is it all right to try every means to follow Teacher everywhere and listen to the lectures?

Master: Some people follow the lecture series everywhere and attend the lectures as they are held. I can’t oppose this intention to attain the Fa. But there is one point you shouldn’t forget: you need to truly cultivate! It’s not going to work if you’re always following me around and only attending lectures. Your xinxing needs to be tempered through actual cultivation and you need to cultivate solidly. Some people think that by following me around they won’t have any tribulations. How would you cultivate then? Some people believe that I will go into the mountains and they want to follow me into the mountains to cultivate, but wouldn’t you be cultivating your subordinate consciousness, then? There are two forms of cultivation. If you want to improve yourself and complete your cultivation process, you must cultivate yourself in a solid, down-to-earth manner amidst everyday people and study the Fa well.

Student: Would you talk about the origin of humanity?

Master: Every word shows your thirst for knowledge. You’d better let go of this attachment. I have talked about the origin of humanity: isn’t life produced from the motion of the earliest substances in the cosmic dimensions?

Student: For one whose body and soul has been destroyed, does his master soul still exist?

Master: How could it exist if both body and soul have been destroyed? It’s as if he never existed in this cosmos. But the process of total elimination is one of suffering and extreme, bitter regret. In our dimension, it seems like he died instantly, but in the time field where he’s being eliminated, it feels infinitely long.

Student: Does the recurrence of menstruation in older women lead to the issue of giving birth again?

Master: As we do the practice, the purpose of our bodies becoming more youthful is for you to cultivate longevity, rather than to live as everyday people do. It may involve what you described since the whole body is becoming more youthful. So you should be careful about these things.

Student: When introducing Falun Dafa to others, should we take Teacher’s words during the Fa lectures as our guiding principles or take the overall concept of Zhen-Shan-Ren as taught by Teacher as guiding principles?

Master: My Fa is taught by me, and it is integrated. The things I talk about are the things of Dafa. What I’m teaching here are not my personal views, so when you’re referring to it, you can only say “This is what the book says,” or “This is what Teacher said,” which is also fine. The best way is to read from the book. Don’t use my words as your own, as they won’t work then, and it is an act of plagiarizing the Fa. But you may talk about your own understandings—that’s different from the Fa.

Student: What are the mirages that people see?

Master: I would say those are just scenes from other dimensions suddenly reflected here by some freak occurrence. The structures from the other side aren’t always those of ancient times. There are also some modern style buildings and structures. In addition, some of the dimensions on the other side may be able to shift.

Student: How should we look at lies that are told with good intentions? For example, those told to someone who is terminally ill.

Master: Let’s say someone has cancer and you don’t want to tell him the truth. For things like this, it is barely acceptable. You are still doing it for others, doing it for someone else’s benefit. Of course, I think that when you arrive at a high level and encounter these things, you will be able to handle it well on your own. I don’t think you should lie to the patient. Isn’t being afraid that the patient will suffer something that’s adopted by everyday people? When you cultivate to a high level, you will find that it’s not like that. Suffering will eliminate karma, and the person will benefit in the next life.

Student: Out of respect and gratitude, we burn incense and offer provisions to the Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Master’s Law Bodies. Is that an attachment?

Master: First, it is a form of respect. Second, people all believe that’s only a formality, but in fact, the smoke that appears when the incense is burning, what you see is the smoke in our dimension, but in other dimensions there is smoke too. When the substance in our dimension disappears, it will appear on the other side. They need this to develop their Law, so the provisions are offered to them. There is this facet involved in addition to the matter of respect. It’s called provisions, after all; otherwise it wouldn’t be called offering provisions.

Student: Why does the image of a Buddha appear on a practitioner’s body?

Master: That’s normal. Gong is just like that. In the beginning they are even smaller than a tiny grain of rice, and later they get bigger and bigger. That’s because every layer of particles of the body has to change, and in the end it becomes a Buddha body.

Student: Can Teacher tell us something about the Falun Paradise?

Master: Some of our students have seen it. There are mountains and rivers, towers and pavilions. If you want to know the details, then just cultivate.

Student: Why is it that nobody has ever heard of some of the great enlightened beings that taught the Great Law to save all beings?

Master: Buddha Shakyamuni said that the number of Tathagatas is as many as the grains of sand in the Ganges River. Could they be discussed one by one? If you’re not supposed to know about something, then you won’t be allowed to know about it. If an everyday person were to know everything, then wouldn’t that be the opposite of how it’s supposed to be? You’d be a Buddha and they would be everyday people. How could an everyday person know such deep, profound things? In the past, things above the level of Tathagata were off limits to humans. And the Falun Paradise is not in this universe. Actually, Buddha Shakyamuni mentioned things about us and about things from my past. Some were recorded, while some no longer exist on record.

Student: What if someone possessed by spirits causes our gong to be dispersed?

Master: What do you mean by “gong to be dispersed”? It doesn’t have that ability. If you can’t handle yourself well and attract those things—if you want them—that’s a different matter altogether. If you are unmoved, it won’t be able to harm you. Having fear in your mind is an attachment and shows a lack of steadfastness in Dafa. My Law Bodies can only take care of those who are steadfast in cultivating Dafa.

Student: Ordinarily I’m able to see Faluns of different sizes turning with my eyes open and unable to see them when my eyes are closed. Why is that and how should I handle it?

Master: It’s the same whether your eyes are open or closed, and it is a matter of how you are used to looking. Once you get used to it, you will be able to see both ways.

Student: Can I study the Qimen practice and sorcery?

Master: Sorcery is about low-level spirits and ghosts. As someone cultivating Dafa, what do you want to study that for? As for the Book of Changes and the Qimen practice, if you want to study those things, you can, but I would say it’s not appropriate for a Falun Dafa disciple. Among those things, there are some elements involving technique, and some are things at the lowest levels of the Taoist discipline. Use your judgment to decide what to do.

Student: Buddhism places importance on releasing captured animals, believing that it will eliminate misfortune and prolong one’s life…

Master: These are all acts done with intention, and aren’t part of cultivation. Besides, there are too many for you to release, and maybe some of them have lived out their lifespans. It is an attachment to do these things deliberately. We believe in non-action. Why are you so bent on doing these things with intent? Whether it’s birds that were shot down or fish that were caught, the fact is, that is what those people do. After someone buys them from him, he will go catch more. Say you buy them all from him and release them, well, tomorrow he’ll go and catch more. Are you going to buy and release them again? That would be the same as helping him do a bad thing. I would say you should avoid doing this kind of thing as much as possible. Nowadays, these things done with intent are being carried out even in Buddhism. There were no such forms back when Shakyamuni was teaching his Dharma.

Student: I stopped doing a certain practice and wanted to burn its hanging chart. Someone else wanted to practice it and took it. I knew it was not good and yet I gave it to him. Was that unethical?

Master: If he insisted on taking it and you had already given it to him, then don’t worry about it. Of course, it’s not good to give it to others—it will harm them.

Student: Sometimes the portrait of the great Master manifests as a big Buddha shining with golden light, but sometimes the facial expression is stern and full of concern.

Master: Yes, it’s like that. When you have done something good, my Law Body will appear happy or shine with light. When you have done something bad, he will look very stern.

Student: A good friend believes in a wicked practice. May I talk to him and try to stop him from doing it?

Master: Yes, you may. He believes in a wicked practice and crooked way, so when you stop him from doing it, you are saving him. If he insists, don’t force him and just leave him alone.

Student: After the subordinate consciousness leaves, what state will the master consciousness be in?

Master: After the subordinate consciousness leaves, you won’t know it. There won’t be any state.

Student: Will the test of lust be repeated over and over?

Master: Yes, it will. If you didn’t pass it once, it will come again. You may be controlling it pretty well now, but what about in the future? You will be tested again.

Student: For Falun Dafa students, how long does it have to be after they finish the lecture series before a man and a woman can live together?

Master: During our classes, we have never said that a married couple has to live separately! We’ve said that you should take these thoughts [of sexual desire] lightly and right now you may still maintain a normal life, and that will be fine. For now, this is all that can be required of you. Suppose that after you learned the practice you became [celibate like] a monk—behaving like a monk or nun even though you’re not one—and your spouse, who isn’t a practitioner, wanted divorce from you, and what if all Falun Dafa disciples became like this? Just don’t make this into too big of an issue, and in the future when you have gradually improved, you will know how to handle the matter.

Student: I underwent an operation to remove my uterus. Will that affect my practice?

Master: No, it won’t. It was removed from your body in this physical dimension, but it was not removed in other dimensions.

Student: Is it true that after one’s xinxing has been cultivated to a certain level, no bad thought can be allowed to appear?

Master: The entire process of xinxing cultivation is about eliminating your bad thoughts and various desires. If you have eliminated all of them in the course of your cultivation and no more bad thoughts exist, then haven’t you reached the end of your cultivation? Have you already succeeded in cultivation and reached Consummation? So, they’ll continue to appear during the cultivation process. Sometimes bad thoughts will appear, and that’s normal. But you should pay attention to them and be sure to reject them.

Student: Can Falun Dafa students pay their respects at a grave or visit critically ill patients?

Master: If you have to visit them, then you can go ahead. If there’s nobody in your family to pay respects at the grave, then you can go ahead. But one point to keep in mind: when your level is very high and your energy is great, if you go, the things there will be afraid and get driven a great distance away.

Student: The Third Eye of my little grandson opened when he was eight and closed some time after he turned nine, what happened?

Master: When a child can’t handle himself well, or when adults in the family are not careful and always ask the child to look at this or that—when attachments grow—it’s likely to ruin the child. Let me tell you, I see that among the kids who practice, many have a significant background. Don’t ruin them. If you can’t improve through cultivation, and in the meantime you ruin them as well, the sin is tremendous.

Student: If a student is being raped, should she fight back?

Master: Our true cultivators won’t run into this kind of thing. Things that aren’t useful for your cultivation won’t be arranged for you.

Student: Can we let family members who want to learn Falun Dafa but haven’t started listen to the audiotapes?

Master: Those who want to learn Falun Dafa can listen. But I would say that indiscriminately letting people listen who don’t believe in it and undermine the Fa isn’t allowed, nor should you irresponsibly just let whoever listen to it indiscriminately. In that case perhaps your recorder will malfunction or your tapes will be erased.

Student: Why do the exercises you teach have to be done nine times?

Master: The Buddha school teaches returning to the true origin by the nine nines. The universe we are in has now gone through nine cycles of destruction and reconstruction. In many cases the number nine is considered the biggest number in the universe.

Student: Will the body and head have fixed Faluns?

Master: Except for the one in the lower abdomen, there is no so-called fixed Falun. The ones on your shoulders and head are for adjusting your body and not for you to keep. After your body is adjusted, they won’t be needed and will go back to where they came from. The one that is really for you is the one in the lower abdomen. In your future practice, you will develop your own.

Student: After the Third Eyes of some people opened, they were able to see many of your Law Bodies. Some people say there can be only one Law Body in each household.

Master: That’s not necessarily true. There are so many of my Law Bodies that they are practically countless.

Student: During the meditation, I reflect on my mistakes and try to ponder various ancient axioms. Is that okay?

Master: Those ancient axioms are not Fa principles to guide cultivation. Don’t cling to those so-called ancient axioms. What the ancients taught may not be the ultimate truths. The nature of the cosmos is the sole criterion for determining whether someone is good or bad. What the ancients said about what’s good or bad is still the standard among everyday people. Of course what some people said, for example what the sages taught—the philosophical things at very high levels—are acceptable. I think that you shouldn’t be attached to these things. When cultivating Dafa, you need to be guided by my Fa.

Student: Some students whose Third Eyes are open are able to talk to your Law Bodies, and occasionally your Law Bodies would make a few jokes.

Master: This is all right. He may make a joke or say something ironic to have you enlighten to something, but he won’t teach you the Fa directly or do something for you.

Student: If I didn’t pass a xinxing test, will the Falun be deformed?

Master: If a xinxing test is not passed, the Falun won’t be deformed—it has nothing to do with the Falun. Whenever the Falun is deformed, it’s always caused by mixing in other practices.

Student: When will Falun Dafa’s base be built?

Master: There are no plans for it yet. Even when a Falun Dafa base is built in the future, it will be run by disciples of ours who practice full time or have taken up the monastic life. It still won’t involve money or material wealth.

Student: What’s the essential difference between Teacher’s Law Bodies and Gong Bodies?

Master: You don’t have Gong Bodies. My Gong Bodies’ image is the same as my image here and is made up of gong. Law Bodies are produced from within the body, and are also formed with gong and Law. The Law Bodies’ image is like the one with blue curly hair and yellow clothing. The Gong Bodies look just like me.

Student: If I’m not predestined to be married, is it true that I can never achieve True Attainment without leading an everyday person’s life?

Master: That’s not true at all. We have said that if you were not attached to something in the first place, it’s fine for you to forgo it in form—that’s what I am telling you. It’s just like the issue of eating meat that I talked about the other day. Some people just don’t eat meat—they just don’t do it, whether that state comes or not. I would say that too is fine, it’s all right not to eat meat—there is no need to create this attachment.

Student: My five-year-old little grandson doesn’t do the practice, and yet he saw Falun turning above his eyebrows.

Master: Like I said just now, in fact many practitioners came in here because of predestined connections. Some brought their children, and many youngsters have a significant background—they are all to attain this Fa. Some children have remarkably good foundations, and they will attain the Fa when the time comes. When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family benefits.

Student: When Teacher was lecturing this afternoon, I saw two giant figures whose faces couldn’t be seen standing in the center of the arena’s grand hall.

Master: They are my Gong Bodies.

Student: In my dream, I saw Teacher teaching me to do the two-handed gliding up-and-down movements.

Master: That’s my Law Body teaching you to do the exercise.

Student: At night I dreamed of practicing Falun Dafa. Was that the subordinate consciousness?

Master: If you know clearly yourself that you are the one doing the practice, then that would be your master consciousness doing it.

Student: Sometimes I’m able to hold back and control myself, but I often feel upset inside.

Master: In other words, you’re able to remain calm on the surface, but haven’t let it go in your heart. That’s still not good enough. You know, people who have reached the level of an Arhat won’t take anything they encounter to heart. Nothing among everyday people will bother them—they’re always jovial, and they’re all smiles no matter how big a loss they suffer. If you’re able to do that, you have reached the initial Attainment Status of an Arhat.

Student: Can we do sports while practicing Falun Dafa?

Master: Yes, you may. If you want to do them, go ahead. If right now you have let go of everything—haven’t you already succeeded in cultivation? As you continue to do the practice you will come to take some things lightly. You won’t want to do them even if asked to.

Student: If we’re bitten by a mosquito while doing the meditation, is it okay to scratch the bump?

Master: If you’ve scratched it, you’ve scratched it, but it’s best if you don’t. When you scratch while practicing, your qi mechanism will be fouled up. As a matter of fact, these are all forms of interference from demons, so don’t worry about them. Isn’t it a good thing to pay off your karma?

Student: When practicing Falun Dafa, may I do the Tai-chi forms?

Master: No! Tai-chi is a qigong. In addition to the Tai-chi forms, Tai-chi sword forms, Bagua forms and Xingyi forms and the like are all qigong practices. If you say, “I just want to do it,” then go ahead and do it. What I’m teaching here is truly being responsible for the students and so I set forth the requirements that I do. In order to cultivate to higher levels, you must commit to only one discipline. If you say you just want to do that practice, I’d say go right ahead—that approach too is good if you can really succeed in cultivation with it. It’s not that I’m insisting on your cultivating Falun Dafa. I’m just telling you about the issue of committing to one discipline, an issue of taking cultivation very seriously. Tai-chi is pretty good, but the part regarding cultivation of the mind hasn’t been disseminated, so it can only be used for fitness, not cultivation.

Student: Can one go to the Falun Paradise after enlightening at the lowest level?

Master: Unlocking the gong at low levels—that is, unlocking the gong at very low levels—that person can’t go to the Falun Paradise, and he can’t go to higher levels, either. The reason is, that’s just how high he can reach through cultivation.

Student: Working in a human resources department, I can’t avoid things like temporarily transferring and re-assigning people. What should I do?

Master: You can be a good person and do the practice at any social strata. Whatever job you do is just your work among everyday people. If you do something according to the regulations of your workplace, maybe you’re not doing anything wrong. But in doing anything, you need to treat others with kindness and try your best to be considerate of others. Just follow this Dafa in doing anything. If you ask me specific questions like these and want me to explain them all to you, then what’s there for you to cultivate? What’s there for you to enlighten to?

Student: Neither my colleagues nor my family members have ever attended the lecture series. Can they do the practice together with veteran students on a daily basis?

Master: Regard yourself as a cultivator, and you will get what you should when it’s time. If you leave the lecture today and don’t regard yourself as a cultivator, you won’t get anything.

Student: While practicing Falun Dafa, which activities should stop? Which activities can we support?

Master: First off, you should stop doing bad things—just cultivate naturally among everyday people and don’t deliberately create conflicts. Activities that are good for promoting Dafa may be supported.

Student: What are the Buddhist ceremonies all about in the temples?

Master: They are religious rituals and have nothing to do with us.

Student: To what extent does one have to practice before he can enter the Falun Paradise?

Master: After succeeding in cultivation.

Student: May someone who practices Falun Dafa do that wild kind of dancing?

Master: As you improve yourself continuously, you will find it to be less and less fun. In the end you will find that this type of dancing is partly demonic in nature.

Student: Some people feel they are very small while doing the exercises.

Master: Yes, some people’s souls are very small in the first place, and when it squats inside the Niwan Palace, they will feel quite small. Yet this body can also become very big. Sometimes you will feel like you span Heaven and Earth, and this is all normal. In addition, the bodies in this dimension can change.

Student: Some people lose their temper over trivial things. Will their gong grow?

Master: If you can’t even get over trivial things and lose your temper over them, how can you expect your gong to grow? We should regard ourselves as cultivators. It won’t affect you if you occasionally lose your temper over some small matter, but you can’t always be like that—you need to improve.

Student: Is the fourth issue of Window on Literature and the Arts in line with the views of your Dafa?

Master: It can’t be mentioned in the same breath as my Fa. My Fa is based on the things I have taught and nothing else. Window on Literature and the Arts is written from the perspectives of literature and art. Art lends itself to being based on real life but then going beyond it, or seizing something and then really putting the spotlight on it, or expressing something in its own way. Absolutely do not cultivate according to that, as taking that as your guide won’t be allowed. Since it is a product of the arts, it contains made-up things. If you want to cultivate, then do so with this Fa as your guide.

Student: Have you read the Tibetan Tantric Sutra?

Master: I don’t read Tibetan Tantrism at all. I don’t read the Buddhist sutras from China, either.

Student: During the sitting meditation, it feels like my face and arms can’t relax with my hands conjoined. Is it all right not to conjoin the hands?

Master: It’s normal for your arms not to be able to relax, as in the course of circulating, the energy flow produces a magnetic force that will immobilize them. How can you not conjoin your hands, though? Do what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t conjoin your hands, the energy flow can’t be formed. If the energy can’t flow freely, how could you and your gong be evolved and developed?

Student: How should qigong books from the past be disposed of?

Master: Do what you think is the best. I think it’s best to totally eliminate those demons.

Student: Are you doing things in place of a particular Buddha?

Master: I have my things and they have theirs, so it’s not a matter of somebody doing something in place of somebody else. Teaching the Fa and saving beings is not something that can be done in someone else’s place.

Student: Why is it that I yawn repeatedly while practicing?

Master: The cause is something in the process of your mind being adjusted, or such a state will appear when qi is flowing in great quantity during your practice—it’s totally normal.

Student: When doing the mudras in the exercise for strengthening divine powers, should we apply force with the forearms or the whole arm?

Master: Its characteristic of mudras to have the forearms lead the upper arms. On the other hand, Taoist practices usually have some martial arts elements in them, so their movements often have the upper arms leading the forearms. Our mudras should be done with the forearms leading the upper arms. As the forearms are moving, they’re leading the upper arms in their twists and turns. So a little bit of force should be applied to the forearms when you do the mudras.

Student: In my sleep, I was lucid and began to do some movements following along with some mechanisms, including some mudras, and I think they’re pretty good. What is this about?

Master: This was the result of your becoming overjoyed. If the movements you did were not those of our Falun Dafa, you’d better stop doing them immediately! This is interference from demons, wanting to add various messed up things to your gong and destroy you. So, don’t do any movements that I didn’t teach you. When it comes to doing the greater mudras, I’m telling you, make sure you never do them! If you do them, that’s demons interfering with you—they are adjusting things of yours, harming you, and adding things. Don’t get this attachment of being overcome with joy; you couldn’t handle yourself well even on something this insignificant. In the future, if you see those who come and go at high levels and who have great abilities, and you follow them, you will be totally ruined.

Student: What’s the meaning of True Attainment Status?

Master: True Attainment Status means successfully reaching Consummation through cultivation of an upright Law—that’s attaining True Attainment Status. True Attainment Status is separated into different Attainment Statuses: Arhat Attainment Status, Bodhisattva Attainment Status, as well as Buddha Attainment Status; they can all be called [reaching] Attainment Status.

Student: How can I distinguish between a real and a fake Bodhisattva or a real and a fake Law Body in my dreams or in the state of ding1?

Master: It won’t look like my Law Body, regardless of how it tries to morph itself. Look carefully and you will see that it doesn’t look like it, as it can’t come up with anything that strongly resembles it. If it is truly hard to tell, you may call out my name. As for a Bodhisattva, that’s hard to say.

Student: There is discord among some assistance centers and some assistants.

Master: It seems that this phenomenon doesn’t occur much in our Falun Dafa. As for the fact that assistants have some disagreements among themselves, that’s also an opportunity to improve xinxing. We don’t worry about the concept of unity or discord—we are concerned about cultivating xinxing and cultivating oneself, and whoever doesn’t do well, that’s his problem as an individual. Whoever loses his temper with others, whoever gossips about others, whether it is good or bad, it affects himself. He wouldn’t be cultivating himself. Whoever does this, his xinxing is not good, and at the very least he is not up to par on this issue.

Student: I’m a veteran student. During this lecture series, all of a sudden, there was a force trying to make me give up Falun Dafa, and indeed it did cause me to have bad thoughts.

Master: That shows that you have overcome it. Whenever this situation appears—before and after it happens—make sure you are determined in cultivating Dafa, clearly distinguish yourself from it, and understand that it was caused by thought karma and possessing spirits. As long as you are clear that it’s not you, my Law Body will help you clean it up.

Student: Are the results of doing the exercises in a group and doing them alone the same?

Master: Yes, they’re the same! The main purpose of doing the exercises in a group is to enable you to discuss things together and improve faster, and it also has the benefit of boosting your enthusiasm for practicing. Doing the practice by yourself or in solitude seems to be a little too isolated. That’s how it is, and in reality they are the same.

Student: If others don’t understand why I do the practice, may I ignore them and do as I wish?

Master: At the very least you should help others understand, and it’s not acceptable for you to constantly appear to be really supernormal. You need to pay attention to this. Among everyday people, you should take care to be like an everyday person such that there is no difference on the surface between you. It’s just that deep in your heart you are cultivating and improving yourself.

Student: Will the gong decrease if the hands touch each other when they are in the overlapped position in front of the lower abdomen?

Master: Don’t let your hands touch each other. The gong won’t decrease, but it is easy to mess up the mechanisms that way. You are trying to strengthen the qi mechanism through doing the exercises.

Student: After the meditation, my mind feels uneasy and my personality turns a little eccentric.

Master: Whenever such a situation arises, be determined in cultivating Dafa and you need to handle yourself well. In the meantime, you should distinguish between yourself and thought karma.

Student: After I started practicing Falun Dafa, there was a period when my legs felt stiffer and stiffer. Why is that?

Master: There are two possibilities. One is that our student did something wrong while he was doing the practice. The other is, for a long time he has been doing only the exercises without following the practitioner’s standard, so his xinxing hasn’t improved; both will cause that to happen. Whenever you find that you have regressed or there is something wrong, examine your xinxing and there will be changes for sure.

Student: When a person is going through an internal struggle, is that the master consciousness or the subordinate consciousness?

Master: The subordinate consciousness, various human concepts, thought karma, and possessing spirits will all manifest themselves in the struggle, but for cultivators generally, in most cases it is your own concepts. Your own concepts and thought karma will fight when they are being eliminated, saying things like “such and such is no good.” It is a condition produced in your own mind.

Student: Is one’s personality determined by the master soul or inherited from parents?

Master: The human personality is directly related to your parents, and your master soul serves the function of directing it. But the things your parents carry also play a certain role.

Student: Did Master consent to the publication of the article “Miraculous Great Law” in Window on Literature and the Arts?

Master: The manuscript wasn’t reviewed and I was not notified. These things are only literary works and you don’t need to worry about them—it’s just telling a story. If it’s necessary in the future, I can write an autobiography for you, documenting my cultivation process and the things I have done. Now is not the time and the occasion hasn’t come yet, because some things are at very high levels. If they are put into words, the general public won’t be able to accept them.

Student: How should we look at trading stocks based on needing to make a living?

Master: Isn’t it better to do some business? Trading stocks is gambling and taking other people’s money. Some of those who trade stocks lose everything they have—do you know how that feels? A cultivator should never do this. How could you cultivate yourself with an attachment like that! The same holds true for mahjong. Some people ask, “Can we play mahjong?” You might as well ask me, “Teacher, can I gamble?” How does a practitioner measure his xinxing? Have you acted according to this Dafa?

Student: A practitioner told me that my original life was a fox, and I often think about foxes while practicing.

Master: Don’t listen to him. It’s quite likely that he is possessed by a fox spirit. Do you think that you are whatever he says you are? Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what your soul was in previous lives. Your being able to cultivate in your present life is a matter of here and now, and when you reach a certain level in your cultivation, all of those bad things of yours will have been removed and that information will have all been wiped out. Don’t worry about those things. We have reached this point in teaching the Fa today, and let me tell you: there aren’t that many cases of humans reincarnating as humans—that’s how it is in the six-fold path of reincarnation.

Student: May I buy incantations printed on yellow cloth from a temple that are meant to repel evil?

Master: Most of them are evil themselves, so how could these things be enshrined at home? What do you mean, “repel evil”? During the Dharma-ending period, the temples are very much in disarray. Shakyamuni didn’t teach his disciples to do these intentional acts that damage the Fa. Some monks have possessing spirits on their bodies and sell things to you to make money. What would you do if what he sold you had possessing spirits?

Student: What’s the difference between the Falun that Teacher gives us and the Falun developed by ourselves through doing the exercises?

Master: For the time being, you won’t be able to develop it and you need to cultivate yourself well. You will have your own only after you succeed in cultivation and achieve Consummation.

Student: Will the method of watching the heart in Zen Buddhism help in entering the state of ding?

Master: You’d be practicing Zen Buddhism, then. We tell you not to think about anything and cultivate according to our cultivation way. Many cultivation methods are cultivating the subordinate consciousness. After Huineng, Zen Buddhism’s way of cultivation went into disarray. It increasingly went to extremes and mixed in more and more things, and those above don’t recognize it anymore. Why are you still following Zen Buddhism in your cultivation? No religion allows interference from other schools or mixing things in from others in cultivation. They follow “no second discipline.” After everything I have taught up through today, how could you still have this question? How could doing that be allowed?

Student: What should be done if someone’s Falun becomes deformed?

Master: In most cases, if someone’s Falun becomes deformed, he can no longer practice. That’s because, in a sense, he has done bad things, very bad things. But for a portion of them, in the past there were those whose Faluns had become deformed and were adjusted back, but the ones adjusted like that and the ones I planted were not the same. What is planted for you is something close to the Falun-forming mechanism, and it’s for you to cultivate gradually, but it just wouldn’t be allowed for me to keep giving it to you. It can also be formed as you do the practice, but you have to give more of yourself.

Student: Sometimes I can feel the earth rotating during my practice.

Master: That’s normal. It is normal even if the mountains are shaking and the ground is shifting, but your physical body hasn’t moved.

Student: Can the Third Eye see Falun if it is opened at the level of Divine Vision?

Master: No. It has to be at the level of Wisdom Vision, and that’s why I open it for you at the level of Wisdom Vision. That’s because the Falun exists in other dimensions.

Student: We used to do a certain practice. Will that affect practicing Falun Dafa?

Master: Whatever practice you used to do doesn’t matter—you have been adjusted while in this field of mine. Those of you who are truly cultivating Dafa, even if you’ve never gone through a lecture series and been adjusted by me in person, if you truly cultivate at a Falun Dafa practice site you will be adjusted all the same.

Student: Normally I like to treat others’ headaches by massaging their heads.

Master: I’ve told you about the standards for our practitioners. You can do whatever you think you, as a practitioner [of Dafa], should do. Those who do healings are not my disciples.

Student: During the lecture series, I saw Teacher’s Law Bodies and other images while doing the meditation. When the lecture series was over, I couldn’t see that anymore. Was it because Teacher’s Law Bodies left?

Master: Your state of mind was very good in this field and reached a certain level. You slacked off after the lectures, but you still need to boldly and vigorously forge ahead with improving through cultivation. But you won’t be able to see using the Third Eye when it is being mended. It’s also possible it was done to get rid of your attachments.

Student: I want to write a book about you and Falun Dafa. May I seek the Great Master’s permission to…?

Master: I don’t like others writing about me. I just want to disseminate this Fa and help everyone to learn it.

Student: I’m a doctor and have learned acupuncture. May I use acupuncture to treat patients?

Master: It’s normal for doctors of Chinese medicine or Western medicine to treat patients. What I have said is that treating patients with gong is not allowed.

Student: My eleven-year-old daughter has never attended the lecture series. She was ill and didn’t do well in school before. The child became well after I attended the lectures, but her temper hasn’t gotten any better.

Master: The child needs to be taught. Explain to her the principles I’ve talked about. An eleven-year-old is old enough to study the Fa.

Concluding Remarks

There is no more to talk about since I think I have covered everything that needed to be addressed. During this lecture series, we have talked about some things that were not covered in the few previous lecture series. That’s primarily because I felt that the time for me to disseminate this practice is basically coming to a close, so I wanted to leave you with all the real things, and that way you will have this practice and the Fa as guidance in your future cultivation. During the entire course of teaching the practice, we have tried to be responsible to you as well as to society, and by doing so we have had good results. We have indeed done things according to such a principle. As for whether they have been done well or not, I don’t want to talk about that. That’s because when it comes to whether it has been done well or not, how I have done, and if I’ve been responsible towards everyone, everyone present can make their own judgments, so I won’t talk about these things. Of course, my desire was to bring this thing to the public, have more people benefit from it, and enable those who truly want to cultivate to have the Fa for their improvement through cultivation. At the same time, during the course of disseminating the Fa, I have also explained the principle of how a person should behave as a human being. It is also hoped that when this lecture series is over, those who can’t cultivate based on Dafa can at least be good people. Actually, you will be good people—I know that. Even if you don’t want to cultivate here, you will surely be good people after you leave, which will be beneficial to our society.

During the course of disseminating the practice and the Fa, there have of course been obstacles, and interference from various places has been tremendous. But while holding the lecture series in Jinan, things have, due to strong support from the leadership of our sponsoring work unit and our gymnasium along with the leadership at various levels of the provincial and city qigong associations, concluded pretty successfully. Everything I taught in the lectures is for guiding you in your practice and cultivating toward higher levels. Nobody ever talked about these things in their teachings in the past. We even have some people who might or might not acknowledge it, but regardless, the things we’re teaching today are very clear and they are being taught in combination with modern science and the present day’s science of the human body. It’s not like some things in the past that were explained vaguely and equivocally. Here we have explained things very clearly and at very high levels. This is mainly for your sake, for you to cultivate, and in the future, you will be able to truly raise your level and cultivate towards higher planes—that is my starting point.

In the course of our teaching the practice, many people have felt that the Fa is very good, but it was so hard to put into action. Actually, I’d say that whether it is hard or not depends on the person. An ordinary person doesn’t want to cultivate, so he would say or feel that cultivating Falun Dafa is just too hard, inconceivable, and that he can’t succeed. He is an everyday person and doesn’t want to cultivate, so it’s very hard in his view. For a true cultivator, in my opinion, it is easy and not out of reach. In fact, many veteran students sitting among us, as well as veteran students who aren’t, have already cultivated to quite high levels. I didn’t tell you these things for fear you would develop attachments and grow complacent, which would severely hinder the growth of your gong potency. Someone who is truly determined to cultivate can endure, and when faced with various interests, he can put aside his attachments and take them lightly. In fact, I would say that being able to do just this one thing alone is very hard for a human being. Whoever says it is hard can’t lay down those things. Cultivating through the exercises is not itself hard, and raising one’s level isn’t either. It is because he can’t lay down his human attachments that he says it’s hard. That’s because they are very hard to lay down when you stand to benefit in tangible ways. With those benefits right there, you tell me, how could he let go of that attachment? Actually that’s exactly why he finds it difficult. When interpersonal conflicts arise, if you can’t endure it and can’t control your temper, and you can’t even conduct yourself as a practitioner, I would say that’s not right. Actually, as practitioners, you might want to give it a shot. When I was cultivating in the past, many men of great character told me this: even though you may find something to be very difficult, when it’s hard to endure, try to endure it. When you encounter something impossible or hard to do, maybe it can be done. That is indeed the case, and you might want to give it a try when you go back. When going through real tribulations or tests, give it a try. When something is hard to endure, endure it for a bit; when something looks impossible or hard to do, give it a try and see if it’s possible to do after all. If you can truly do that, then you will find that there is “light at the end of the tunnel.”

I don’t want say too much. I’ve already said a lot. If I say too much it will be hard for you to remember. I hope that you will regard yourselves as practitioners in your future cultivation, and truly cultivate yourselves. I hope that the new and veteran students present today will cultivate in Dafa, and all have complete success! This concludes the lecture series. I hope all of you will go back and make good use of your time to cultivate solidly! That’s all I’ll say.

Footnotes: (from the translators)

1 ding (ding)—a meditative state in which the mind is completely serene, still, and free of thoughts, yet conscious.

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