Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Yanji

Hongzhi Li
Yanji, China

Student: Does being able to do double leg-crossing naturally have anything to do with having a good or bad inborn foundation?

Master: There isn’t too much correlation, but it can’t be said that it has nothing to do with it, either. The factors are very complicated. If a person has done manual labor for a long time or has never crossed his legs, then upon crossing the legs, it will feel quite unpleasant.

Student: Is the Celestial Worthy of the Original Beginning the highest enlightened being in the universe?

Master: Actually, this is all ordinary people’s way of thinking, and is in itself disrespectful. His gong is a little higher than that of a Tathagata, but he is not the greatest God.

Student: Are Zhen-Shan-Ren still the absolute truth of the cosmos?

Master: The cosmos just has this nature of Zhen-Shan-Ren. The higher the level, the more apparent it becomes.

Student: After cultivating to the level predetermined by one’s own inborn foundation and other factors, if someone still wants to cultivate towards higher levels, is it true that he has to continue to cultivate among ordinary people?

Master: That’s right. You can’t cultivate elsewhere, and it is easiest to cultivate in this state of ordinary people. Cultivating at other levels isn’t impossible. For instance, there are no hardships to bear, so a person would cultivate very slowly or sometimes not be able to cultivate at all. There are no opportunities or conditions to improve his xinxing, and that renders him unable to cultivate. At high levels, there are really no conflicts between individuals or between beings, and they are all carefree and at ease. You tell me how he could cultivate. It is very difficult.

Student: After attaining Consummation in this practice, does one have to go through birth, aging, sickness, and death like that state of a Buddha?

Master: What do you mean, “birth, aging, sickness, and death like that state of a Buddha”? Let me tell you, at very high levels there does exist a factor called “formation, stasis, degeneration,” and I have said that it is related to birth, aging, sickness, and death, and that is how it manifests at their level. But it is a remote, inconceivable number of years that’s even larger than astronomical numbers, and you don’t need to bother with it at all.

Student: [As the saying goes,] “Worship the Birthless first and then Buddha.” What is the Birthless Matron all about?

Master: Where did you get this Birthless Matron? Such a deity doesn’t exist at all. Right now there are so many confused terms being used by ordinary people. There is no such thing. I can tell you that some wicked practices, like those things of foxes, weasels, ghosts, and snakes, are ignored—given that entities at one level don’t know about the things at other levels—by Enlightened Beings in upright disciplines. They think they have cultivated to what seem to be fairly high levels, and they have never met anyone higher and don’t believe that anyone higher exists. They dare to say anything, as if they’re supreme and even Heaven is second to them. So they don’t care about xinxing, and create many terms to foul up this world and the Law. You should cultivate by just following what we teach in this discipline, and discard all of those various messed-up things.

Student: How come your masters are all kneeling at this site, and lotuses as well as heavenly soldiers and generals are all over the place?

Master: None of them are my masters. All who are from above have to treat me this way, it’s just that you as human beings don’t know about it. You think that they’re Buddhas and Taos, and so they’re my masters, but there are so many more [deities] whose levels are even higher. Don’t think that whoever you see is my master. While I’m teaching the Fa, there are a lot of Fa-guarding deities from everywhere. If you see them, that’s fine. Some other students have seen them too.

Student: Could Teacher explain things like the matters of housing, ancestral graves, and fengshui that are mentioned in Taiji and the Eight Trigrams?

Master: You’d better discard those things quickly, as they are all things that belong to small worldly paths. I’m teaching you the Great Law and you all know that as a cultivator, everything about you has been changed. As a cultivator, you won’t be affected by any of these things, so you should let go of them. Yet, if you have the attachment, then it won’t do if the attachment isn’t removed. If you constantly think that fengshui affects you, then that’s an attachment, so it may very well affect you. That would be to remove your attachment.

Student: Since one’s life is given by his parents, is showing filial piety to them an act of repaying karma?

Master: There is no issue of karma involved here. As people go through life, they do it for the sake of qing, and they live just for this qing. When you show filial piety to your parents, that too is because of qing, and your parents doting on you is also due to qing—it’s all human qing. Of course, looking at it from another perspective, since your parents gave birth to you and raised you, you should be good to them and it should be like that. So if you don’t treat your parents well, it’s not right according to ordinary people’s principles and it’s not right when looked at from higher levels. Cultivation, however, requires gradually letting go of qing.

Student: Is our practice higher than the practices of Avalokitesvara and Maitreya?

Master: Avalokitesvara doesn’t have a practice, nor does Maitreya. That’s something demons came up with to try to undermine the Fa. Just study this Fa carefully and you will understand. In fact, I have explained many things. What we are practicing is something as large as the entire universe, so think about what it is. How could those wicked practices be compared to it?

Student: I converted to Buddhism three years ago, but I was not initiated. Will this affect my cultivation of Falun Dafa later on?

Master: If not even the formalities were gone through, then how could it be considered conversion? There was no conversion—you just believed in Buddhism, and that’s all that can be said for it. Even if there was a so-called conversion, it still wouldn’t matter or affect anything. The Buddha doesn’t value religion—only people’s hearts. [When someone] converts, it is not to Buddha, but to a religion. Which practice you want to cultivate in is your own affair. If you say, “I just want to cultivate in Buddhism,” then just cultivate in Buddhism; if you say, “I just want to cultivate in Falun Dafa,” then just cultivate in Falun Dafa. You are all here because of predestined connections, so I have to be responsible for you. I’m telling you that it is quite difficult to cultivate in Buddhism right now. This Dharma-ending period is rather chaotic, and monks can hardly save themselves. It would be irresponsible not to tell you.

Student: Teacher, is the Cultivated Infant cultivated by the master consciousness? What Attainment Status does the subordinate consciousness achieve through cultivation? The Cultivated Infant, when formed, goes to another dimension. Then who controls him, the main body or himself?

Master: It’s cultivated in the body controlled by your master consciousness. In our practice, the subordinate consciousness will serve as your Fa guardian and attain the Tao at the same time. Your Cultivated Infant is a product of your own cultivation, so of course, it will be controlled by you. What’s this “going to another dimension”? He won’t even budge if you don’t direct him to do so. He is the body after Consummation—the Buddha body.

Student: Under what circumstances can one’s supernormal abilities be used?

Master: If the person who raised this question has never attended my lecture, then I can forgive him. The tenth session is being held today, and you’re still thinking about using supernormal abilities—what do you want to use them for? What do you want to do? Why haven’t you let go of that attachment yet? Of course, for a cultivator, they will come when they are due to come, and when it’s time to use them, you will know. Don’t get attached to these things. You won’t attain the Fa with any pursuits.

Student: The Falun Dafa students will reach different levels through cultivation. Where will they be a few years from now?

Master: However much you give is however much you get. Those who cultivate the best will achieve Consummation and succeed in cultivation; those who cultivate a little less well will reach levels that are pretty good, but they probably won’t get out of the Three Realms. That’s because only when you truly achieve the True Attainment Status can you get out of the Three Realms. Some people are very good and they can cultivate to very high levels; some people cultivate off and on, and they may get something and become celestial beings at different levels within the Three Realms.

Student: Under what circumstances will a Law Body leave on his own?

Master: As long as you are a cultivator, he will watch over you and do so until you achieve Consummation. In the case where you stop cultivating and give it up totally, he will be disappointed to see that you really can’t make it, and he won’t watch over you anymore. The same applies to Faluns. Let’s say you don’t cultivate anymore. Then can an ordinary person carry such a thing? Your having it would serve no use, for it wouldn’t act upon you—a person who has stopped cultivating.

Student: Do the soul, master soul, and conscious soul have the same meaning?

Master: The master soul is just you yourself; what you think about, what you do, and what you do in your daily life—that’s you yourself. The subordinate soul and you were born from your mother’s womb simultaneously, and you share the same name. But he is different from you: he knows what you are doing and you don’t know a bit about what he’s doing. So fundamentally you are not the same soul and fundamentally he is not you. Only when it’s just you, when you have the thought to do one thing or another and are clearheaded, can that be called your true self. Humans are just like that, and such a form has always existed, so they all have subordinate souls. “Soul” is a general term, and generally speaking it encompasses the ideas of “subordinate soul” and “soul.” That’s why we keep referring to the soul again and again. Here we just talk about the master soul and subordinate soul. As for the conscious soul, that’s the term Taoism uses, and they are referring to the master soul.

Student: Can one practice Falun Dafa after becoming pregnant?

Master: Yes, there’s no problem. There was someone who passed up a note before, asking: “When a pregnant woman practices Falun Dafa and the Falun is turning in the abdominal area, can the baby stand it?” Let me tell you: it’s not in the same dimension. If they were in the same dimension and that Falun kept turning in there, your intestines wouldn’t be able to stand it. They’re not in the same dimension. There are forms of existence for your body in various dimensions.

Student: I’m frustrated because I’m too short. Please tell me if I can become taller?

Master: Why is it there’s nothing you won’t ask me? Here, I am teaching practitioners. What chance have you of success when you come to cultivate while bringing along these attachments?! Will your being short affect your cultivation? What I’m teaching here is Dafa for cultivation at high levels. If you want to be an ordinary person and one with a perfect appearance, don’t come to me—go to the hospital and get that cosmetic surgery or whatever. After giving ten talks spanning so much time, some people still don’t know what I am talking about. Why are you asking me about these things? We don’t handle ordinary things and it won’t work if you come to the lectures out of those attachments. You won’t get anything. But I know you will understand it in the future through studying the Fa.

Student: What about having a massage before practicing Falun Dafa?

Master: What would the massage be for? Our Falun Dafa does everything for you when the greater energy channels and mechanisms are in motion, so what would you need a massage for? You should just practice what we have taught you, and be sure not to haphazardly mix in things that we didn’t teach you—which might carry the disorderly energies of various qigongs, fake qigongs, or all kinds of things. Don’t add in anything, not even mental techniques. You will make rapid progress only when you are pure and clean in your cultivation.

Student: I’m a physical education teacher. I’m required to teach my students some practices of other schools, such as One-Finger Zen and Tai-chi. What should I do?

Master: Then you should teach our Falun Dafa—what a great thing you’d be doing. Of course, I told you this only because you want to practice Falun Dafa. If you teach other practices, that truly won’t do. If you said that you don’t want to practice Falun Dafa, then I wouldn’t care. That’s because, let me tell you, genuine cultivation requires committing to one discipline. In fact, I don’t want to explain and answer this type of specific question, as you can all use your own judgment to guide your actions.

You can’t treat patients using the methods of various qigong, either. The moment you use them, other things will be added in and they will come, and your gong will be messed up in that scenario, too.

Student: Can we use other practices’ audiotapes while doing the exercises?

Master: Those things carry energies from their own practices. I’ve talked about this a lot, so why are you still so confused? If you practice Falun Dafa, then just practice Falun Dafa, and you have no business touching those things. The moment you do, they will attach to your body. “Inviting the spirits is easy, but sending them off is hard,” as they say, and you won’t be able to drive them away. My Law Bodies don’t want to take care of those kinds of things. Your discernment is so poor. The Fa has been explained so thoroughly, yet you’re still like this! In that case you are going to have to learn for yourself, and will keep stumbling until you really can’t take it anymore. And only then will your attachment be removed.

Student: Should I swallow the gas produced by burping or let it out?

Master: Why would you swallow the gas produced by burping? Let it out. While we are adjusting the body, most of the gas produced through burping is waste gas, dirty gas from internal organs.

Student: Can we stop others from doing other practices out of benevolence?

Master: No, you can’t. Humans are just like that. Whichever practice a person embraces is his or her own choice. As you have seen, whenever our Falun Dafa holds a lecture series, there are always some fake qigongs that run their lectures at the same time. They exist to bear out which practice you pick. It’s not easy for a person to attain the Fa, and even harder to attain the righteous Fa. We can tell you: if a person doesn’t listen to kind words of advice, leave him alone. If you try to forcefully stop him, that’s like him not wanting to become a Buddha and yet you insist that he become one—could that work? He himself has to set his own heart on cultivation. So if he doesn’t want to cultivate, what can you do? Nothing can be done, even if he wants to become a demon. That’s how it works.

Student: At the end of each exercise, can we keep the jieyin1 position and not release the hands before doing the next exercise?

Master: Yes. If you are going on to the next exercise, you don’t need to separate your hands in between; they can remain in jieyin and you can continue on to the next exercise. But in doing each exercise that requires doing it nine times, you must do it nine times, and then stop to do jieyin before continuing. Why is that? Because, as you know, when we practice at high levels we follow non-action, and there is no use of the mind at all. You always count the times, but when you practice at high levels, can you still listen to the exercise tape? The purpose of listening to that audiotape is to hear the music in our practice that carries good energy. Meanwhile, it enables practitioners to replace ten thousand thoughts with one. While hearing the music, you won’t think of other things that are bad and your mind won’t be cluttered—that’s the main purpose. When cultivating at high levels—think about it everyone—can you still listen to the music all the time or count the times? No, you can’t. Each time we do the exercise, it’s always done nine times, and this way the qi mechanism—the qi mechanism that I installed for you—the mechanism is set at nine times, so you don’t have to count the times at all when you do the practice at high levels. When you do the exercise on your own and reach the ninth time, that mechanism will definitely close up on its own. It has great force, and you can feel the existence of its strength and it will overlap your hands over your lower abdomen area automatically. At the end of the ninth time, it will push the Falun on its own. Your hands move while following the mechanism, and that’s how it is at high levels.

Student: Should we think of two empty tubes first before doing the exercise of penetrating the two cosmic extremes?

Master: Of course. When doing the exercise of penetrating the two cosmic extremes, that is done mainly to tell you and add this concept to your minds: “my body is like an empty tube, like two empty tubes or one empty tube.” The main purpose of doing the penetrating movement is to make the energy flow move unimpeded and ensure there is no blockage in the body. That’s the main idea. But while you do the exercise, don’t always think about your being an empty tube. It’s enough to just add that thought before doing the exercise.

Student: If I can’t keep standing, can I do the exercises in a seated position?

Master: Our Dafa requires people to be able to truly cultivate. You say that you can’t stand up but still want to do the practice. Since you won’t be able to meet the requirements for the practice when you do it this way, the mechanism will be prone to going astray, and it would be different on our essential points.

Student: Will chanting Buddha’s name and worshipping Buddha affect cultivation?

Master: Yes, they will. For those of you who believe in Buddhism, let me tell you that the Fa in Buddhism is not the entire Buddha Fa, but only a very small part of the Buddha Fa. Students of Buddhism are always afraid of acknowledging this reality, while in fact the scriptures have explained this. Choosing a discipline to cultivate in is a solemn matter. We have no objection to you wanting to cultivate in any discipline—go ahead and cultivate in it. If you want to cultivate in this discipline, then you must just cultivate in this discipline. “No second discipline”—in the past, Buddhism didn’t allow cultivating haphazardly here and there. When you chant his name, doesn’t that mean you want him to look after you? Otherwise, what are you chanting his name for?

Student: Among the qigong practices popular in China, which can be considered righteous Laws?

Master: The fake ones outnumber the genuine ones by several hundred times. We can’t mention their names—we can’t do that. We can’t explain everything completely, or cultivation would be too easy for people. But for some of them, we ought to be able to tell at this point.

Student: Is the Surangama Sutra something that Shakyamuni taught personally?

Master: The Surangama Sutra…let me tell you that Shakyamuni did not say that he taught the Surangama Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra, etc. When Shakyamuni was in this world, he never said that he taught such-and-such scriptures, nor did he ever give them names. Shakyamuni taught the Fa, and people that came after him compiled his words into scriptures and gave them names, calling them this or that sutra. It was all done by people that came after him, compiling them and giving them names. It was different from when the Buddha was in this world in terms of the timing, the location, and the context. In addition, during the compilation, because people that came after him had their understandings and made changes both intentionally and unintentionally, and their memories were incomplete, etc., not much of the Buddha’s things remained.

Student: May I burn incense for the Buddha statue that I have at home?

Master: Do it if you want to. Buddhas are all respectful to each other. Since they all belong to the Buddha school, there is no issue of respecting one but not the other, there’s no such thing. They all belong to the Buddha school, so they all deserve respect. But the choice of school you cultivate in is a solemn issue. Respect is one thing, and cultivation is another.

Student: Can people who cultivate Falun Dafa eat onions, ginger, and garlic?

Master: Let me tell you, when ordinary people prepare dishes and put in onions, ginger, and garlic, I would say that’s not a problem. If you aren’t doing group practice and won’t disturb others, you may eat a little of them but don’t eat too much, as they carry pungent odors. If you say, “I’m addicted to them, I just love to eat Chinese onions dipped in soy sauce,” then that’s an addiction, an attachment. In other words, we shouldn’t be after things like that. Besides, when it comes to this smell—anything with a stimulating odor that strongly stimulates your nerves tends to be addictive. At the same time, those beings cultivated in your body can’t stand those odors. The same is true with drinking alcohol. So think about it everyone, that’s the problem. Of course, if you eat a little bit, since you are cultivating among ordinary people, it’s fine if you eat a little without being attached to it. Try to handle it well on your own. Since we cultivate among ordinary people, it’s allowed for you to be like ordinary people to the greatest extent possible. But you should hold yourself to a practitioner’s standard.

Student: Why can some people feel the turning of the Falun three or four days after they attend their very first lecture series? They are everywhere and all turning. But some have attended three lecture series and still can’t feel it. Why is that?

Master: When some people learn this Falun Dafa, they follow the lecture series wherever they are held and feel that this Fa is good. This is for sure. But some haven’t one bit let go of their attachment to being healed, believing that their illnesses will be healed if they attend more lecture series. There are people like that. Of course, there are people with all kinds of mentalities, and not everyone who follows the lecture circuit wherever it goes is coming for cultivation and seeking the Fa. There are also people who are not sensitive in the first place and who don’t know when the Falun starts turning; and when it becomes stabilized it is even less likely that they sense it. We have a lot of people who are very sensitive and can feel the Falun turning in the beginning, and that feeling vanishes later on. Why does it disappear? It’s because when that Falun becomes in sync, you won’t feel it anymore—what is there to feel? Do you know that your stomach is constantly churning? In other words, when it becomes a part of your body, you won’t be able to feel it. Can you feel blood as it flows in your blood vessels? That’s the point I am making.

Student: I’m about to go to Korea. If Koreans want to learn Falun Dafa, can I teach them?

Master: Of course you can. Translate it into Korean for them. You may translate it and explain it to them, that’s fine, as Dafa is to be spread to all of humanity.

Student: When one person learns the Fa, the whole family benefits. But if the rest of the family aren’t studying Falun Dafa, don’t believe in the practice, and sometimes make sarcastic comments, will they still benefit?

Master: This question has to be looked at from both sides. When some people provoke you, perhaps it’s a test for you, to see if your attitude towards this Fa is steady, whether it’s steadfast. Family members may say things about you that are unpleasant, which will help you eliminate karma. There might be various factors. Of course, we have said that in general, with the exception of extremely special cases, practicing is sure to benefit the whole family. The field in your home will be cleaned up, so of course in the environment of such a field, that person will benefit. Another situation is that family members may be controlled by demons and the like, and, viewed from another angle, it’s a good thing: it is making you steadfast, and once you do become steadfast, Master will clean it out.

Student: We cultivate Falun Dafa wholeheartedly and genuinely, so we are Falun Dafa disciples, but what if we die before we cultivate to the Attainment Status of an Arhat?

Master: As I said just now, however much you give is how much you gain. That is why we have said that to achieve Consummation in cultivation, one must seize the time to cultivate! Do you know why in temples, the hall in which Shakyamuni sits is called the Hall of Great Might? Because Shakyamuni said that to cultivate in the Buddha Fa, one must be courageous, powerful, and diligent like the mighty lion. So some people back then regarded him as a mighty lion. Besides, our practice cultivates both mind and body, so those who are truly diligent will definitely have their lives prolonged and reach Consummation.

Student: I want to take Teacher as my Master.

Master: I can tell you that as long as someone is truly cultivating Falun Dafa, I have to treat him as my disciple. I have given you so many things, installed so many things for you, taught you the Fa to such an extent, taught you the practice, and my Law Bodies will protect you in your practice. Isn’t that bringing you along as disciples? Even those who cultivated in solitude and passed on their practice to a single disciple didn’t do that. Let me tell you that I have done something unprecedented and opened the biggest door. However, we don’t use the ritual that was performed in the past, where everyone kneels, kowtows, and bows to me and then I officially become your master. I don’t do that. Why don’t I? Think about it, everyone, if you don’t cultivate, what good is that ritual? You may say, “I’m a Falun Dafa disciple, I’ve performed the ritual of kowtowing and taking on a Master, and Li Hongzhi has recognized me as his disciple.” But then you go and do as you wish the moment you step out of here, you do things that are detrimental to our Falun Dafa, and you don’t behave according to this Fa’s requirements. Could you then be counted as a disciple? So we don’t have this formality. You might turn around and damage our reputation, so I don’t care about this formality at all. If you cultivate, then you are a disciple in this discipline and we will be responsible for you; if you don’t cultivate, then we can’t be responsible for you and you aren’t a disciple in this discipline. That’s how it is looked at.

Student: In doing the exercise of penetrating the two extremes, aren’t “thinking” and “feeling” out of line with the requirements?

Master: That’s right. Don’t feel or think. Just do the exercise and do it calmly. Don’t think about anything.

Student: When someone is talking, quite often before he begins to talk, I know what he is going to say. Why is that?

Master: This means you have the ability of telepathy, and if you do the exercises well, it will become stronger. But don’t do bad things with it. If you don’t do bad things, it will be protected. Don’t get angry if others think bad things about you, and hold yourself to a cultivator’s standards.

Student: I am from far away Shanghai. If I have questions in my practice, whom should I contact?

Master: Shanghai isn’t that far away. It’s better if our students can discuss some things together. That is because although some people have attended the lectures, I have taught so much that it is impossible to remember it all. You may record the lectures and try to listen to the recordings as much as possible. As for Shanghai, the closest assistance center is in Hefei. Shanghai has sent an invitation, but quite a while has passed and it still hasn’t been finalized. There are many people from Shanghai who have learned it, and many have come to learn. You can improve by sharing experiences amongst yourselves. Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu—many, in fact nearly all major cities across the country—have Falun Dafa assistance centers. Feel free to contact any of them. In fact, with some things, if you act according to this Fa, I think you will be able to come to the right understanding. That’s because I have explained them all systematically. In the future, we will publish books and provide greater convenience for cultivation.

Student: In doing meditation, I often smell something fragrant?

Master: This is quite normal, quite normal. It’s because the fragrance originates in other dimensions.

Student: Can those who haven’t attended the lectures get Faluns?

Master: Those who truly cultivate Falun Dafa, if you study it by reading the book and truly follow the requirements in the book, you will get it all the same. In other words, if you truly cultivate, you will get it.

Student: I touched the Falun with my hand in my sleep. It was in front of the left side of my chest. I remember it clearly. I could move it from side to side when I pushed it with my hand, but when I tried to touch it again after I woke up, there was nothing. What happened?

Master: Another body that you control touched it. Yes, when you woke up and tried to touch it with this body, there was nothing there. That is because the flesh body can touch it only after becoming totally assimilated.

Student: In terms of the word “Ren” in the universe’s nature of Zhen-Shan-Ren, it’s easy to understand in human society, but there are no disputes or conflicts at higher levels, so why is there also a need for Ren? Why does the universe need Ren?

Master: This universe is not like what you understand it to be—it is a rather complicated, gigantic system. In addition to the existence of this tangible human race, formless human races also exist. With the dimensions we have been talking about, in high-level dimensions, they also have problems at their levels. I can tell you that in many remote places, those with bodies like our human race exist… there are quite a lot with such physical bodies and they are scattered all over the entire universe. And there are different enlightened beings at different levels, and social relationships among them also exist. There are such forms of existence at even higher levels, and the Ren that you understand is based on the understanding of it through human thinking. Ren also has higher inner meanings. How can things go on without it? If you try to understand this Dafa from a human perspective, it can’t be done at all.

Student: Is there such a thing as losing virtue between husband and wife?

Master: Yes. If you beat your wife all the time, I would say you owe her; if you scold your husband a lot, you owe him as well. Everyone is a human and a living being, and these karmic relationships exist among everyone. There is a similar relationship between a child and his parents, because although you gave him his physical body, you didn’t give him his life, so you can’t go overboard with him. As for children, at the very least the parents that nurtured you and gave birth to you have raised you, and you are beholden to their kindness and giving, so you need to respect them. Otherwise, you will be indebted to them.

Student: From the time I attended the lectures up until now, my leg problem hasn’t gotten better. Why is that?

Master: You can’t let go of that attachment, and I am not here to treat your ailment. If you can’t let go of it, I won’t be able to do anything. It’s not a big deal if you have some ailment, but it is if you can’t let go of your attachment. Also, if you don’t believe in cultivation, it is even less likely that something can be done for you. Those who are looked after here are the cultivators. My Law Bodies won’t look after an ordinary person, and I can’t personally treat your health problem, either. If you don’t get rid of that idea of coming for a treatment and the thinking that’s behind this, and if you can’t regard yourself as a practitioner, how can you be taken care of? I’m not here to heal people. I’m here to teach the Buddha Fa.

Student: In my dream, I saw Falun turning in the area of my Third Eye. I saw white substances as well, and I also saw martial arts experts, etc.

Master: That was not a dream—you really saw it. All of this is normal and whatever you saw is all normal. Don’t get attached to it and don’t pursue it. It’s fine if you just observe it naturally and calmly.

Student: I often feel that my body is tall, large, and empty.

Master: Right. A person’s body, the body in another dimension, may become bigger while you practice the exercises. The body in another dimension, including the master soul, can expand or shrink. Some people feel like they’ve become very small and some feel they’ve become very large. These are all normal phenomena. These things will happen while practicing the exercises. As the gong grows, the body’s capacity gets bigger.

Student: In the five sets of exercises, the first, third, and fifth have movements that include elements of left for men and right for women. Which side is yin and which side is yang?

Master: The left side is regarded as yang and right side as yin; the back is regarded as yang and the front as yin; the upper body is regarded as yang and the lower body as yin.

Student: The sentient beings on Earth won’t go through reincarnation anymore, will they?

Master: Reincarnation is mainly for the beings on Earth, so how could they not go through reincarnation? Being a human is not a person’s purpose. Hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity of being a human, which allows you to cultivate, since who knows what you will become in your next life. You won’t be allowed to cultivate without a human body. But not everyone will cultivate, and even if they did, not everyone would necessarily be diligent. Human society will always exist.

Student: In a dream, I asked Teacher for his autograph, and he signed it, and I listened to him talking about xinxing. After I woke up, I felt more and more that the person in my dream was not like Teacher.

Master: Right. Make sure you are careful about these things. How could he sign his name for you in your dream and supposedly talk about xinxing? It’s questionable what he was talking about in our name. Make sure you pay attention to this, everyone: this was caused by the attachment of seeking [my] autograph. Actually, this Fa of ours has explained it very clearly, and the question is one of whether you are willing to measure yourself according to it. Think about it, everyone, we have repeatedly emphasized that the enlightened beings aren’t allowed to teach the Fa over there, and if they did, that would be revealing Heaven’s secrets, and they would fall. How could he dare to teach you the Fa in your dream—that’s the point. So we have repeatedly talked about these things. They are interference from demons.

Student: Teacher said that one won’t obtain gong if he doesn’t cultivate his xinxing and only does the exercises. Foxes and their kind don’t care about xinxing, and they only do the movements found in practices, so how could they obtain gong?

Master: An ordinary person also has some energy, but he has very little. Also, a person with good inborn foundation may innately carry a very large amount of energy. Animals and their kind, where they are in other dimensions, are not deluded by ordinary human society and can see energy. So they can obtain a bit of gong through stealing and practicing, but their gong is not allowed to grow high. If a human has a relatively good inborn foundation and he practices a little, but doesn’t cultivate xinxing, his gong can still grow a little. Why is that? That’s because your xinxing from your inborn foundation may be a little higher, and your xinxing standard is at that point. However, if you really want to cultivate, then you should do it seriously. Otherwise, you won’t get any higher, as you haven’t attained a true teaching. As an average person, if you want to cultivate, you have to genuinely cultivate your xinxing, and only then can you distinguish yourself and break free from there. In other dimensions, those things may obtain a little bit of energy and human beings may obtain a little bit of energy, but that’s really nothing. I’ve said that even after it has cultivated the Tao for thousands of years or tens of thousands of years, it can’t come close to withstanding a tap from a Buddha’s little finger—it will vanish instantly. But among ordinary people it is seen as being so amazing.

Student: Some people say that the karma is huge in some southern cities. I’m attending college in Shanghai. Will I be affected?

Master: Let me tell you that during the Dharma-ending period, it doesn’t matter where it is, there are good people and bad people in every place. In terms of how much karma there is, the environment varies from place to place. But looking at it from a certain perspective using a human mentality, some places are particularly bad—this phenomenon does exist.

Student: Looking at Teacher’s picture with the Third Eye, what was blue became golden yellow. What happened?

Master: This is all normal. When the Third Eye is open, it will see a different color whenever it penetrates a dimension.

Student: Which direction or location in the universe is the Falun Paradise in?

Master: The universe doesn’t have the concept of direction as people understand it. If I said where it was and how far away it was, how could that distance be measured and put in context for you? It can’t be measured in ordinary people’s kilometers, but it can be manifested through my body, because it is connected to me. That’s why our students have seen very beautiful mountains and lakes, towers and pavilions behind me. Many students have told me that they have seen these scenes, and you did see a part of it.

Student: What’s the difference between the Falun Paradise and Pure Land’s Paradise of Ultimate Bliss?

Master: Our Falun Paradise is larger and at a higher level, or in other words further away.

Student: I’m a Christian that has been baptized by a pastor.

Master: You may cultivate in Dafa all the same. When it comes to practicing Falun Dafa, it’s fine to go ahead if you want to practice it. No one will punish you, since they are both upright cultivation methods. Which discipline you want to cultivate in is up to you, and I can say that Christianity is an upright religion. It’s just that it is completely in the midst of kalpa’s end and the Dharma ending period, and people today now understand the doctrines incorrectly. It’s just that I don’t see any Asians in Jesus’ Heavenly Kingdom. Back in the times of Jesus and Jehovah, they didn’t allow their religion to be spread to the East.

Student: Is working hard doing research and diligently studying to gain knowledge an attachment?

Master: The job of technical personnel at the workplace is to do this research. If you can’t produce any results or achievements, I would say that you aren’t doing justice to the job and the salary provided by your workplace. Practitioners should be good people in every situation, and when we are working, we should do it well, for this is not an attachment. Why do I say this? Because you are contributing to the benefit of others and creating value for more people in society. At the very least you are doing it for your workplace, not for yourself. This is something you should do in ordinary society. You are asking if studying to gain knowledge is an attachment, right? I’ve said that we advocate studying to gain knowledge, because if a person doesn’t have much knowledge it is very hard to understand this Fa of ours. Is a student’s desire to go to college an attachment? If you’re worried about going to college all the time, and as a result of your family’s nagging you about having to go to college you are under tremendous mental pressure, I would say that’s an attachment. Isn’t that an attachment? It’s just as I said the other day: If you do your job well, or live up to the expectations of your parents and your school, when you study hard, then aren’t you going to get what you deserve? If you don’t study diligently, will you be able to go to college? If you study hard, won’t you get what you deserve? You should just study naturally, and you will be able to go to college. If you’re always thinking about it and pursuing it, then that’s an attachment.

Student: After listening to Teacher’s lectures, I’m not interested in things among ordinary people anymore. I’m not interested in promotions and some other books anymore. I don’t know if this is right?

Master: It’s true, and it is actually a natural phenomenon. As we practice and our ways of thinking improve, we find that some things among ordinary people are indeed low level, and [limited to] the level of ordinary people. Then it becomes uninteresting, and in fact that’s because your realm of thought has gone up. Don’t I often say this? I have said that after a practitioner has gotten to a high level, he will feel a wide gap between himself and ordinary people. Others won’t be able to listen to what you want to say, and you won’t want to talk to ordinary people about those things. As for those things ordinary people talk about, you don’t want to listen to them at all. Over and over again, it’s just those trivial matters of ordinary people, those little things ordinary people have been chattering about for thousands of years. So you don’t like to listen to it anymore. Usually a cultivator is not talkative and doesn’t like to talk. This is one reason for it. It will happen. As you ascend to higher and higher levels, you will find that you take these things more and more lightly.

Student: In the fifth exercise, how long should each of the four still postures be held?

Master: The postures that strengthen abilities require long periods of practice. For those who need to go to work, it’s fine to follow the time on the tape each morning. There is actually no specific, set timeframe. Simple as it may be, this exercise is quite hard to do because it requires the person to sit for a very long period of time. Right now some aren’t able to sit for that long. If you can’t sit for that long, then just sit as long as you can. You can divide up however long you are able to sit for [among the different positions] evenly, and leave half the time for the last position. With the sitting exercise, the time required once you reach stillness is longer. Right now if you can’t do it, then gradually work on it. At present strictly enforcing a rigid requirement is just not realistic.

Student: A colleague in the office is currently doing a wicked practice. What should I do if we have to work together for the long term in the future?

Master: If he is doing a wicked practice, just tell him that what he’s doing is not good. If he insists on doing it, then let him do it. As for things in your work, just interact with him in a normal working relationship. In doing upright cultivation there is nothing to be afraid of. Just ignore it; there’s nothing to worry about.

Student: Are all of the students who are attending this lecture Falun Dafa disciples?

Master: This has been explained before. If you genuinely cultivate, I will treat you as a disciple, and if you don’t cultivate, then I won’t treat you as a disciple.

Student: Can one who is learning Falun Dafa learn things outside of the practice?

Master: There is no problem with that. When it comes to things like math, physics, chemistry, and geometry, go ahead and gain the knowledge of ordinary people. You still live among ordinary people, and it’s just that you are cultivating in Falun Dafa. It won’t do if you no longer take care of the things among ordinary people.

Student: What should we do with the saliva that is sometimes produced in the mouth while doing the exercises?

Master: Don’t spit it out. If it’s saliva, then just swallow it. Since I have installed prepared mechanisms for you, you don’t need to do anything and it will naturally go down. Who constantly goes around spitting all the time? As the saying goes, “gold saliva and jade fluid.” Practitioners regard it as very precious.

Student: Among people, there are some who are very bad and have bad mindsets. These people should meet with bad returns. Meanwhile, when it comes to those who are kind and willing to help others, those kind people are not rewarded. Why is that?

Master: You meant to ask why good people don’t get to live comfortably while bad ones do, is that what you mean? Let me tell you, good people don’t live comfortably because, in the view of high-level beings, the purpose of your life is not to be a human. So, you are a human because you have dropped down to this point, and you are given a chance to return. But you didn’t realize it and created karma by doing bad deeds here, so there will be karmic retribution. From the enlightened beings’ perspective, you should hurry up and pay off the karma so that you can get out of this place. The better the person you are, the faster he has you pay off karma. So in paying this off, aren’t you going to suffer hardships? So quite often there are some people who, throughout their lives, are very good people but always suffer hardships. Even when they have done some good things, others don’t understand them. They are constantly wronged and framed. There are also people who achieved things, and yet others snatched away the credit. This happens a lot; it’s like this. That’s what we see. That is how it works. This is one reason good people often don’t lead very comfortable lives. But it’s not always like this, and it is related to the amount of karma. The purpose is to enable you to get out of the sea of suffering quickly after paying off your karma. What happens to the bad person? The bad person is also viewed from this compassionate perspective. You can see that the bad person is doing bad things and giving virtue to others—however many bad things he does, that is how much virtue he gives away. So this person is ignorantly harming himself. He is harming himself, so what can you do about him? Nobody wants to punish him—since he is already harming himself, why would you punish him again? After he has done bad things, it seems as if nobody is punishing and disciplining him. It’s as if he is out of control and nobody wants to curb him. Why is that? Because what awaits him is self-destruction. When he dies, it will be total destruction and nothing will be left. That is what will happen to him. Good and bad as judged by humans are reversed.

Usually, ordinary people’s criteria for judging whether a person is good or bad is based on their own perspective. They think that if someone is good to them, then he’s good; or if in their view they think he’s good, then they will say he’s good. But that doesn’t work. Your frame of mind is still ordinary if you say that somebody is good just because he’s good to you; your standard is low, in that case. The nature of the universe is the real benchmark for judging good and bad.

Student: I saw various Buddha statues in a department store and my head felt very heavy.

Master: Yes, some bad things permeate everywhere, but they can’t bother Dafa cultivators.

Student: I have come in contact with terms in Buddhism before. While doing the exercises, the words “weng-ba-hong-mi” occasionally pop up.

Master: That belongs to Tantrism, it’s an incantation in Tantrism. Nowadays wicked practices and crooked ways are also chanting it, they’re all using it, and even those in Taoism are chanting it. Things are all fouled up—don’t let those things interfere with you. Some people even do large mudras in their sleep and make all kinds of mudras. You have to let go of all of that; you can’t do it. What I am teaching you are just these things, so you should practice according to these things.

Student: What should be done in case of food poisoning?

Master: This type of thing rarely happens to our students who truly cultivate. As genuine cultivators, when we encounter tribulations that have nothing to do with cultivation, those tribulations can be avoided, for sure. No matter how big the tribulation, it can be avoided, but the prerequisite is that the person is a genuine cultivator. For those who are not up to the standard for cultivation and don’t strive to improve their xinxing among ordinary people, then there are no guarantees. Someone asked me, “I’ve been practicing for so long, how come my illness hasn’t been cured?” What about your xinxing? Do you expect your illness to be cured just by doing some exercises? We’re not here to do healing—we are here for cultivation. Isn’t that the issue? You were asking about food poisoning, but I would say that this type of thing really doesn’t happen among our students. When someone encounters this type of thing, [that item] won’t go into his mouth no matter what. If you actually are poisoned, then you really should go to the hospital. That’s because, if you can’t handle yourself well, you should—knowing that this problem could have occurred only because you aren’t a genuine practitioner—really go see a doctor. For practitioners, these things usually won’t happen.

Student: It shouldn’t be a problem for someone who cultivates Falun Dafa to donate blood, should it?

Master: We of course aren’t saying that you cannot donate blood. But after all, your blood is just too precious to be injected into other people. However, it seems that these things seldom happen to our Falun Dafa students and disciples. I can’t be absolute on the matter. If it truly falls upon you to donate, then you need to do it.

Student: It’s my hope that each year, you will greet us students by appearing on television during festivals and holidays, even if it’s just once a year.

Master: That’s up to the TV stations. Actually, we should follow the predestined arrangements with certain things.

Student: During my practice, a big Chinese character for “Happiness” was at first covered by a piece of cloth, which was then slowly pulled back so that I could see [the character].

Master: This is to tell you that you have attained the Fa, a hint to you that you are learning the Great Way.

Student: People with huge amounts of karma always want to do the practice with people with relatively higher levels of gong. What effect will it have on the people with high levels of gong?

Master: None whatsoever. In the eyes of the people with high levels of gong, the karma is nothing.

Student: Under what circumstances will the Falun become deformed?

Master: When other practices are mixed in. It will become deformed if even mental techniques from other practices are introduced into your consciousness during practice. External forces could never damage the Falun.

Student: Is the formation-stasis-degeneration in the universe the result of its own evolution or is it controlled by great enlightened beings?

Master: This universe just has such a form of existence. At the same time, there are a fairly large number of great enlightened beings who can control this universe, but they also go by the principle of this universe, which is called “born naturally and perishing naturally.” Whether it perishes or not, it has nothing to do with them and doesn’t concern them; if it blows up, the explosion can’t reach them, and they can re-create it. The history of the universe is just so long, and Buddhas, Taos, and Gods don’t need to think about it. But it is quite terrifying for humans.

Student: The Falun in my abdomen is turning, and it feels warm and bloated. Is this normal?

Master: There’s a Falun in your abdomen, and yet despite having something so high-level your mind is still that unsteady? Will the Falun harm you?! In other words, that’s a Buddha!

Student: There were five temples before the Cultural Revolution in the city of Yanji, and they were torn down during the Cultural Revolution. It’s said that they are now being rebuilt. Can Falun Dafa students make donations to this?

Master: I don’t think you should get involved with any of those things. Let whoever wants to do it donate, for they are cultivating the things in their own discipline.

Student: I’m determined to cultivate Falun Dafa well and constantly remind myself to do so. Is that an attachment?

Master: It’s not an attachment for you to require that you be a good person. The wish to return to the origin and your true self is your human nature coming out. On the contrary, this can overcome attachments.

Student: I’m a lay Buddhist. Is it okay for me to read the Surangama Sutra?

Master: We have our book on the cultivation of Falun Dafa, which you may read, and in the future more will come out. If you’re always reading the Surangama Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, or whatever sutra it may be, aren’t you cultivating the things in that discipline? That’s the issue. I don’t object to your reading it—but you might as well go cultivate in that discipline then. You can’t have it both ways, that’s what I mean.

Student: Is it okay to teach patients with a mild case of psychosis?

Master: I think you had better not invite trouble like that, because he can’t control himself and can’t understand what we teach. When his mind is controlled by external influences, any demon can interfere with him, and at that point you won’t be able to deal with it. When he is like that, any demon could take control of him. So not only would he not play a positive role, but would hurt Falun Dafa’s reputation. That’s why we have never been willing to teach the mentally ill. They cannot control themselves, and all kinds of demons could interfere with them at some point and undermine everything, in which case any practicing they did would have been in vain.

Student: A few days ago, a friend brought a possessing spirit to my home. During practice the next morning, that spirit joined in the practice and left when it was done. What should be done?

Master: When you see something like this, say my name. Actually that was to test you. These things are very complicated.

Student: How do we safeguard Dafa?

Master: We can’t fight and struggle against others. Just don’t give them an audience and it will be fine. The interference that cultivators encounter is itself a test.

Student: There’s a person who is badmouthing Falun Dafa. How should we respond to that?

Master: Ignore him. If he insists on saying it and refuses to be reasonable, can you act the same way he does? Just ignore him, and don’t give him an audience and it will be fine. In fact, this also occurs to test one’s xinxing.

Student: Will the Falun you gave us become stronger?

Master: It will become stronger and stronger. It can become very big or very small on its own; it can change in other dimensions.

Student: If I can’t enter a state of ding temporarily while doing the exercises, will this result in doing a wicked practice?

Master: No, it won’t. Don’t think of bad things, and regard yourself as a practitioner. Resist the bad thoughts generated by the thought karma in your mind.

Student: You said that trees have spirits. Can they cultivate? Can they become Buddhas?

Master: Nothing other than man is allowed to cultivate and attain the righteous Fa. All things have spirits—not just trees—but only humans can cultivate the righteous Fa and attain the Tao.

Student: Can one who practices Dafa put up and worship ancestral tablets?

Master: Some so-called ancestors are not your original ancestors—they are not people who attained the Tao, nor are they high-level Buddhas. They are just low-level spirits. Their xinxing levels are very limited and they might interfere with your cultivation. If you have that intention [of venerating them], just cultivate well instead and save them after you achieve True Attainment Status.

Student: When compassion (cibei) emerges while doing the exercises, will one shed tears?

Master: There are two situations. Right now some practitioners often shed tears, and they shed tears whenever they see me. They also shed tears when doing the exercises. Why is this? It’s because the subordinate soul has seen that I cleaned out a lot of bad things from your body and along with this gave you things of incomparable value. So that’s why he is really excited. Your master soul doesn’t know this. So why is he always shedding tears? It’s just because he [the subordinate soul] has seen it. If your master soul really saw it himself, then you wouldn’t be able to express your gratitude towards me. Another situation is, when we reach a certain level in cultivation, compassion will emerge and cause you to shed tears. But it is relevant to something. When you see lives being taken and when you see someone being taken advantage of, tears will also be shed based on something specific. This is an example of when compassion emerges.

Student: What should be done if something suddenly comes up while doing the exercises?

Master: I have explained what to do when something comes up. We don’t require you to end the exercises. Just get up and do whatever it is you need to do. The Falun will retrieve on its own all the energy that you shot out.

Student: When doing the Falun Standing Stance, is the holding considered circular only when both arms feel the Falun turning?

Master: Not necessarily. A few individuals can’t feel the turning. Eighty or ninety percent of the people here can feel it.

Student: Can one wear gold and silver jewelry while cultivating?

Master: It’s best not to wear them when doing the exercises. In fact, people probably wear them just to show off. When you get married, you wear a ring to signify that you are married, and I would say that doesn’t matter much. But while working on qi, it will have a blocking effect. Both gold and silver can emit a yellow and white substance that’s like a kind of qi and that can have a blocking effect. Since it is stronger than the qi in an ordinary person’s body, it can stand in the way. It can’t block the gong that is developed. Some people may think that it can fend off evil spirits, and of course there are various mentalities. Why are you afraid of evil spirits when you are working on gong? There’s nothing to fear when you cultivate in a righteous Fa.

Student: My hands always feel warm during the exercises.

Master: That’s correct. Illnesses are all yin in nature. Sometimes we may experience a state in which yin and yang are clearly distinct—one half of the body is cool while the other half is warm. And they might change places, say, with this side being cool and that side being warm. These are all normal phenomena, and this is considered a state of yin and yang being clearly distinct.

Student: Can one who cultivates Falun Dafa kowtow to deceased people?

Master: If you are really a practitioner who has developed gong, they really can’t withstand your kowtow. If you were to kowtow, they would be so scared they would vanish without a trace. If it’s something not so good, your kowtow could kill it. Of course, ordinary people can’t tell the difference when it comes to these things. As a cultivator, you may bow, or you may do the ceremonial mudra of the Buddha—I think that would be better. You can’t kowtow to deceased people, though. They are waiting for you to save them, so what would you kowtow to them for.

Student: Will there be pain during the sitting meditation if xinxing does not improve?

Master: You will feel pain in your legs even if your xinxing has improved.

Student: Will the hands remain in the posture of lotus hands when doing the hands overlapping over the lower abdomen and pushing the Falun clockwise in a circular fashion four times?

Master: Right. They are all lotus hands, and they remain so throughout all five exercises.

Student: Some publications have run articles saying that foxes can become humans. Is that true?

Master: This universe is very complex in the first place, only humans don’t believe it. We practitioners should just ignore such things. Don’t ask about things that have nothing to do with us practitioners.

Student: Can one who studies the Book of Changes practice Falun Dafa?

Master: You’d better put it aside, as it contains some other things. Compared to Dafa it is so insignificant. It’s not worth studying for someone who cultivates Dafa, unless this is his normal work.

Student: Karma is quite heavy at this human level. How can there be any people with great spiritual inclination?

Master: Usually they come with a mission. They come with a mission.

Student: In doing the exercise for strengthening divine powers, is there a conflict between using strength and the qi mechanism?

Master: In doing the mudras, it is the forearms leading the upper arms, so there is a certain degree of force between the forearms and the wrists, even the fingers. When it comes to the strengthening of divine powers, it’s relaxed, totally relaxed. There is an intricate cooperation with the mechanism.

Student: What level does one have to reach through practicing before he has Law Bodies?

Master: Those Law Bodies have the image of Buddhas. They have blue hair and wear yellow kasayas. You have to reach that level through cultivation before you have Law Bodies.

Student: Can a person take medicine?

Master: Someone asked me if it’s true that a person can’t take medicine once he cultivates Falun Dafa. I don’t care if you take medicine: here I only require that practitioners act according to the standards for practitioners. If you aren’t able to do that and you don’t act according to this xinxing standard, and later you have a problem because you didn’t take medicine, you would say that Li Hongzhi didn’t allow you to take medicine. Think about it, everyone: if you can’t regard yourself as a practitioner and you have a problem, then if you don’t take medicine, of course it will be dangerous. It’s just like that for an ordinary person. Our students shouldn’t use it as a condition or rule for new students to join the practice. Let him enlighten to it himself, but you may give him hints.

Student: In raising children, will one get karma for spanking or scolding them under circumstances that require immediate attention?

Master: Children should be disciplined. If you don’t discipline them and only indulge them, you will lose virtue. If you don’t discipline them you haven’t lived up to your responsibilities as parents, so you should discipline them. If your kids don’t behave, it’s fine if you teach them a good lesson. But you can’t treat them like animals—that won’t do. This distinction must be clear. When disciplining children, don’t lose your temper. It’s no good if you really lose your temper, since there is the issue of Ren for you. Ren doesn’t mean to forbear after you have lost your temper. Instead it’s about not losing your temper in the first place. The child’s true life wasn’t given by you, and he has his place of origin, so he too is an independent being. Raise them with rationality.

Student: What will the outcome be if one does a possessing spirit practice?

Master: Then you will be possessed. They will siphon off your essence every day.

Student: In practicing Falun Dafa, will we run into the problem of our gong suddenly dissipating in an explosion?

Master: No. However much you give, that’s how much you gain. There won’t be any such explosions.

Student: At the practice site, those who can double-cross the legs earlier and sit in meditation longer are considered to have done well in their practice. Is this right?

Master: If someone can sit for a long period of time, it can only be said that he has done well in that regard. As to how well he has cultivated overall, that can’t be measured by how long he can sit in meditation or by his abilities. If you say, “This person has abilities, and his level must be high because his Third Eye is at a high level,” and you hold him in great esteem, that won’t do! Our sole criterion for judging good and bad is to look at how high or low a person’s xinxing is and to take Dafa as the standard, using the level of one’s xinxing to evaluate whether he has cultivated well or not. At a certain level in the future, a person’s level can be discerned by the color on his body. Why is that? Because the colors are like this: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, with color, and colorless—changing between the nine colors. When it gets to this white color, when his entire body becomes whitish and white, then this person has reached through practice the highest level in the In-Triple-World Law. Upon reaching the colorless stage, he has entered the transition state of a transparent body, stepping beyond the In-Triple-World Law. So at this stage of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, it’s possible to tell a person’s cultivation level. In the beginning, his body is red. Upon reaching the level of cultivating in Arhat’s Law, the changes among red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet will start all over again, but those colors are much more beautiful than the ones in In-Triple-World Law cultivation; they are translucent. Going beyond the Initial Attainment Status of the Arhat and entering the cultivation of the True Attainment Status of Arhat, the colors are still red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. But these colors become even more beautiful, and are constantly ascending. They are the light emitted from your body, and the colors of gong are all like this.

Student: What’s the difference between mechanisms and qi mechanisms?

Master: Mechanisms are elements installed in your body for the growth and development of your gong. They can change your body and cultivate everything of yours, including things like your Cultivated Infant. We call them mechanisms as a whole. As for qi mechanisms, in essence, they are the things installed outside your body that lead your hands to move while your hands don’t move by themselves in your practice.

Student: Some people of Korean descent don’t understand what we are saying. Will that affect their getting Faluns?

Master: I think that most of the people here have predestined connections. Many among us don’t understand Han Chinese, and yet their health problems are now gone. That’s because those with a good inborn foundation can get it all the same. Here the issue of good inborn foundation is involved.

Concluding Remarks

I have been talking for the past few days and there is no more to say. Many of our students want me to say a few words just for them, but I can’t say a few words to each person. That’s because whether you cultivate or not is up to you, so I will just say a few words to all of you. In the early days when I taught the practice, I came across lots of tribulations, to an unimaginable extent. At that time I just held on to a certain thought. When the Great Enlightened Beings at very high levels saw that it was very hard for me to endure, they would say, “It’s hard to endure, but you can endure it. It’s hard to do, but you can do it.” I want to leave these words with you. As of today, I will stop teaching this practice for the time being, and I need to rest for a bit.

During the course of my teaching the practice, I have always maintained a mindset of being responsible to the students and to society, and the results achieved over the entire course of teaching the practice have been quite good and satisfactory. Although some of our minority students don’t understand Han Chinese, they have also gradually achieved relatively good results. The Buddha school has a saying, “We believe in predestined connections,” and we are sitting here together due to predestined connections. Since we all have these predestined connections, let’s grasp this opportunity and not let it go by. Given such predestined connections, we should cherish them—since you’ve learned it, I think you should stick to it steadfastly to the end. This way, even if you don’t want to reach a very high level, since we have said that however much you give is how much you will gain, at the very least you will have a healthy body or you will improve your level; this can be achieved for sure. Of course, our goal is to truly guide those who can achieve Consummation to high levels. I said the other day that although several thousand people are here listening to the Fa, I would say I’m not too optimistic and don’t know how many people can truly cultivate to the end and truly achieve this most ideal goal. This is what I think: I hope that all of you can make up your mind and cultivate to the very end. Along the same lines as the words I said to you moments ago, only those who can stick to it until the end are the genuine gold. Only those who stick to it until the very end can achieve Consummation.

The method for cultivating Buddhahood itself is not hard; what’s hard is letting go of those ordinary people’s attachments in ordinary society. That is the hardest part. But the good thing is, today I have told you these principles, this high-level Fa, and you can cultivate and practice according to this Fa. In the past, there were many people who wanted to cultivate towards high levels, but they didn’t attain the Fa and had no way of cultivating towards high levels without the Fa. That’s what makes it convenient today: this Fa has been delivered to your doorstep. In the past, there were many people from all the various areas who wanted to go someplace and find a famous master, and they wanted to cultivate and learn from him. It can be said that this practice of ours is the most convenient discipline and the fastest to cultivate, because it cultivates by directly targeting people’s minds. Now you don’t need to go somewhere to seek a master. We have laid this right at your doorstep. It remains to be seen whether you can cultivate or not. If you can cultivate, then do it; if you can’t, then you don’t need to think about the matter of cultivation anymore—and that’s the way it is. Over the course of the lectures, the issues involved were at relatively high levels, and you had never heard it taught before. Not just qigong masters, but even religious figures are not allowed to know much of the more advanced things that I taught, and taught so explicitly. That’s why I say that I have done something unprecedented and swung the door wide open. Some things have been explained very explicitly, and so it’s your own problem if you still can’t cultivate. Of course, out of a sense of responsibility to you, we have explained the Fa and principles to you thoroughly, and we will protect you in the future as well.

The field generated by our practice is unlike any ordinary field. The entire field of practice has a cover over it, and if other practices want to come in to practice and come into our group and be amidst the students, they won’t be able to pass through our cover and enter. Because it is like a balloon, even if you have arrived at the center of the field, you can’t get in. The entire field’s energy is relatively strong, and it doesn’t need me to clean it up because my Law Bodies have done so directly. You have my Law Body to take care of you, and he will definitely do these types of things. As for how much we have given you, I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore. The overall purpose is to truly enable you all to attain the Fa and cultivate; that’s the purpose. I also hope that in the cultivation process, from now on, all of you can make continuous progress upwards and continuously improve your gong potency, and that all of you can have complete success and achieve Consummation!

Footnotes: (from the translators)

1 jieyin (jieh-yin)—conjoining the hands.

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