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Zhuan Falun
Turning the Law Wheel

(English Version)

Li Hongzhi

Translation Edition (Feb. 2003, North America)

This Law Wheel design is the universe’s miniature, and in all other dimensions it has its forms of being and its evolution processes, so I call it a world.

Li Hongzhi


On Dafa

The First Talk

The Second Talk

The Third Talk

The Fourth Talk

The Fifth Talk

The Sixth Talk

The Seventh Talk

The Eighth Talk

The Ninth Talk

On the surface, Zhuan Falun is not elegant in terms of language. It might even not comply with modern grammar. If I were to use modern grammar to organize this book of Dafa, however, a serious problem would arise wherein though the structure of the book’s language might be standard and elegant, it would not encompass a more profound and higher content. This is because modern, standardized terminology cannot express the guidance of Dafa at different high levels and the manifestation of the Fa at each level; neither is it able to bring about practitioners’ transformation of benti and gong, or other such fundamental changes.

Li Hongzhi
January 5, 1996